Monday, December 30, 2013

12th Colonic for T

12/30/13 Very Good colonic. Fast, darker which is deeper release. We are tapering down to 2 colonics this week and 2 colonics next week simply because he pushed thru so fast at the beginning and had the previous Groupon colonics. He is plateauing right now so we are respecting that. T did a fabulous job of loving himself. He said that one morning he woke up and his first thoughts were about how much more he could love the family and others, because he had come to a new realization of the levels of loving more deeply now since he had loved himself enough to get so much garbage out of his own Temple!!! Very Interesting, and how capable are we at loving others, without loving ourselves at deeper levels? Do we really understand that we really cannot understand unless we really do go there ourselves?

10th Colonic for N

12/30/13 Today N chose to do a Gallbladder and Liver Flush. Took the recipe at 10 a.m. so it started working at 3 a.m. she did get some sleep later. Her bowel is NOT stuck, her 10 colonics have been glorious, so she must have released a lot during the 3 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. because the colonic was not very active like they usually are and by the 3rd tank finally a cecum type release occurred which means the bowel was taking precedence over the activity, so the Gall bladder and liver were done with their cleansing. That is the story! N is looking vibrant in her face, she looks plump as apposed to gaunt in the face like she did when she first came in. The cells are hydrated more, eyes are wide and round and vibrant, energy is great and she loves to poop and very thankful! I always pray for these types of people to work with, they do the work, do not complain, and the real key is that they are very thankful that they found the information to take them out of bondage and into the freedom of a fully optimally functioning digestive tract!!!!!!! AMEN!

Friday, December 27, 2013

9th Colonic for N

12/27/13 This colonic moved fast and the cecum emptied once again, meaning very strong muscle memory, especially for someone that has had low bowel movement activity through the years. Change can happen very quickly when doing the right things. N said today that she can tell her core strength is much strong now, could tell when she did the very challenging workout on ice skates that she has done long enough to know there is a difference in her core strength! Also, she has decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver flush Sunday night, so Monday morning we will be in very early to cleanse all the release from both organs out of the body cavity, leaving her body oozing with relief and peace!!!!! Remember we always leave the colonic table with a LOT LESS BACKAGE, than when we came in! It's gotta be better!

11th Colonic for Tyler

12/27/13 Good moderate/receive colonic for him. We observe during every series, the body will take several of the colonics for a rehydrating session for the body to get regrounded in order to do the deep release at the next stage of the program. His body has worked hard and is in a regeneration place right now! It is nice to see the different shifts the body and emotions go through in order to restore. This is when the teaching and revelations come thru in the consciousness, which is an extremely spiritual dimension!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

8th Colonic for N

12/26/13 Excellent colonic, late cecum release full on release. She is happy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

7th Colonic for N

12/24/13 Excellent release, older darker. The cecum completely emptied. It had partially emptied in 2 previous colonics, but this time the whole thing emptied! for someone that rarely went to the bathroom previously, this is a very advanced release in such a short time! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

6th Colonic for N

12/23/13 This colonic was moderate. N is needing rest and taking that time to give her body time to regenerate. She said after her workout that her body was not in pain the same way that it usually is after a workout, which says repair time is reduced for 2 reasons, less garbage inside to waste the energy needed to repair from workout and the baseline of nutritional support is the basic of the most necessary minerals that are so vital and obviously change the core strength of our bodies immediately! So beautiful and soooooooooooothankful!!!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

5th Colonic for N

12/20/13 Excellent release, darker, faster, more volume exiting. More energy today after resting a lot yesterday! Eyes sparkling!

10th Colonic for Tyler

12/20/13 this colonic also was fast and furious, very dark, means much older! Great energy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

4th Colonic for N

12/19/13 This colonic was fast, momentum has picked up rapidly! It is so fun to see the turn around that a body is sooooo capable of doing with the teaching of colon hygiene and this protocol! Remember, there are times when moving fast is the right thing to do, and downloading death and dis-ease out of a human being's body fast is one of those times! God Bless!

