Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Humanity,
Welcome, this blog has been up for 1 year and really has not been functioning like it will be. The information you are seeking in order to do colon hygiene successfully and to its maximum potential is coming! Twenty-five years in this field I have had the privilege of serving not only the community of Nashville but the entire world. I have trained and certified colon hygienists that have been operating very successful businesses. I have done over 30,000 colonics on the public and installed an average of 5 home unit per year, where the clients are utilizing their units 5 to 7 days a week. We are traveling through dimensions and know how to do this very safely with the desired results. We are weeding our body gardens in order that the wonderful foods that we do digest will work optimally. The clean-up must take place first and in proportion to the realistic environmental devastation that does reside in the body. Remember the key is this: if you think you are in good health, you will fail to realize that environmental clean-up is necessary, which will mean by the time the solvents and parasites get to do extensive damage, it will be time for the medical community to get ahold of you and good luck at that point!
In the future we will be addressing the "hygienic practices of old" from history based sources. (These are already written in my two books, through publisher links on website). Also consultations are available for all sorts of troubleshooting, for all levels that anyone would be experiencing while doing any type of cleansing protocols. I can be reached at 615-662-4888.
Look forward to meeting some of the most advanced people that have wonderful stories! People who have experienced the "death unto new life" cycle many times and have the understanding of how it is possible to actually die and come into new life as we remain in the same body! The evolution not only of the soul but for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Quantum Physics at it best. You really won't get back through the rabbit hole unless the physical body has obtained the absence of solvents, old feces and parasites!
Hey call me, we'll talk! 615-6624888.

Debora Lee