Monday, December 30, 2013

12th Colonic for T

12/30/13 Very Good colonic. Fast, darker which is deeper release. We are tapering down to 2 colonics this week and 2 colonics next week simply because he pushed thru so fast at the beginning and had the previous Groupon colonics. He is plateauing right now so we are respecting that. T did a fabulous job of loving himself. He said that one morning he woke up and his first thoughts were about how much more he could love the family and others, because he had come to a new realization of the levels of loving more deeply now since he had loved himself enough to get so much garbage out of his own Temple!!! Very Interesting, and how capable are we at loving others, without loving ourselves at deeper levels? Do we really understand that we really cannot understand unless we really do go there ourselves?

10th Colonic for N

12/30/13 Today N chose to do a Gallbladder and Liver Flush. Took the recipe at 10 a.m. so it started working at 3 a.m. she did get some sleep later. Her bowel is NOT stuck, her 10 colonics have been glorious, so she must have released a lot during the 3 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. because the colonic was not very active like they usually are and by the 3rd tank finally a cecum type release occurred which means the bowel was taking precedence over the activity, so the Gall bladder and liver were done with their cleansing. That is the story! N is looking vibrant in her face, she looks plump as apposed to gaunt in the face like she did when she first came in. The cells are hydrated more, eyes are wide and round and vibrant, energy is great and she loves to poop and very thankful! I always pray for these types of people to work with, they do the work, do not complain, and the real key is that they are very thankful that they found the information to take them out of bondage and into the freedom of a fully optimally functioning digestive tract!!!!!!! AMEN!

Friday, December 27, 2013

9th Colonic for N

12/27/13 This colonic moved fast and the cecum emptied once again, meaning very strong muscle memory, especially for someone that has had low bowel movement activity through the years. Change can happen very quickly when doing the right things. N said today that she can tell her core strength is much strong now, could tell when she did the very challenging workout on ice skates that she has done long enough to know there is a difference in her core strength! Also, she has decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver flush Sunday night, so Monday morning we will be in very early to cleanse all the release from both organs out of the body cavity, leaving her body oozing with relief and peace!!!!! Remember we always leave the colonic table with a LOT LESS BACKAGE, than when we came in! It's gotta be better!

11th Colonic for Tyler

12/27/13 Good moderate/receive colonic for him. We observe during every series, the body will take several of the colonics for a rehydrating session for the body to get regrounded in order to do the deep release at the next stage of the program. His body has worked hard and is in a regeneration place right now! It is nice to see the different shifts the body and emotions go through in order to restore. This is when the teaching and revelations come thru in the consciousness, which is an extremely spiritual dimension!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

8th Colonic for N

12/26/13 Excellent colonic, late cecum release full on release. She is happy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

7th Colonic for N

12/24/13 Excellent release, older darker. The cecum completely emptied. It had partially emptied in 2 previous colonics, but this time the whole thing emptied! for someone that rarely went to the bathroom previously, this is a very advanced release in such a short time! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

6th Colonic for N

12/23/13 This colonic was moderate. N is needing rest and taking that time to give her body time to regenerate. She said after her workout that her body was not in pain the same way that it usually is after a workout, which says repair time is reduced for 2 reasons, less garbage inside to waste the energy needed to repair from workout and the baseline of nutritional support is the basic of the most necessary minerals that are so vital and obviously change the core strength of our bodies immediately! So beautiful and soooooooooooothankful!!!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

5th Colonic for N

12/20/13 Excellent release, darker, faster, more volume exiting. More energy today after resting a lot yesterday! Eyes sparkling!

10th Colonic for Tyler

12/20/13 this colonic also was fast and furious, very dark, means much older! Great energy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

4th Colonic for N

12/19/13 This colonic was fast, momentum has picked up rapidly! It is so fun to see the turn around that a body is sooooo capable of doing with the teaching of colon hygiene and this protocol! Remember, there are times when moving fast is the right thing to do, and downloading death and dis-ease out of a human being's body fast is one of those times! God Bless!

9th Colonic for T

12/19/13 Great colonic, rolling fast with darker green to black. Taking herbal cleansers up to the next level. He is feeling that he has more peace and patience. Of course, these are the positive results we receive when the toxins are released at such large volumes, that the nervous system get to rest and immediate peace is apparent!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

15 series with a 40 year women, "N"

12/16/13 N is a very wise young female. Like so many her age pooping 2 times a month more or less is the worst of her problems, and it is NOT good! It NEVER ceases to amaze me how little pooping, a very large percentage of the population does not do daily! So we got her pooping in 48 hours very nicely! Now she will become educated an empowered with the knowledge that will keep her digestive tract in full movement all the time. That is our job isn't it, to make sure our bodies are working correctly? Her first colonic 12/16, the release was many very hard balls of feces. Colonic #2, after ingesting some very good herbal cleansers (upper GI stimulates lower GI, N's 2nd colonic released sludge already, indicating that her feces were already breaking down so the body could release them. 12/18, 3rd colonic. N is pooping in morning and after colonic, the goal is to get her body to have a full release during colonic and also 3 to 5 bowel movements on the toilet per day and then she is sailing. We still have the margin gap that will fill in during the next week. She is taking iodine and Alive minerals and vitamins, liquid! 3rd colonic, the release was moderate with consistent movement and the cecum emptied! That is not common, but will happen when peoples bowels are in great shape, and strong!!!! She has not had children, so she still possesses a good amount of her nutrition that the babies usually secure(steal) from mother! Moms do not understand that it is necessary to replenish it!

8th Colonic for T

12/18/13 T decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver Flush, fantastic, great momentum, all green and yellow, no poop, poop takes a back seat to the priority of the liver and gallbladder release. All in "DIVINE ORDER", Perfection as God design it. Tomorrow's colonic will bring in the full grounding of the flush, and T will shift into a new place! Baby steps out of dis-ease, and into better health. Removing the corruption that is connected with the habitual practicing of the errors, is what will open up the space, making room for the higher vibrating practicing to come in, therefore a higher standard and quality of life enters into life, The law of attraction. Awh STEWARDSHIP OF THE TEMPLE AT IT'S FINEST! Dimensional living!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

7th Colonic for T

12/17/13 This 7th colonic was extremely fast, full of old mucous, brown colored. The momentum is perfect. It is very important for the nutritional supports to be in at this point, iodine, liquid minerals and vitamins, probiotics and very good grounding foods, lean meats and good oils, eating every 3 hours. We are having very cold weather right now and this is demanding high caloric intake for everyone. Cleansing during these times can be demanding on the body, but not when the nutritional supports are in and plenty of rest! LOVE THYSELF!

