Monday, February 21, 2011

Religion has always confused what God has made simple

Religion has always confused what God has made simple! This is surely a timeless truth. This is evident in every avenue of life. Man's ego changes the truth into lies in every sector. For example; the debt situation in America has possibly happened because the simple truth of living within our means has been replaced with the religious hoop of the illusion of debt, and "why not have it now. you deserve it". Eating simple locally grown foods without pesticides. like we did althrough out history, has been replaced with the religious hoop of fake foods. Jacked up with the chemical version of the organic sugars. colorings and nutritional values. And we accept this "religion" from the intellectual communities that are the so called "experts"! We wonder why everybody is sick. Passing it off as new germs and intellectual jargon that we uneducated ones cannot understand? Some great "Religion" that is being accepted as the truth and Why? We actually are willing to sacrifice ourselves for these erroneous beliefs, as we are being led to slaughter. Maybe it could be fear of what to replace them with. Well for starters, we could reconnect with the truths that have been buried by the religous egos of man. How about a walk-a-bout in the wilderness for about 40 years in a small radius of 11 miles, simply because of confusion, and the unbelief that the creator has made the real version of life simple. I know I've lived seperated from the truth. The only way I've ever been able to get back to a vibrant life is when I chose to reconnect with the simple truths in every facet of my life.
On the Dr. Oz show last week, the subject of autism was being debated. Every thing discussed was thankfully based in the obvious truth that it is connected to the enviornmental elements. Not the "germ theory", so at least we are moving in the right direction now. The immunizations, highly polluted with solvents and poisons in every facet of our lives. and the age of the parents, were the 3 categories. Would the age of the parents be related to the fact the the longer we live, the more polluted the body gets? Therefore the pollution destruction is passed along to the baby. So all these reasons being discussed really are related to the fact that in our human wisdom, we are really just killing ourselves and paying good money for it. And who is making the profit? How have we arrived here? Growing up in the 60s and 70s, there was very little dis-ease, possibly because we still remained in control of our intuition at a very grounded level. We were not yet confused by "religion" in the health sector. Drugs were an exception to the rule, not the rule! So why would the arrival of autism be so disturbing to us, why the confusion? We created it and have allowed ourselves to be confused. The segment in the show was not very long. It was a debate over information that has been debated now for some 15 years or so, at least by the forerunners that were already warning us that the enviornmental poisons were surely affecting us. But we couldn't listen to them, because they are not the certified legal experts. Could this be compared to other situations occurring at this time, like trusting the banking industry to be honest and in their integrity to make choices in their field of expertise that would support everbody's highest interest. The parents of the autistic children on the show were not respected. They absolutely understand why their child is autistic, because they watched the process of it all. They are not satisfied in just debating this. This is confusing and brings no results. At the end of that debate, there was just more confusion and hostility because of the religious efforts of the medical community appearing to be focused and concerned, but still no real solution. Hopefully we'll just settle for managing this new dis-ease, again that will monetarily support the multi-facets of industry! OR............................................................Parents, if you really are disgusted enough and are ready to walk in love and not FEAR from RELIGIOUS health care, you do have options. Some you have already researched. Diet does have a wonderful affect on the body in connection to autism. But there certainly is more. First and foremost, what needs to be understood is this; The body is already polluted to a degree that has affected the brain function, it is already PRESENT! Your options are to leave it there and use manage control, or to remove the cause, which would be the chemicals. If a tree falls and blocks the road, the tree is simply removed and normalcy is restored. I have personally restored my own health as a adult that has experienced heavy metal pollution that resulted in autistic symptoms, I have written books about this experience in 2000 and 2001 after resolving this situation in the late 1990s. Did it ever occur to us that the simple modalities that were practiced in ancient times were created as timeless solutions, just like timeless truth. Not religious health care, but the real hygienic practices that keep the body clear of the constant collection of these harmful things. This way we do not become incapacitated by dis-ase, but instead will receive and live a long life with the quality that our Creator has promised us in Ephesians. If we allow ourselves to be trained up in the truth, and are obedient in those truths, then we will live long on the Earth and it will be well with thee. By the way, Ephesians is the book written to us teaching us the importance of stewardship of the temple, which is caring for the human body. So it is very important to understand what is available for us in truth, in order to receive that truth into our reality. Confusion doesn't exist when your health is restored to full function, it is crystal clear. There does not have to be permission by the experts for you to become really well. I have helped many people return to a vivacious life through organ and tissue cleansing with colonic irrigation. It is simple, easy and very effective. Don't we desire results? We must become brave and courageous and step out of our perceptions of how the answers to our prayer may come to us. Please take time to read my website and my books. Explore other options. Children are strong and recover very quickly. Do not waste precious time and energy. Just remove the cause, don't just live with the symptoms and think that you have to. There is always a way out of the wilderness! Peace Out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Opportunity needs to be seized in the Lifetime of that Opportunity