9th Colonic for T

12/19/13 Great colonic, rolling fast with darker green to black. Taking herbal cleansers up to the next level. He is feeling that he has more peace and patience. Of course, these are the positive results we receive when the toxins are released at such large volumes, that the nervous system get to rest and immediate peace is apparent!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

15 series with a 40 year women, "N"

12/16/13 N is a very wise young female. Like so many her age pooping 2 times a month more or less is the worst of her problems, and it is NOT good! It NEVER ceases to amaze me how little pooping, a very large percentage of the population does not do daily! So we got her pooping in 48 hours very nicely! Now she will become educated an empowered with the knowledge that will keep her digestive tract in full movement all the time. That is our job isn't it, to make sure our bodies are working correctly? Her first colonic 12/16, the release was many very hard balls of feces. Colonic #2, after ingesting some very good herbal cleansers (upper GI stimulates lower GI, N's 2nd colonic released sludge already, indicating that her feces were already breaking down so the body could release them. 12/18, 3rd colonic. N is pooping in morning and after colonic, the goal is to get her body to have a full release during colonic and also 3 to 5 bowel movements on the toilet per day and then she is sailing. We still have the margin gap that will fill in during the next week. She is taking iodine and Alive minerals and vitamins, liquid! 3rd colonic, the release was moderate with consistent movement and the cecum emptied! That is not common, but will happen when peoples bowels are in great shape, and strong!!!! She has not had children, so she still possesses a good amount of her nutrition that the babies usually secure(steal) from mother! Moms do not understand that it is necessary to replenish it!

8th Colonic for T

12/18/13 T decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver Flush, fantastic, great momentum, all green and yellow, no poop, poop takes a back seat to the priority of the liver and gallbladder release. All in "DIVINE ORDER", Perfection as God design it. Tomorrow's colonic will bring in the full grounding of the flush, and T will shift into a new place! Baby steps out of dis-ease, and into better health. Removing the corruption that is connected with the habitual practicing of the errors, is what will open up the space, making room for the higher vibrating practicing to come in, therefore a higher standard and quality of life enters into life, The law of attraction. Awh STEWARDSHIP OF THE TEMPLE AT IT'S FINEST! Dimensional living!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

7th Colonic for T

12/17/13 This 7th colonic was extremely fast, full of old mucous, brown colored. The momentum is perfect. It is very important for the nutritional supports to be in at this point, iodine, liquid minerals and vitamins, probiotics and very good grounding foods, lean meats and good oils, eating every 3 hours. We are having very cold weather right now and this is demanding high caloric intake for everyone. Cleansing during these times can be demanding on the body, but not when the nutritional supports are in and plenty of rest! LOVE THYSELF!

6th colonic for T

12/16/13 T had a fabulous and on point colonic for this 6th. Bowel is stepping up the pace, old dark feces full of old mucous are downloading effortlessly. What is so sweet is when a commitment is made and the momentum begins, the release of such large volumes of feces is done so effortlessly because of the priming factor, that it doesn't even seem hard, especially for the size of the task + the health gained!! That is MASTER Work!!!!! Praise God for allowing us to work at a Supernatural Level!!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

5th Colonic for T

12/14/13 T had a very good colonic today. Toilet time is picking up and colonic time is picking up, more volume, moving faster. His body is doing exactly what we want it to do right now!!!

Incredible update with the Autistic boys/Mother worms releasing now!