6th colonic for T

12/16/13 T had a fabulous and on point colonic for this 6th. Bowel is stepping up the pace, old dark feces full of old mucous are downloading effortlessly. What is so sweet is when a commitment is made and the momentum begins, the release of such large volumes of feces is done so effortlessly because of the priming factor, that it doesn't even seem hard, especially for the size of the task + the health gained!! That is MASTER Work!!!!! Praise God for allowing us to work at a Supernatural Level!!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

5th Colonic for T

12/14/13 T had a very good colonic today. Toilet time is picking up and colonic time is picking up, more volume, moving faster. His body is doing exactly what we want it to do right now!!!

Incredible update with the Autistic boys/Mother worms releasing now!

12/13/13 Very interesting details, nothing that I have not already witnessed this far in my career! The youngest boy K, 11 years old, was also the most constipated one all along, and also was the first to begin to speak again after 11 years of silence! At this point in the protocol, the boys have completed 150 colonics, which is 15 x age = # of necessary colonics. Now we were backing down on their colonics to a different schedule, and the die off symptoms were returning randomly at intervals. This is the bodies communication that it is NOT totally done, listen and watch what will happen when these times occur, you will learn how to respect and communicate with the human body! T, the mother, keeps in touch regularly, this particular time she said to me, "K was up all night, has not done this for a very long time before colonics, he was behaving in a very tormented fashion as she had seen previously for years." So she put K up on the colonic table immediately in the morning, and immediately he released a huge plump(which means it is alive)flesh colored worm, as soon as the boy completed the colonic, he was himself again! I have witnessed this with myself back in 1994 when I completed my 15 x age = # of colonics, I also decided to go beyond the equation and do 50 more colonics just to make sure I was thru. I also prayed that God would show me very clearly, beyond a shadow of doubt when I had completed the task! So I did Gallbladder and Liver flushes every other week, just to make sure my lovely liver was very supported at this level, and continued to colonic daily. It was only fresh food releasing for sure and I noticed that very long worms that were very thin and starving at this point were wrapped around the fresh food and left the body with the colonic. Now these were NOT new worms but the MOTHER WORMS that would travel down to the bowel to feed, go back to their nests where they were very safe even with the large amounts of parasite cleansers taken and solvent protection, but after all these years from 1987 to 1994 the environment within my body was FINALLY clean enough that the vibration was to strong for those critter to live in! So my observation was this, what if I only cleaned half way thru? What if I stopped and never got rid of the mother worms? Would they get stronger and make new nest? Of course they would. I learned that in order to beat them one would have to first acknowledge their existence, and then understand they were only concerned with survival and were very simple but determined and their small brain function was really out witting the human brain function! So everything T was telling me about her son releasing the huge alive worm resonated all thru me, this information is truly valid and helpful for all that wish to be in reality!!! By the way this is a great example of the "WHY" it is important for the colonic unit to be inside the home, so exactly when you need it, you can access it so the process can move along quickly, in other words "why suffer any longer than you have to"? I have pulled fevers right out of my body within the 30 minutes of the colonic procedure! Check out historical information, you will learn that this is what the females did for their families all throughout history, it is the hygienic side of healthcare, and it is missing in our culture these days, that is why our bodies are breaking down rapidly. As good as technology is, it is NEVER better than the Godly designed principally based practices that are centered in his truth! Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, which is just what America has done thru the "industrial revolution"! God Bless Us Please forgive us for our trespasses!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

4th Colonic for T

12/13/13 Ok, T did really good today, his bowel is sludging, which means it is releasing effortlessly, large volumes of feces broken down from the herbal cleansers and are in a state making movement very easy! He is a great student in understanding momentum, strategy, and discipline. Next week T has chosen to do the gallbladder and liver flush, and that will be a very nice nudge for the liver and gallbladder which emotionally represent anger and resentment, so the emotional body will get a nice release also!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3rd Colonic for T

12/11/13 Up to 4 cape aloes in the morning and 4 at nite. Very good release. T says that he is experiencing a change in attitude and other subtle things!

2nd colonic for T

12/9/13 This colonic was just moderate. the body is just booting up with the herbal cleansers!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Colonic #1 for T

12/6/13 T is the name for this client. He has decided to do a 15 series of colonics. He is in his early 40s. He is in very good health and would like to stay that way. He understands and resonates with the information and protocol for this 15 series. He came in for the Living Social coupon and within those 3 colonics, he saw a change in the texture and the color of his facial skin! I love it when people change this fast just because we can!!! He says he would like to be here a long time so he can raise his children. Love is such a motivator! His first colonic of the series was excellent, the Cape Aloes have already started priming the bowel very quickly, and he has had 3 colonics already! The bowel was already sludging. This is going to be a very good, effortless series! We will discuss the basic protocol today, making sure his body is supported thoroughly!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ready to observe a middle aged man thru his 15 series?

Before we start this series, I'd like to say that there have been several 15 series in between the last posts and now. I have been very busy in my office and thankfully so, but I am ready to share this 15 series as public research for all to observe. I thought since several middle aged men, (in early stages of symptoms) are very interested in resolving several health issues that have not been acceptably resolved by their doctors, according to them. That since they are dealing with very common issues of people this age, high blood pressure, anti-depression medication, etc. Even though foods do have a very big impact on many bodily functions, we would like to observe what kind of affect the elimination of stored garbage directly affects these issues. People when ready to take more responsibility for their health, ALWAYS get the results and the correct information works magnificently together!!! We may observe 2 of these gentlemen that will be doing a 15 series during the next 25 days!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Growth Associated Protein 43 needed with 12 yr. old autistic boy!