The opportunity has to be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity! This is indeed a faithful saying! The fact that we live in the realm of stewardship which supports the linear line of a lifetime, is a sufficient fact. We must learn to see the truth in each form that it is delivered in. This is how peace is received by us and acceptance of one another without judgement. As we learn to make our choices based in love, fear has no space. In a world of confusion and way too many options, we are always looking for the options that are right for us, but how do we know for certain? The form will be based in principle, love, and peace. Learn to trust yourself, and ask your higher self, she will answer.
Colon hygiene was the answer to my prayer when I was 30 years old and literally felt like I could not continue in this life. I could not even put all the doubts and fears into words. One thing I did understand in the depth of my soul was this, that my God did love me and that I was worthy and willing to accept whatever the answer was that he gave me, as I absolutely cried out for his help and direction! This certainly was an opportunity for my lifetime that was here and now, and nobody, even the people closest to me did not know how I felt! I had to listen and be sure of my relationship with my loving master. The answer did come and as I started selecting peaceful and non-stressful situations in my life, communicating more honestly with myself as well as others, my energy shifted. I began taking care of ME, eating better, LESS exercise and cleansing my organs and tissue through bowel management. Moving slowly as I researched and felt safe and received very good results. Then in time, as results began to snowball and my energy went to even greater effortlessness, I realized that I had been in such bondage with so many limitations due to the programing of fear in our culture. The truth was truly setting me free. The garbage inside will keep you down for sure, as it leaves, you return to your pure consiousness! You'll never go back.
So now all the choices you were making through out the day that kept you down, will be replaced with all the choices that will take you into freedom. Just making the necessary adjustments with time, matter and energy! This is the greatest energy work you may ever do. Without this piece, the results of any other form of energy work will be reduced simply because the physical corruption would still remain in the body which would reduced the complete results grossly, therefore the full benefits would not be received! All of our bodies, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual need to move in balance and not lopsidedness for the highest blessing to be received. What if I did not seize that opportunity at age 30, which changed the entire direction of my health through bowel cleansing, I personally would most likely not be alive now. This modality helped me get through heavy metal cleansing in the late 1990s, and now through the evolution of the disaster, ten years later. And what about the hundreds and thousands of people who have been blessed with the help of this information related to this modality? What a beautiful simple modality with a lifetime of opportunity! Live in the miraculous Grace and Mercy set up for our highest blessing! Don't miss Your Opportunity of a Lifetime, Love Thyself! I walk in much GRADITUDE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This is the introduction of the testimonies for Colon Hygiene done by individuals that were willing to take the responsibility for their own health!

At this time, my clients that have practiced faithfully the art of organ and tissue cleansing through colonic irrigation, are becoming very interested in sharing their stories. As they contact me over this coming year, we will share the information that will be an inspiring, yet a very honest journey of faithfulness to thyself as the responsibility and accountability of one's health is clearly in ones own hands! They will share how the simple principle of internal cleansing of ones own body is the most important and profound pieces of information given to us since the beginning of time here on this Earth. How our creator created us knowing that we would need to utilize this practice for our highest blessing as we would thoroughly enjoy a very high quality of life for a long period of time. Longevity is key in any facet of life, and quite frankly, if you are not alive anymore, then nothing else in you life really matters, simply because you no longer exist! So hey, isn't your health, the most important thing right now! It is not an expensive endeavor to care for yourself, if you have the simple knowledge and tools to do it. Many people over the years, have installed home colonic units and have been instructed safely and confidently. They didn't think that they could do this for themselves, but as I trained them personally with complete confidence, they decided to take their power back concerning their own daily health. This could also be known as "teaching a man to fish" as opposed to "giving them a fish". The more an individual can do for themselves the better off that person will always be. More power to you! Remember principle supports truth, and any endeavor that is supported in that truth, works. Remember technology cannot replace truth, even if some good things do come from technology sometimes. The next blog will begin our series of testimonials over the last 25 years in this magnificently sacred field of Colon Hygiene!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Without Presence, Absence Has No Meaning

