Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hello, my name is Debora Lee Meehan. This is my newsletter to you. I would like to share information concerning the education of the hygienic sector of life.
I do believe that the foundation of our health does rest in the hygiene sector of our lives. This is a part of our history that has become hidden and unimportant. I believe as we do advance with technology in this world today, that we may NEVER break foundational principle within that advancement. Because we are in the earth plane, we must utilize the principle of stewardship, which will help in the evolution of the soul.
Unless the application of knowledge transpires, dreams do not come true. It is in this application, on this plane, that allows the principle to come fully in to manifestation. This issue, in my opinion, is the most important part of the puzzle.
It is my opinion that we do not have textbook bodies. In the last several decades we are living with large volumes of solvents and metals that the human body did not have to tolerate even thirty years ago. These elements affect our health at all levels, and still these possibilities are rejected by the standard health field when it comes to testing disease. If we do not steward our bodies, then we simply do not have the vehicle available to perform or carry out all of our goals or dreams that we are here to accomplish on this plane. So if we can manifest energy to complete these tasks, that will serve us. Remember, Einstein has taught us that all matter and energy are equal. The proposal would be this: if we could release the old matter, then the release would trigger energy and make it available to be utilized for creating purposes. Creating a void or vacuum is the key. By releasing the old feces, there now is a space to fill with clean foods and nutrition which will feed the creative flow. Now it is also necessary to release the new food in a more timely fashion so the body is never bogged down again. So keeping the internal slate clean would be the goal. Getting the bowel clean takes aggressive systematic cleansing, once it is clean then it is necessary to keep it clean. Actually we are doing accounting, which is really stewardship, which is the major reason we are in this plane. To learn how to manifest outwardly the internal presence and reality of the purity of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit cannot habitat in a poisoned body, no matter how much one professes to love their God, or whatever the gifts one may come in with. It is much easier and comfortable to be energetically clean in order to move in a more efficient manner. This principle of cleansing the entire body cavity until the job is complete is profound. This foundational truth in the hygiene sector is available for anybody. Hygiene is your personal right. This has nothing to do with the medical industry. You have the right to eat, drink and do as a human being.
The digestive tract from mouth to anus is legally an external organ. Like your mouth YOU may clean your mouth as much as you want or as little as you want. You may clean your home in the same manner that pleases you. There could never be a law that can stop you. This can be done in the privacy of your home. Colonics are NOT a medical procedure unless a machine is involved. The gravity flow method is NOT a machine, it is the utilization of gravity being utilized with clean water to remove all manner of disease out through the bowel, which is what God intended from the get go! No patent could ever be made to replace this natural process. Any fear that is voiced about this subject can easily be dismissed, simply by the sheer fact that we the people that have done this in this fashion are very healthy and alive people. Hygiene is NOT medical, therefore the laws governing medical DO NOT affect hygiene. Please do educate yourself about this topic from someone like myself that has done over 1500 colonics systematically also with the understanding of sound nutritional support.
This information can be accessed through my website in pamphlet form. The “Colonic Dictionary” and “How To Do A Fifteen Series Safely and Successfully“.

In His Service,

Debora Lee Meehan