The oldest autistic boy M is 12 yrs. old now. The visit to the Bio-energy machine was enlightening. M tested on this machine for the Growth Associated Protein 43. This has to do with the part of the brain dealing with the growth memory cones. The younger boy, K did not need this, because his bowel was very constipated the heavy metals were clinging to the feces and did not travel to the brain at the same level as M. M's colonics were very moderate and consistent, he never was in a strong labor mode during any colonic, which means his bowel was not so constipated, therefore was not acting as a good buffer for the heavy metals to cling to like K's bowel was. So the metals traveled straight to the brain instead! This is the individual and unique difference between human beings. The symptoms that were in the information about this brain malfunction, were exactly what M is exhibiting. Very repetitive movements, non-verbal, stress and trauma expressed in a very happy and simple fashion! Which this is consistent with the truth when working with adults. Raw fats and lean meats are very necessary to be eaten while cleansing systematically, so the solvents, heavy metals, etc. can cling to the old feces that are getting expelled daily. The body will stop holding on to the tucked away solvents which is self protecting function, but will allow the release of them because there is a buffer for safety, being the old feces. This is why you cannot fast and eat raw when doing deep cleansing. Good clean food is a must in the big picture of deep cleansing. This information was not given to us by the operator of the bio energy machine until the following day of visit that is why it was not included with the last post concerning these two sweeties. By the way, mother says she is having fun with her boys like never before, playing games with them and they get what to do as she teaches them, that is great progress and we rejoice with this family!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 autistic boys go to 2nd visit with Bio-energy machine!

Ok, this visit was 10/7/13. The older boy, M is the one that was tested. Wanting to make sure all bases are covered. Since the beginning we've seen many positive changes in many dimensions. At this time we are coming to the last 35 colonics for these boys. The equation is 15 colonics x age = # of colonics necessary. They started in March 2013, turned from 10 yrs. and 11 yrs. old to 11 yrs. and 12 yrs. old. Approximately 150 colonics necessary. By 9/20 they had approximately 112 colonics, so we asked the Bio-energy machine how many each boy needed to finalized the full cleansing of the bowel? For the oldest son, M, it tested for 25 more colonics, every other day, completion being 11/26, continuing from 10/8. For the younger son, K, it tested for 35 more colonics daily, completion being 11/26, continuing from 10/7. It is nice to have our protocol checked with this back-up. M also needed 7 to 10 flower essence for the mental body support for the restorative process. He had a cold virus, common for this time of year and returning to school, some allergy issues, but all were easily resolved with balancing the mental and emotional bodies, and colonics!!! It is amazing the simplicity of restoring full balance when the full load of the garbage is removed first!!!Very thankful for this information and opportunity to apply it with many great results and blessings!

Monday, September 9, 2013

2 Autistic Boys visit the BIOENERGY MACHINE TODAY!

Today September 9th, we visited the Bio-energy machine, that I have utilized since the mid 1990s. It is very accurate running energy thru the meridians, all systems and organs,very diagnostic! The boys have received approximately 92 colonics at this point, daily! They are extremely healthy! On the Bio-energy machine, the youngest needed approximately 10 Bach flower and Alaskan flower essence, many were for the integration of the brain and their functions coming into full reality, very supportive for the Autistic malfunction affect in brain. The other need for this level was Fatty acids, and then the choline, supporting the gut, brain connection. That was all! Now remember we have them supported very well with the baseline of support for the cleansing of the bowel and organs! It is important to stay in colonic protocol and then add what support needed arises after a significant number of colonics. This is what the Parents decided to do with the contribution made by the Bio-energy machine. Now remember this important key, 1st cleanse, then rebuild! You cannot rebuild systems and organs until there is approximately 75% download of the bowel. Thinking that good food and nutrition will do adequate cleansing of the bowel is NOT the same as being cleansed with colonics and very ready to receive the nutritional restoration. Now the body will test for the restorative needs. Needs change when the body does shift thru dimensions. ! I also call it the "New Programming". Old man is dead and released, new man is put into the body, or put on now! Actually it is DNA changing! This change in a human body cannot be done without the removal of old feces, which are in the bodies of the living, also parasites, and destructive solvents!! They have an odor you will NEVER forget! Forgot to mention, No parasites showed up on the bio-energy machine today! We witnessed hundreds and thousands of them, even took pictures over the last 2 years! Remember these are small children! Wonder what adults have inside their bodies???? Actually I have seen plenty!!!! Oh yes, mom and dad are up on the colonic table also now, mom's eyes were sparkling today, never saw them like this before now!!! Remember, this particular piece of the puzzle, deep, deep cleansing and colonicing CANNOT ever be replaced by any other modality. This function is discussed in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, and since the beginning of time on this Earth people utilized it and still do today, in addition to pooping on the toilet. "SEEK THEREFORE A LARGE TRAILING GOURD HAVING A STALK THE LENGTH OF A MAN. TAKE OUT ITS INWARDS AND FILL IT WITH WATER FROM THE RIVER, WHICH THE SUN HAS WARMED. HANG IT UPON THE BRANCH OF A TREE AND KNEEL UPON THE GROUND BEFORE THE ANGEL OF WATER AND SUFFER THE END OF THE STALK OF THE TRAILING GOURD TO ENTER YOUR HINDER PARTS THAT THE WATER MAY FLOW THROUGH ALL YOUR BOWELS. AFTERWARDS REST KNEELING ON THE GROUND BEFORE THE ANGEL OF WATER AND PRAY TO THE LIVING GOD THAT HE WILL FORGIVE YOU ALL YOUR PAST SINS AND PRAY THE ANGEL OF WATER THAT HE WILL FREE YOUR BODY FROM EVERY UNCLEANNESS AND DISEASE." DLM

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Autistic boys up to 50 colonics now!

It's been a busy month for this family! If you have been following this story, then you already know the details! Now over the month of August, these boys have had 29 more colonics, takes them to approximately 57 colonics since March 2013, of course on a special baseline of nutrition also, their improvement has become very noticeable by their school teachers and their physicians! Mother is receiving calls from people seeking information on such transformation! The boys will be turning 11 and 12 years old this month, brings it to a very long journey since 18 months old! Mother says the youngest boy could NEVER be left outside, would run away so fast, now he can be outside to play for long time! He also could not play video games just because he was in the foggy brain place, now that the brain has been downloading, solvents, parasites, etc. he is having fun with his cognitive brain function and enjoying himself. These are the working miracles that NO MACHINE or drug or therapy could match, ever!!! This is the washing the inside of the body or hygiene side of health that holds it's own contribution to living a very high level or quality of life, without the controlling egotistical man's version that thinks that it MUST dominate ALL healthcare. Within that system alone, the very best quality of life will never be available!!We have wonderful scientific evidence right in front of our eyes every single day of our lives!!!! Rejoice and be thankful for these children's new lives, regardless of how they got there, actually it is very simple, is just hard because of the unbelief of truth in this country, or wrong programing!! "DO NO HARM"! The Supernatural Way! God is All Good! More later, thank you for the beautiful prays!