Without presence, absence has no meaning. This principle carries no greater reality as its presence in relationship to colon hygiene. This principle was written about in my first book simply as an observation of explanation about colon hygiene. When parasites stay and set up house in the body, they migrate to the areas where the immune system is not very strong or no longer present, therefore because of the absence of the immune system, and the presence of solvents, the parasites are allowed to flourish. Little by little the dis-ease is introduced into the body, adjustments are made, also compensations become the norm without much thought. You may put whatever label you wish to put on the dis-ease or adjusting compensation that is now present, and slowly the peace and tranquility associated with great health is little by little becoming absent, as a fading memory!
The simple downloading of the presence of the solvents and parasites, is always quite visible through the acrylic tube. The solvents will smell as chemicals do and will be flourescent colors, sometimes a skunkie smell is connected with the heavy metals, and the parasites will look just like worms with red threads running all through them, many various shapes and sizes. With all of these elements involved, their presence in the human body is obviously felt. All kinds of symptoms are present. So as systematic colonics are introduced to this already present condition, and the high volume of all these things are downloaded in a very timely fashion. It is extremely obvious to the individual that the ABSENCE of this collection of garbage is NO LONGER PRESENT!!! Basic Math and Basic Science 101!! It is the BOTTOM LINE!!! Manifestation of dis-ease transforms back into tranquility and peacefulness, as the ABSENCE of this dis-ease has led to the restoration of the human body through basic natural internal hygiene! We possess the key to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, AND WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to stay "HEALTHY SAFE" while traveling abroad!

These are some things that I have learned when I travel, not only here in the States but especially outside the United States which would mean any and everywhere. When I travel I always take enzymes and probiotics in very large doses. Everything I do daily, I just beef up when I travel. This is new territory and our bodies are easily susceptible. You do not have to use chemicals as reinforcements in these situations. Remember, probiotic is your natural antibiotic. The other important piece to staying out of harms way in these situations is this. Always make sure that you are going to the toile't morning, noon, and night, which really is normal, anyway. I am always the happiest traveler in the hotel. Why? Because I take plenty of organic herbs that work according to the natural principle of upper GI stimulates lower GI! I always bring plenty to share, I want my friends to be very happy, so we all have alot more fun!
It really would be a little silly if we could view ourselves saying some of the things that we say, that could not be further from the truth, yet we really do believe it to be the truth! If we saw this in a movie with someone else living it and saying it, we would be the first one in the audience to laugh and make fun of how these people could really be so stupid! So the example of this would be this. Many of my clients would have obvious parasites and they would start telling me that it is because they have traveled outside of America. Some may have already had this information diagnosed by their doctor and said that the doctor agreed that this occurred when I traveled to this country or that country! Not that this could not be true, but do we think that we cannot get parasites from our own backyard? So the egological system does not exist inside the 52 states? It is just like the celebrities that have come into my office. They have a tendency to believe that the tapeworms that are in the beef fillet or green salad that they are eating, really are capable of making a decision that goes like this: "WOW that is that famous celebrity from .... I can't get in her body, I'll just get out of the way!" Now come on, the parasites are out smarting the beings that supposedly have the brains! They don't care who you are, THEY JUST WANT TO HAVE A HOME TO STAY ALIVE!
We really do need to understand, that it is a level playing field for us all, in every demension in this life. In fact, I witnessed more people with more opportunity do less for their health on the inside which is what really counts for wholeness to be really present. Check out the detailed information in my books, or just call and we'll colonic talk! Love thyself, Debora Lee Meehan