12/13/13 Very interesting details, nothing that I have not already witnessed this far in my career! The youngest boy K, 11 years old, was also the most constipated one all along, and also was the first to begin to speak again after 11 years of silence! At this point in the protocol, the boys have completed 150 colonics, which is 15 x age = # of necessary colonics. Now we were backing down on their colonics to a different schedule, and the die off symptoms were returning randomly at intervals. This is the bodies communication that it is NOT totally done, listen and watch what will happen when these times occur, you will learn how to respect and communicate with the human body! T, the mother, keeps in touch regularly, this particular time she said to me, "K was up all night, has not done this for a very long time before colonics, he was behaving in a very tormented fashion as she had seen previously for years." So she put K up on the colonic table immediately in the morning, and immediately he released a huge plump(which means it is alive)flesh colored worm, as soon as the boy completed the colonic, he was himself again! I have witnessed this with myself back in 1994 when I completed my 15 x age = # of colonics, I also decided to go beyond the equation and do 50 more colonics just to make sure I was thru. I also prayed that God would show me very clearly, beyond a shadow of doubt when I had completed the task! So I did Gallbladder and Liver flushes every other week, just to make sure my lovely liver was very supported at this level, and continued to colonic daily. It was only fresh food releasing for sure and I noticed that very long worms that were very thin and starving at this point were wrapped around the fresh food and left the body with the colonic. Now these were NOT new worms but the MOTHER WORMS that would travel down to the bowel to feed, go back to their nests where they were very safe even with the large amounts of parasite cleansers taken and solvent protection, but after all these years from 1987 to 1994 the environment within my body was FINALLY clean enough that the vibration was to strong for those critter to live in! So my observation was this, what if I only cleaned half way thru? What if I stopped and never got rid of the mother worms? Would they get stronger and make new nest? Of course they would. I learned that in order to beat them one would have to first acknowledge their existence, and then understand they were only concerned with survival and were very simple but determined and their small brain function was really out witting the human brain function! So everything T was telling me about her son releasing the huge alive worm resonated all thru me, this information is truly valid and helpful for all that wish to be in reality!!! By the way this is a great example of the "WHY" it is important for the colonic unit to be inside the home, so exactly when you need it, you can access it so the process can move along quickly, in other words "why suffer any longer than you have to"? I have pulled fevers right out of my body within the 30 minutes of the colonic procedure! Check out historical information, you will learn that this is what the females did for their families all throughout history, it is the hygienic side of healthcare, and it is missing in our culture these days, that is why our bodies are breaking down rapidly. As good as technology is, it is NEVER better than the Godly designed principally based practices that are centered in his truth! Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, which is just what America has done thru the "industrial revolution"! God Bless Us Please forgive us for our trespasses!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

4th Colonic for T

12/13/13 Ok, T did really good today, his bowel is sludging, which means it is releasing effortlessly, large volumes of feces broken down from the herbal cleansers and are in a state making movement very easy! He is a great student in understanding momentum, strategy, and discipline. Next week T has chosen to do the gallbladder and liver flush, and that will be a very nice nudge for the liver and gallbladder which emotionally represent anger and resentment, so the emotional body will get a nice release also!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3rd Colonic for T

12/11/13 Up to 4 cape aloes in the morning and 4 at nite. Very good release. T says that he is experiencing a change in attitude and other subtle things!

2nd colonic for T

12/9/13 This colonic was just moderate. the body is just booting up with the herbal cleansers!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Colonic #1 for T

12/6/13 T is the name for this client. He has decided to do a 15 series of colonics. He is in his early 40s. He is in very good health and would like to stay that way. He understands and resonates with the information and protocol for this 15 series. He came in for the Living Social coupon and within those 3 colonics, he saw a change in the texture and the color of his facial skin! I love it when people change this fast just because we can!!! He says he would like to be here a long time so he can raise his children. Love is such a motivator! His first colonic of the series was excellent, the Cape Aloes have already started priming the bowel very quickly, and he has had 3 colonics already! The bowel was already sludging. This is going to be a very good, effortless series! We will discuss the basic protocol today, making sure his body is supported thoroughly!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ready to observe a middle aged man thru his 15 series?

Before we start this series, I'd like to say that there have been several 15 series in between the last posts and now. I have been very busy in my office and thankfully so, but I am ready to share this 15 series as public research for all to observe. I thought since several middle aged men, (in early stages of symptoms) are very interested in resolving several health issues that have not been acceptably resolved by their doctors, according to them. That since they are dealing with very common issues of people this age, high blood pressure, anti-depression medication, etc. Even though foods do have a very big impact on many bodily functions, we would like to observe what kind of affect the elimination of stored garbage directly affects these issues. People when ready to take more responsibility for their health, ALWAYS get the results and the correct information works magnificently together!!! We may observe 2 of these gentlemen that will be doing a 15 series during the next 25 days!