Monday, June 20, 2011

The art of Mourning and Grieving

This topic of mourning is something that is not leaving my mind even now after the intense year of personal growth. One aspect that I would like to address is this; it is obvious that people somehow confuse the two words mourning and victim! Having gone through the trama of the disaster of the flood, I realized that I was NOT a victim, but was simply experiencing life. I would not allow anyone to use the word victim with me, and I could not understand why everyone just jumped right in with this adjective or noun. This may have to do with the surprise element being involved. Historically, when people were violated by other people, for instance the Jews and the Nazis, I would consider this a victimizing situation. But for a naturally occurring disaster, and having the ability to independently and freely move through the situation with options and help, I do not veiw this the same as the previous. Although both situations are very harsh, it is understandable that they are very different also.
Perception is key also, being that people are at different levels of consiousness or insights. Therefore the perception will vary according to each individual. I also noticed that people not affected by the flood were also using the word victim in a judgemental way. Almost like saying that you did something to deserve it. This was a very interesting observation. By the way, one of the gifts when an individual experiences a disaster is clarity, and very very clear clarity. You are able to see right through human beings. This is a very interesting dimension. It was very clear that people were afraid that what happened to you, may also happen to them. Connecting them to their own mortality. So it may not be a good idea to be near you! Fortunately people were being given the opportunity to give and grow in service and kindness. Which is something, only in my opinion, that America being the over achievers that we are, desperately need. All is balance.
This is where the topic of mourning and grieving comes in. When an individual is involved in a disaster or trama of any kind, there will need to be grieving and mourning. This is a natural process. You may say "well we know this", well I have observed by the behavior of many, that many do not have a clue how to accept or handle when others are grieving and in mourning! I have had to literally explain and teach people to stop judging me as weak, and to please allow me to grieve and mourn and in MY time frame! Of course, life happens in order for us all to learn. Learning how to help others grieve and mourn without thinking it is someone just trying to be a victim is a great goal for us all. Compassion and empathy are a very necessary part of this life. YES, I am aware that people may become victims for their lifetimes, but that becomes quite obvious. But lets wait and see if that choice is made before we do any scriptwriting! If one has the opportunity to take the time with someone in this type of situation, you will be able to understand better what is truly involved, it helps one mature in handling delicate matters. But if you do not take the necessary time and effort to really care, then be very careful for yourself and your own life. We all come in the same way, do experience the same life, and leave the same way! This a fact, only the faces, the names, and events vary! God does Bless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Peace Out! Debora Lee

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back In My Colonic Office

I'm back to work now after 1 year of necessary rest, mourning and grieving as the result of the propelling evolution on this planet Earth over this decade of 2000-2011. Literally walking into a whole new life as many of us have. I will be very happy to be a support at this point, with growth and grounding as there are still adjustments coming. I will begin another book written in conjunction with my latest book, "My Great Danes And Me". What a lovely story which is only one of the aspects coming through this journey of this decade, the flood actually was the door, which brought in the final completion and clearing of many patterns related to the core of my entire life. Thankfully so, and now the inspiration and creativity is working it's way through my life's mission once again. The emphasis in this new book will be, addressing the aspects of my physical health relating to the clearing of these core patterns. I will share how my body broke down through this process of (ego)dying and was reborn into new life with each specific modality's contribution as it support me all the way through the physical process.
It does always come down to the Autonomic nervous system, when it is stress and trama, which will directly affect the digestive system.
Right now in my colonic office, I am once again reminded how drugs and chemicals will shut a human body right down. In an extreme emergency life or death, thank God for the drugs. But somehow the exceptions will always become the rule, even for the non-emergency situations and that is when many people will certainly suffer. The individual always has the right to choose. Unfortunately people have been given way to many options and do not know what to choose. Please understand that your ONLY real option is to self educate, not only with information, but what really works toward restoration of health short and long term.
After 25 years in my field, raising 2 children, now 38 and 30 years old without drugs, cough syrups, or any products from the drug store, we have much experience to share. Colon hydrotherapy is a necessary practice of internal hygiene. It will show what is releasing from the body and the direct connection to what changes will occur simultaneously in the body. A good example would be, dropping garbage on the floor and cleaning it up immediately, now the floor is clean and clear. Simply no mess! We still fail to realize that a 100% organic body cannot exist in a highly polluted lifestyle! What is releasing from a 38 year old body right now having 12 colonics systematically over 16 days is this; XanaX, which is a drug given for stress, so it will relax you. It is a flourescent peachy color when it comes out of the bowel and into the acryllic tube, so it can be seen. All drugs or chemicals will be a flourescent color and have the odor of chemical which will also smell "skunkie". Even if it does not look flourescent, but the smell is chemical, it is certainly chemical!
During the 1990s when doing 8 to 10 colonics per day in my office, people were NOT on legal drugs then, compared to now. We observe the overwhelming drug advertising slapping us in the face everywhere we turn in this culture.
What is being witnessed now is very different from 20 years ago. The pain associated with the release of this particular drug is tremendous, because of the heat involved and the amount of this drug that is being taken. The system and organs shut down when you are using drugs to relieve stress. First of all it will not relieve mental stress simply because the body will be struggling to stay alert in order for the organs and systems to continue functioning, which throws the body into a self preservation mode which is even producing more stress! The digestive tract is shutting down from the chemical, also dehydrating from it's presence. The re-hydrating process occurring during the colonic will allow the drug to exit in large amounts and more comfortably than just having a bowel movement will. It also will help the liver to release the drug faster and in larger volumes, giving the liver more assistance as well as rest. Remember when the bowel is being cleansed anytime, it signals the other organs to cleanse also. If you read my books "The Holy Movement: Matters of the Colon". There is historical documentation of colonics practiced all through out history, they always are referred to as "Hygienic practices of old". Also just stop and think of how organic life was back then and they still needed to do this specific practice in addition to having bowel movements through out the day. This gives us more understanding about the real truth concerning human health, maybe we need to get a better perspective. Remember good hygienic practices may keep us from not requiring nearly as much medical attention. There is a difference and distinction between the two. See your doctor as often as you wish. But it is really you that is responsible for keeping your basic hygiene in order so you do not need medical attention routinely and maybe just for emergencies, like it was in the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s! Remember those days when our water was clean, our foods were locally grown, foods were not processed with poisons, and people were very lean? Many of us do, so lets just remember the simplicity of living once again. Love thyself, Debora Lee Meehan Peace Out!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mercy; the connection to the "New Beginning"

Hello, well I took a break for 2 months from my blogging in order to complete my book "My Great Danes and Me; The Nashville Flood 2010". My website has the link to publisher, if there is interest. Many positive comments about the book, spiritually uplifting. Hope you enjoy it!

Which now in retrospect, Mercy, is truly at the center of our opportunities throughout our lives. Remember, no one is an exception to trials and tribulations, so as we travel through this life, I hope to be willing and open to receiving these wonder gifts of Mercy continuously. I feel that now I will be writing an additional book communicating the health challenges connected with disaters and the simple but absolutely necessary information supporting the physical transitioning. Writing this precious piece, offerring it up for our America during these times, hopefully will be a substancial and grounded solution for humanity through these trials. Integration of information and modalities are the key. Flexibility, the willingness to adjust and ASKING for help will be crucial. Spiritual guidance is crucial! America will be learning the art of mourning supported in spiritual truth without shame, as it is a necessary stage for us as always. Remember as we allow our ego to die, this does not mean our body or existence has to die. We may learn how to "die unto new life", lay our ego to rest, and come into a new life of freedom that has been waiting just for us! Peace Out! Love thyself for real! Debora Lee