Friday, July 26, 2013

procedure training sessions for parents of 2 autistic boys

We have done 4 training sessions with mother and father. Mother of course has given her sons many, many enemas, so she intuitively understands the cycle of detoxing and new life (dying unto new life), once that is understood then the fears of working toward the big picture are gone. There is nothing wrong with detoxing cycles, they exist as stepping stones toward grounding in, our real good health. When poison is leaving the body, we can jump with joy at the bad pain associated with the poison leaving now, knowing we are going to be healthier and happier!!!!! Pain can be used as a very good barometer and catalyst! Mom is doing the procedure very well, understands that respecting the protocol is extremely important. The Gravity flow system may not be the only method that will help download the old feces out of the bowel, but it is important to stay within the teaching protocol that you have chosen, so when we troubleshoot, we are on the same page! The boys are very different now, relaxed and ready for their colonic. Even the feisty one is becoming very relaxed and trusting. Both boys are releasing a full colonic each time, unlike adults that will have hundreds of blockages coming thru for years depending on their linear time line. The mother cannot believe the amount of feces that releases each time!!! These are just children. We are not seeing any parasites now, I do believe after 2 yr. of solid work that mom has done an excellent job with, that they are done reproducing, it takes consistent and systematic work to get ahead of their reproductive activity. Also mom was giving them ornithine (Amino acid)to redirect the ammonia activity from brain to kidneys, the ammonia is produced by the parasites and presents a problem with sleeping until the ornithine does it's job. So now the boys are sleeping very well and normal hours, now we have stopped the ornithine. This will give us an insight as to the parasite activity also! Parasites reproduce at such a fast rate especially in bodies that are holding solvent and metal in them, the immune system is just not working. Now the solvents and metals have been downloading, the parasites have NO homes, the yeast is downloaded also, which is the matter that contains the parasites and solvent. ALL gone thanks to COLONICS, cannot download yeast until the entire environment is cleaned up with colonics and few supplements!!! Yeast is always present and produced by the body as a PROTECTIVE MECHANISM in order to buffer the poison from our bodies, so we stay alive!! The body is amazing, once someone understands this and starts cleansing their bowel daily, when the cleanup is completed (all parasites and solvents gone) then the body will not produce the yeast simply because their is no danger any longer!!! Real Simple, then we keep our bodies clean to this level, and are very happy all day long!!! The job is complete when the body is clean and peaceful for real, it does take 15 x age = # of colonics necessary to complete task! I hope we still understand how to do a job correctly until completed in this country, or is that stand considered an arrogant position these days, doing a job right? Thankful for great principles and standard that this country has been founded on!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Unit going in home of 2 autistic boys!!!

Wonderful news for the family of and the 2 autistic boys M & K. after 20+ colonics, the parents have seen such a permanent shift in the boys, that they are ready to take full responsibility for their children, and do realize that what they know needs to be done, they can actually do for their children. It takes a very good integration of several things that are the baseline of necessary things that have to happen to bring them back into wellness. This is the protocol that will work every time. The colon hygienist has to have experienced these healing shifts themselves, before they are brave enough and confident enough to being others through the portal of full restoration. This is why it can be very confusing for very ill people. There are many necessary and good tools and various other things, foods, supplements, etc., but putting it all together is like a symphony of integration! So what we will do is log on this blog weekly their colonics, with highlighted shifts that occur until they have completed the protocol of 15 x 10 = 150 colonics minus 20 already done. We will also, after they are well on their way with the hygienic side of this, take them to the Bio-energy machine to check in on all systems and organs, and then the emotional trauma work will also be done. There doctor met with them last week, he could not believe their appearance or their behavior changes!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

10 series for M, 1st colonic

colonic 1. M did a 15 series of colonics in April. M had a very consistent very good series, ending with a spectacular colonic. Remember, that she has removed approximately 1 year of old feces out of her body at this point. So she is at a very different space in her bodies than when she began in April, she has learned many things thru her experience of this. This first colonic was very slow, it has been close to 100 degrees here and EVERYBODY is dehydrated, even if they don't know it!!!! She has decided to take the herbal cleansers on a regular basis and will increase them as she moves thru this series. M is not going to do them systematically everyday, several a week possibly, we'll definitely comment on the frequency of the colonic as that will play a large part in the big picture. We always learn as we go, and the truth always reveals itself to us supplying us with our research data! This is as big as it gets!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

10th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 10. Both boys released very well, there bodies are downloading large volumes of feces, some yeast, have not seen worms really, Mamma really did a fantastic job of cleaning that element up in the last 3 months, pretty much with all the supplement support, which was very solid and based in the basic mineral support as well as basic digestive enzyme support of simple barley green. They are displaying detox symptoms at this level, old feces are obvious which lets us know that the cleansing is going deeper!!

15th colonic for J

Colonic 15.. J was disappointed because she had her first "receive" colonic during the 15 series! This is very common, usually there are several throughout the series, the body needs to be hydrated very well as it shows us. J really had a very good 15 colonics, removed old everything, very deep cleaning, because she did a lot of prep work over years and now added the colonics. Very nice shift!

Monday, June 10, 2013

9th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 9. M again is releasing fabulously, getting into some darker feces. It is obvious that what is coming thru the tube is at least 5 x more than what he ate yesterday, this is why the advantage of doing daily colonics works. We get ahead of what is fresh and get to the deeper feces. Listen this works because if the feces were not stored in there, they would not be coming out especially daily. The task would be done. The only reason even the colon hygiene community doesn't get it is because they do not understand how to go in daily, with HERBAL cleansers in order to soften and prepare the old feces to be released!!! So the colonics they give the client does not release daily! That is all, the only piece that is missing! Go outside the box in your thinking and it works very successfully. Be a rule rut breaker just like Einstein, he could not function within the system, they knew it, but he still received all the famous discoveries when he went outside the box, and as we witness the system absolutely utilized the benefits of his discoveries, without their blessing! Anyway K did very good also, there again 5 x the amount of food eaten the previous day, then at the end he released all around the scope and it had the odor of chemical. So we know the chemicals are beginning to release in deep caverns of his body. Consistency, faithfulness until the results are evident! The b--line of cause to effect!!!! It is obvious that we do not want to know the truth, therefore we will not have to do the real work in order to gain the total restoration, not just a shift, but many shifts that total the restoration! America has become extremely lazy, that is because they are sick inside and apathetic, just like the programming has set us up for!!!!!! No Worries GODS WILL, WILL BE DONE!

