Monday, September 9, 2013

2 Autistic Boys visit the BIOENERGY MACHINE TODAY!

Today September 9th, we visited the Bio-energy machine, that I have utilized since the mid 1990s. It is very accurate running energy thru the meridians, all systems and organs,very diagnostic! The boys have received approximately 92 colonics at this point, daily! They are extremely healthy! On the Bio-energy machine, the youngest needed approximately 10 Bach flower and Alaskan flower essence, many were for the integration of the brain and their functions coming into full reality, very supportive for the Autistic malfunction affect in brain. The other need for this level was Fatty acids, and then the choline, supporting the gut, brain connection. That was all! Now remember we have them supported very well with the baseline of support for the cleansing of the bowel and organs! It is important to stay in colonic protocol and then add what support needed arises after a significant number of colonics. This is what the Parents decided to do with the contribution made by the Bio-energy machine. Now remember this important key, 1st cleanse, then rebuild! You cannot rebuild systems and organs until there is approximately 75% download of the bowel. Thinking that good food and nutrition will do adequate cleansing of the bowel is NOT the same as being cleansed with colonics and very ready to receive the nutritional restoration. Now the body will test for the restorative needs. Needs change when the body does shift thru dimensions. ! I also call it the "New Programming". Old man is dead and released, new man is put into the body, or put on now! Actually it is DNA changing! This change in a human body cannot be done without the removal of old feces, which are in the bodies of the living, also parasites, and destructive solvents!! They have an odor you will NEVER forget! Forgot to mention, No parasites showed up on the bio-energy machine today! We witnessed hundreds and thousands of them, even took pictures over the last 2 years! Remember these are small children! Wonder what adults have inside their bodies???? Actually I have seen plenty!!!! Oh yes, mom and dad are up on the colonic table also now, mom's eyes were sparkling today, never saw them like this before now!!! Remember, this particular piece of the puzzle, deep, deep cleansing and colonicing CANNOT ever be replaced by any other modality. This function is discussed in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, and since the beginning of time on this Earth people utilized it and still do today, in addition to pooping on the toilet. "SEEK THEREFORE A LARGE TRAILING GOURD HAVING A STALK THE LENGTH OF A MAN. TAKE OUT ITS INWARDS AND FILL IT WITH WATER FROM THE RIVER, WHICH THE SUN HAS WARMED. HANG IT UPON THE BRANCH OF A TREE AND KNEEL UPON THE GROUND BEFORE THE ANGEL OF WATER AND SUFFER THE END OF THE STALK OF THE TRAILING GOURD TO ENTER YOUR HINDER PARTS THAT THE WATER MAY FLOW THROUGH ALL YOUR BOWELS. AFTERWARDS REST KNEELING ON THE GROUND BEFORE THE ANGEL OF WATER AND PRAY TO THE LIVING GOD THAT HE WILL FORGIVE YOU ALL YOUR PAST SINS AND PRAY THE ANGEL OF WATER THAT HE WILL FREE YOUR BODY FROM EVERY UNCLEANNESS AND DISEASE." DLM