Friday, July 26, 2013

procedure training sessions for parents of 2 autistic boys

We have done 4 training sessions with mother and father. Mother of course has given her sons many, many enemas, so she intuitively understands the cycle of detoxing and new life (dying unto new life), once that is understood then the fears of working toward the big picture are gone. There is nothing wrong with detoxing cycles, they exist as stepping stones toward grounding in, our real good health. When poison is leaving the body, we can jump with joy at the bad pain associated with the poison leaving now, knowing we are going to be healthier and happier!!!!! Pain can be used as a very good barometer and catalyst! Mom is doing the procedure very well, understands that respecting the protocol is extremely important. The Gravity flow system may not be the only method that will help download the old feces out of the bowel, but it is important to stay within the teaching protocol that you have chosen, so when we troubleshoot, we are on the same page! The boys are very different now, relaxed and ready for their colonic. Even the feisty one is becoming very relaxed and trusting. Both boys are releasing a full colonic each time, unlike adults that will have hundreds of blockages coming thru for years depending on their linear time line. The mother cannot believe the amount of feces that releases each time!!! These are just children. We are not seeing any parasites now, I do believe after 2 yr. of solid work that mom has done an excellent job with, that they are done reproducing, it takes consistent and systematic work to get ahead of their reproductive activity. Also mom was giving them ornithine (Amino acid)to redirect the ammonia activity from brain to kidneys, the ammonia is produced by the parasites and presents a problem with sleeping until the ornithine does it's job. So now the boys are sleeping very well and normal hours, now we have stopped the ornithine. This will give us an insight as to the parasite activity also! Parasites reproduce at such a fast rate especially in bodies that are holding solvent and metal in them, the immune system is just not working. Now the solvents and metals have been downloading, the parasites have NO homes, the yeast is downloaded also, which is the matter that contains the parasites and solvent. ALL gone thanks to COLONICS, cannot download yeast until the entire environment is cleaned up with colonics and few supplements!!! Yeast is always present and produced by the body as a PROTECTIVE MECHANISM in order to buffer the poison from our bodies, so we stay alive!! The body is amazing, once someone understands this and starts cleansing their bowel daily, when the cleanup is completed (all parasites and solvents gone) then the body will not produce the yeast simply because their is no danger any longer!!! Real Simple, then we keep our bodies clean to this level, and are very happy all day long!!! The job is complete when the body is clean and peaceful for real, it does take 15 x age = # of colonics necessary to complete task! I hope we still understand how to do a job correctly until completed in this country, or is that stand considered an arrogant position these days, doing a job right? Thankful for great principles and standard that this country has been founded on!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Unit going in home of 2 autistic boys!!!

Wonderful news for the family of and the 2 autistic boys M & K. after 20+ colonics, the parents have seen such a permanent shift in the boys, that they are ready to take full responsibility for their children, and do realize that what they know needs to be done, they can actually do for their children. It takes a very good integration of several things that are the baseline of necessary things that have to happen to bring them back into wellness. This is the protocol that will work every time. The colon hygienist has to have experienced these healing shifts themselves, before they are brave enough and confident enough to being others through the portal of full restoration. This is why it can be very confusing for very ill people. There are many necessary and good tools and various other things, foods, supplements, etc., but putting it all together is like a symphony of integration! So what we will do is log on this blog weekly their colonics, with highlighted shifts that occur until they have completed the protocol of 15 x 10 = 150 colonics minus 20 already done. We will also, after they are well on their way with the hygienic side of this, take them to the Bio-energy machine to check in on all systems and organs, and then the emotional trauma work will also be done. There doctor met with them last week, he could not believe their appearance or their behavior changes!!!