11th colonic for J

Colonic 11. J had a very good colonic today. Everything was releasing from old wormie nest, yellowish green matter from Gallbladder and liver area, fresh feces and old feces. Her organs and systems are "rocking"! Now don't think this just happens, she has been faithful all the way thru, systematic colonics, following protocol and adjusting protocol as necessary, 1 great G&L flush, 1/2 a GLflush, which worked also! A Kidney flush also! She has labored and died into the death cycle, once the download or release comes thru, you have a higher quality of life instantly! Remember 1 years worth of old stored garbage leaving the body cavity is a biiiiiiggggg shift! All that is gone for life, next download please! They line up and download over and over again over time until, they no longer are present in the body! Then and only then are you at a high vibration cleanliness, and then the simple and authentic maintenance begins, and that is the simple way to live, a life in moderation! Got to get rid of the "DEBT", the physical body "DEBT" first, then rebuild! Remember you cannot paint over rust, even with the best paint! Remove the rust first, then paint the clean canvas!!!!!! ART! We really only have one vehicle in this lifetime on Earth, that vehicle is your Temple, what are you doing in your life with your vehicle? If you don't have a vehicle you do not get to be here!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

8th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 8. K had a fabulous release! He fights it but is learning to go with the flow! He is much more peaceful and happier! M has always understood this process, the older one. His colonics are definitely into the older feces at this time. Abundant release, they both are sludging out the feces, which means the herbal cleansers have come into the maximum effort zone! 10 each day for each boy! The inside work is very obvious by the sludging release!!! Witnessed Bright green somewhat florescent, large amount of bright greenish water, did not smell chemicals, but we will continue to watch for this aspect that is coming in. If it is the heavy metals then we will eventually smell the skunk smell associated with those solvents HM!!!!

13th colonic for J

Colonic 13. J had a very good release today. Her potty times have increased and the volume of feces releasing each day is shifting greatly. The environmental cleanup was priority (worms and stringy), now the feces are in place for removal. J says she has a wave of detox that frequently happens.

Friday, June 7, 2013

12th colonic for J

colonic 12. J was on the beach for several days, returning very relaxed. J said her poops on vacation were delightful, her body is back in that baby habit of eating then pooping within 20 minutes. That by the way is the upper GI stimulating the lower GI which is a natural cycle that our bodies were created to do by our Creator. It is very interesting that Natural Internal Hygiene done in a supernatural(systematically) protocol will restore the body to its natural cycles. We have seen the nests of worms environment downloading since J has started with these colonics, and still this environment is downloading out. Eating all the best foods WILL NOT do this work! Cleanup is paramount!! That is what we are learning from the bodies efforts of working in its priority mode!! Thank you Mother Earth!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

6th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 6. With 4 days off M & K came in with great energy, ready, willing, and able to shift and heal. There colonics cycling just as they do for adults. M is a little stuck, needs more herbal cleansers. Mom is increasing these daily, or there would not be much activity!!! It does not work the way you think it will, this is a fabulous teaching from our bodies!

7th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 7. Ok these boys are moving along very fast now, their bodies know that they can download old feces easily now because we have done the prep work. K is younger and more stubborn, but he is really doing a lot of releasing. M is ahead and we are able to go deeper in the bowel, he is releasing older feces and is a little more stuck, he needs more herbal cleanser to do the deeper work. Mom is making the adjustments with the supplements. Mom can tell since she gave them more of the heavy metal detox supplement that they got more agitated, which is a toxic manifestation. So the deeper you go the more toxic it gets, that is where the heavy metals are stored. I noticed a chemical odor at the beginning of Ks colonic, but not after that. We know that at some time in the near future we will see what we have been excavating for, (the root cause)the Heavy metals!!! I've done this before in the 1990s and 2000s. You must stay the course, until it leaves the body, then it is complete!

Friday, May 31, 2013

10th colonic for J

colonic 10. Today's colonic was excellent. It was gaseous, old feces, new feces, stringy mucus, everything and the kitchen sink!!! J is feeling good over all, energy is radiant. Her 11th colonic tomorrow, then she will be breaking for 4 days, then back to finish up her last 4. By then there will be another shift in the volume of feces releasing. J will probably want to do another G&L flush at that time also, she is moving fast and pretty comfortably now since the death cycle last week! She understands the cycles and the dynamics involved in systematic colonics. It goes in and builds up over many years systematically by ignorance and error, so we go in and systematically by deliberated decision go in over several years and remove the build-up, and NEVER allow it to build up again, that is the true STEWARDSHIP OF THE TEMPLE, the book of Ephesians! AND WE ALL SAID "HOLY SHIT"!

4th colonic for two autistic boys

Colonic 4. Very good colonics today. K was releasing so much the scope couldn't handle it. Yeah, means he is very relaxed and behavior is very shifted and different! These boys are being fed the best food possible in America! Very digested as coming thru. M 's colonic was "stuck" with hard pieces very different from the day before. It appears that the feces are darker and older. He is the older one and from the beginning was relaxed and understood intuitively this process, so he is always a few steps ahead on the linear line, and the next step coming in. His mother decided to take the herbal cleansers up for him only, to begin and support the breaking up and downloading of the older feces, which is what the body is demanding as the next priority with M. We will continue to see fresh feces as well as the old. Soon hope to see florescent metals, each level of releasing feces, food, old feces and heavy metals take it's turn downloading, therefore maintaining the balance within! Remember they need a total of 150 colonics each in order to do the full job or protocol, this situation happened over 10 years ago, it can be completely restored within the approximate time of 1 year, when every bit of information is done routinely within the designated timeline, also if they make a deliberate decision to do so and complete the equation! This is a linear line job as well, Physical Plane!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

3rd colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 3. Both boys are having extremely good colonics, releasing daily food. Have not seen parasites like the last 10 or the first set of 10 colonics, also mom is not seeing them anymore after witnessing hundreds of them daily. Also she is smelling chemical in the urine of K. Other than that we have not witness heavy metals exiting thru colonics yet! The behavior of both boys is changing daily, now they are getting up on table without any objections, just waiting for their colonic!

9th colonic for J

Colonic 9. Excellent release. Coming back around again after making the rounds with the most important jobs, the cecum emptied again during colonic. The volume of feces released and the ease of those releases is becoming the norm now. The human body is working very comfortably now! The pace on toilet has also picked up. J decided to take the herbal cleansers up to 10 in morning and 10 at nite and she is throwing in another 3 or 4 in the middle of the day, she is learning how to monitor her bowel and picking up the pace again!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8th colonic for J

Colonic 8. J had a very good colonic, a lot of old stringy mucus pieces or even decaying worms. I've witnessed this 25 years, and this is the environmental aspect of what resides in the bowel. Poop is not the priority still at this stage. Higher intelligence is the master, we are the servant!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 2. Both boys are having excellent releases in colonics. "DIVINE PERFECTION" They get real quite afterward, low toxicity levels obviously, they are sweet boys!


Colonic 1. First, both boys, these are brothers, are looking very good, grounded. They are much healthier obviously! They are relaxed much more overall. Very quiet verbally as opposed to 2 months ago. Parents were given information about 2 very good products by myself and the research in the 1990s from the testimonies of myself and my clients. In connection with the heavy metals that were involved with the inoculations received as babies, they have been severely autistic since 18 months old, now 10 and 11 yrs. old. This issue of the connection between autism and the inoculations is NOT up for debate with me, simply because I have had the priviledge of having my energy connected with so many situations from start to finish with clients, that there is no doubt, the metals smell like skunk, are florescent, very colorful, and will eat right thru a human body's flesh, they are hot. If the medical community does not wish to do the necessary research and be a part of this discovery that will lead to the real recovery, then that is their stand, but the medical will not have any say in an individuals right to choose the correct healing action! Stop blaming the little fish in the sea for it. Although the poor fish in the sea are also falling hideous pray to mankind's egotistical materialism, trying to blame God's flawless creation!!! So why would these parents after all these years trying anything and everything, most of them very helpful, bother to return for more colonics and the protocol that we follow? Because they've seen what works and what doesn't and every aspect within their 11 year experiences!!!!They are the experts and profoundly confused with the state of the healthcare system in this wonderful country of America! Warning in this country, to use your spiritual guidance thru it all! The colonics with each child was a perfect child's colonic learned with my certification from Helen Wood Institute in 1992. Their little bodies preformed exactly like an adult's body during the adult colonic. They were just reaching this level as they were done their last series of 10 colonics. So their bowel function actually improved continuously thru the 2 months in between last series and now. This means everything being done with these boys are in alignment with improvement and total restoration, that will come in time. Their bodies received the water in easily, released the feces in a very timely fashion, and the bowel was obviously done by the time the protocol was completed, this is exactly what happens with the adults in their 15 series. It needs to be understood that it is a process of steps and works every time, when the correct protocol is followed, also the intention behind the endeavor is key!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A's 4th colonic in 5 series

Colonic 4.After running out of herbal cleansers, A decided to take some herbs for liver, which caused her liver to detox a large amount of bacteria/viruses into the bowel, she knows this because she quickly got a common cold, body's defenses when up. If she could have gotten up on the colonic table quickly would have pulled the die-off, or detox right out of bowel, this is why we do systematic colonics. With several days in between,she handled the situation, her body showed her that there was plenty of empty space in the bowel to hold the detox until she got in on the table, instant relief after colonic! Her voice did not have a cold in it, the tone was totally normal, she said that she felt great! I've personally experienced this Divine blessing that Internal Hygiene does provide for us all!! This is an ancient modality that is used in conjunction with the regular BM, this is very necessary for bring the balance back into the body, all organic and natural, just like God intended!!!

6th colonic for J

Colonic 6. Todays colonic was very good, beginning to see, stringy mucus, which usually signals the parasites environment. Old dark sludge is beginning to come out in larger volumes. The herbal cleansers are increasing and very helpful now and in several days the bowel will be sludging throughout the entire colonic. This will be a very significant shift for J. For 56 years old she is moving very consistently and productively thru, remember she has been doing a lot of very healthy things for herself for several years and that shows in the results.

5th colonic for J

Colonic 5. Today was an excellent release, the water is still greenish yellow, with the G&L flush still downloading! Hydration with colonics are key thru this, the body needs lots of water to process thru supporting the elimination process!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

4th colonic for J

colonic 4. J did a G&L flush last nite. We usually wait until 6 or 7 colonics, but she has done colonics before so her body remembers exactly what is going on. The "letting go" programing is key here. It was a moderate release of small green stones, with greenish yellow water, perfectly downloading from the organs. 1st priority, feces take a back seat right now! Personality does come thru individually & uniquely with bowel and organ cleansing. She is a very grounded and consistent lady full of grace and poise, and that is how her body flies also!!! A little dehydrated from heat and internally needing the hydration, by tomorrow with additional hydration of colonic the bowel will be moving much faster, ready to download all the internal work it has been doing the last several days, busy bees!!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3rd colonic for J

Colonic 3. This colonic is really beginning to pick up volume of release and metabolic rate of flow of water in tube. This is good, she is increasing the herbal cleansers quickly because she is very ready for more movement in bowel and the whole process. J has decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver flush tonight and we will see the results tomorrow early morning. The energy is shifting very quickly for her. J is learning that moving swiftly is very good, especially when we can!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2nd colonic for "J"

Colonic 2. J had a very good colonic today. She has decided to take her herbal cleansers up steadily each day, "why waste time and effort, get the show on the road", these are her words! So the daily release will increase both on toilet and in colonic. Her cecum emptied today, which is not the norm for the average American. J has done colonics before and routinely does take a good baseline of supplemental support. She is on the protocol with all supplements! Solid and ready to move thru!

Monday, May 20, 2013

First 15 series for "J", 1st colonic

Colonic 1. J's 1st colonic of series was very moderate, although she has had colonics before, 1 year previous! The age is 56, female. Her over all health has been very stable all her life, but coming into this stage of life she is handling much more life and death stress, just life issues. The body can handle stress much easier when it is cleansing and nutritionally healthier. So when people do go thru these stressful times, they usually reconsider their own health, and want to take better of care of themselves! And they should feel that way naturally!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

11th colonic for Y

Colonic 11. Y has had a break from the 15 series for 14 days. She started back on colonic 11 today. Now remember she has already had 6 previous to that. The colonic was more a receive colonic or hydrating colonic obviously resulting from the break in routine and traveling. On the 3rd tank her body started to release old feces again, so we got her back to square one in one colonic!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A's 3rd colonic in the 5 series

Colonic 3. These first 3 were done in a row. The 3rd colonic was a very excellent release, clearly older feces, large pieces of mucus. A did remind me that the same place on her bowel, above cecum toward hepatic flexure is a place that the plugs as they download seem to get hung up, this may be a deformity in the bowel, that in time will reshape itself as the bowel is healed thru cleansing. This is what happened last G&L flush. A says she is very peaceful also, she loves the colonics! A has decided to do the last 2 a week apart.

A's 2nd colonic of a 5 series

Colonic 2. A decided to do a G&L flush. The release was moderate, did not see stones, do believe that if the bowel would have had several more colonics before the G&L flush their would have been a more significant amount of release clearly seen from those other organs. The priority was the bowel's need to release so the organ flush was not the priority. Still do believe that the organ released and it was not clearly seen mixed in with the feces. A although was very blessed and peaceful. She did receive the external manifestations of the internal work. We don't always understand all that wonderful work going on!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A is back after a 1 month break after her 15 series, check it out!

Colonic 1 of a 5 series. After removing approximately a year of stored old feces with a 15 series of colonics, many of her symptoms had disappeared. All the trigger points on her body that alert her to dis...ease start to inflame. Some of those are just slightly beginning to signal her again, this is just her body communicating and letting her know to continue to cleanse and come into deeper levels of cleanliness that becomes the new programing, stay moving in this direction. It will take 15 x age = # of colonics necessary. This will take several years depending on the linear line age, that is why a home unit is necessary if an individual desires this level of healing. As you do your work toward that vision, the cleansing is so in alignment with self-love and truth that really the steps you take to cleanse is the action that brings the totality of the vision with the details into reality. Each step you take is the solution to many bodily problems and will support the shift into reality. "A" totally gets it and we can watch her life in the next several years as she plays out her dreams for herself! The colonic was not as laborious as her very first several colonics in her 1st series. It is so wonderful to witness the peaceful state and non-panicked state that she lives daily in. A very good and consistent release, her nervous system is becoming relaxed as she detoxes her entire body and completes it with colonic irrigations! And we all said "HOLY SHIT", because it is!!!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

15th colonic for M

Colonic 15. She had the very best colonic of all 18. M confessed to me her stable way of evolving. She noticed her small left eye has opened up to match her right eye. There is peacefulness now that is very even and she feels very detached when dealing with others problems. Very heightened consciousness has developed thru the colon irrigations! God Bless!

Friday, May 3, 2013

14th colonic for M

Colonic 14. M had a very good colonic again today. She's peaceful and is a very consistent individual!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wild short story for S!

This 55 year old female is on her 5th colonic in a row! Just have to share how each person will move differently and uniquely depending on the desire of the integrated bodies! She is READY, WILLING, & ABLE, shift in core life and adapting and moving fast. She has had an excellent release each colonic, cecum emptying, and full on sludging. She is an alternative Healthcare modality worker, so she is very committed to a high standard of quality of life for herself, and she will receive it for sure. Changing the old programming to the new with the authentic ways of living life closer to the center of "THE TRUTH"! Looking into the mirror at the ONLY person that can change it!!!!!!! LOVE HOPE PEACE!!!!!!

13th colonic for M

Colonic 13. M had a even better colonic today. The pace is picking up since she rolled 2 in a row. Rest has kicked in now! Hopefully she will get her 4 in a row in this week!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

12th colonic for M

Colonic 12. M's colonic today was very moderate. There was a space of 3 days in between, colonic 11 and 12. She has been taking her time thru this series, sometimes people are dealing with personal emotion or mental body issues, they don't even understand consciously. She is doing fine vibrationally. M has been thru very much turmoil for the last 5 years, just like most of America. It is time for us to REST,REST,REST this is how we regenerate.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10th colonic for Y

Colonic 10. Excellent colonic for Y. Her last few colonics were coming into a very normal colonic release. Sludging out all the broken up hardened feces that have been stored in the deep intestines and organ waste. The herbal cleansers, hydration from the systematic colonics and emotional patterns shifting from "stuck" to "let go" has all shifted in and the payoff is here. Easy, gentle colonics that will download this sewage waste out the body FOREVER. Light and effortless life has become the new pattern for this lady, and she loves her life, as her body sets the precedent by "Loving Thyself" principle and blessing manifested from the manner in which God has designed us to live authentically within!!!! She is on vacation for 2 weeks and will be the happiest vacationer there, and pooping 3 to 5 times a day! Y also mentioned this today, she feels as if she has been here doing this work for months. I do believe we just did do 1 years worth of very integrated work in this 15 series, which is just what Helen Wood Institute addresses. But Y decided to respect the entire protocal, that is why she received these results and feels as if she has gone through demensions of time and energies!!!! Praise God for His Truths!!!!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

9th colonic forY

Colonic 9. This colonic was excellent, Y has labored thru this plug very nicely even though it took sometime. We are seeing very digested feces now, worm nests in large mucous type releases, she saw a very long white stringy worm threaded thru her poop in toilet this morning. Still have not seen stones from G&L flush, so they could still be in bowel or the flush was a just a little nudge first time flush!! None the less the transverse colon is working in sheer peace and simplicity now. Y is blessed her face is very bright and energy is light and her eyes are very round and open. Windows to the body,nice shift!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

8th colonic for Y

Colonic 8. This colonic was a very good relese across the transverse colon, which has been very full and not releasing during colonics for several days. So what the priority release this colonic was fresh feces came thru very consistently and moderately, still no gush release that one would expect. No worms, but they are in there because of release during colonic 1 and 2, we saw them. Also NO stones or green or yellow colored water that would be the normal release having done the G&L flush!!!! We most likely will see them during the next 2 colonics. So they are in the bowel behind the plug that still is inside the upper lower intestine area. Y was very relaxed and felt relieved after colonic. She stated that she had anxiety before the colonic, I reminded her from the charts that the heart reflexology point in the bowel is on left side of transverse colon/splenix flexure area which is where the bowel seems to be twisted or deformed in some way that the feces are being held up there. So that would make sense that she was somewhat anxious thru todays cleansing, and also relieved of that anxiety during the colonic. We always seem to locate those problem areas in the bowel during the 15 series. It is a wonderful opportunity for clients to become aquainted with their own bodies as they really should be for the benefits are abundant with this knowledge. With understanding, fears leave therefore peace and healing can be accessed!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

7th colonic for Y

Colonic 7. After 2 days off for mental and emotional bodies, the colonic was absolutely in a receive or hydration mode. Usually the opposite happens with a break of 2 days! Which means the poop is still not the priority job for the bowel right now. What did release was the similar, sheets of white, clear pieces that are either dead decaying worms, and or the nest of worms. Y's energy levels are great, she feels peaceful, gentle, and very different than the desperation felt when she first came in. The deperation was the energy from the parasites that were dying inside, it will be magnified thru the host emotions! Y has decided to do a G&L flush tonight, so this will be interesting, because in most cases at this point of the protocal of a 15 series, worms are not yet being delivered out, and the body is moving at a very nice rapid pace at the metabolic level with large volumes of feces releasing! So these are my thoughts, 1, the mass that has collected in the transverse that is releasing in small increments, the white tissue will be prompted to really let loose because of the flush momentum. 2, the poop will come thru prompted by the flush momentum. Or the Liver and Gallbladder will release nicely like it usually does, and find it's wy thru or around the little blockage in the transverse. and we'll see green stones and possible worms. So we'll let you all know tommorrow!!!!! Have a good sound peaceful sleep tonight!

11th colonic for M

Colonic 11. M was intending to do a Gallbladder and Liver flush late last nite, and start her day with a very early colonic bringing that debris and download out in colonic. Instead, there was no G&L flush, so her early morning colonic was a very nice and steady download, with a very hydrating affect on her making a wonderful day for her energy to spring back after a pretty tough week. There are many unique aspects of health that the colonic will bring in for the human body. Alot of nice surprises that can be accomplished in 45 minutes in your own home or in your local area without going into a spa for a whole week or day! Perks up your body daily!!!!!!! Thankful for the utilization of this precious information abount NATURAL INTERNAL HYGIENE, the feminine side of healthcare!

Friday, April 26, 2013

10th colonic for M

Colonic 10. M had a very good colonic. She took some time off because she moved so fast with the Living Social colonics and then starting the series. Just needed to ground in the shifts from cleansing. There were plumbing issues at her home during this time, the plumber said the toilets were not being used enough, so they were not functioning as they needed to when used like they were made to be used. Sounds alittle like people bowels being stuck and needing to step up the usage for higher quality of life, and the body actually loves this challenge! She is ready to do the Gallbladder and Liver these next few days. She's flying peacefully!!!!! Isn't is information funny!! Science all the way!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6th colonic for Y

Colonic 6. I would have to say a big shift finally because all the patience of doing all the right things in the priming process has manifested. Baby steps toward the big release. Y had a very nice gentle colonic with even consistent flow and easily done. The labor factor was low with great results. The internal work is being done very systematically and successfully. Her little 4 month baby stomach across the transverse has settled down nicely and is very normal now. Little by little we wittle the matter down and out the exit route!!! Her energy is so gentle and relaxed now knowing she is getting the garbage out of her, much relief!!! She's taking 2 days off and then she has decided to do a Gallbladder and liver flush, and her body will easily release that liver download very nicely! The feminine mother earth energy work, NATURAL INTERNAL HYGIENE!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4th colonic for Y

Colonic 4. Forgot to post Y's 4th colonic yesterday. It was alittle better than 3rd and not as good as 5th colonic. So the slow improvement is obvious. Explanation of 5th colonic sums it up pretty well. Waiting upon the baby to arrive!!!!!!!

5th colonic for Y

Colonic 5. Today was moderate release of big mucous sheets with brown water. Still no feces which means the priority right now is still worms and the homes they live in which are the sheets we are seeing. The release is faster thru tubes, ready to pop. Ezeikel bread released around the plug that is hanging out in the transverse colon. It looks like Y is 4 months pregnant! She is taking her herbal cleansers and Barley Green which will help step up the digestive breakdown of this plug. Pretty soooooon!

9th colonic for M

Colonic 9. M had a 5 day break for various reasons. Remember though she had coloniced shortly before this 15 series. She has plenty of herbal cleansers in her system breaking up the old hardened feces and has been pooping nicely on the toilet. Her colonic was very good today, consistent and full. she's a very grounded individual and calm, so are her colonics!!!!

Gallbladder and Liver flush upsets the Tapeworm!

This information is based upon a female 37 name is D. After doing 9 colonics over 2 weeks almost straight away, she decided to do the G&L flush. Everything went down fine but by morning she was extremely drowsey and throwing up. After doing hundreds of these myself and thousands over the years on the clients that chose to do these throughout their 15 series of colonics, I have only witnessed this behavior resulting only several times. All information researched and based in the Bio-energy machine field always lead us to tapeworm involvement! the tapeworm literally spits the flush right back up the GI track,so you throw it up! They hate it, its not sweet sugar!!! As D was on the colonic table at 7:15 a.m. getting relief thru the colonic release, she began to tell stories from memories in childhood, as if the internal cleansing was starting the mental release chain reaction! When D was 6 and 7 years old she was always digging in the cabinets of her kitchen looking for bags of sugar to eat all she could! Even when she would spend the nite over at friends, she would be seeking the sugar in the kitchen cabinets there also, in the middle of the nite!!!!! This is the parasites communicating to the host, exactly what they want, and you will provide it!!!! It makes me wonder if this worm could have a connection with diabetes. This child did not look overweight and ate in secret. Her testosterone levels became so high as a young adult, that she did stop getting her period for years, and was asked by her doctors if she had diabetes in the history of the family! She drew no connections with this information. I wonder will her testosterone levels drop, will she get her period again, will her pancreas function become more efficient? Well as we work thru the next year we may find the truth's revelation into this situation because this tapeworm will have to leave, we do know how to do this job. We'll keep you posted. We will be starting with Barley Green 4 tbsp. per day, sections will start falling off and we will get to the scolex eventually. Digestive enzymes are best for tapeworm removal, it just eats their body up!!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

3rd colonic for Y

Colonic 3. Wow, very very little release. Another receive colonic. When clients have very few bowel movements, 1 a week, or so, they will be releasing like crazy by day 2 and the herbal cleansers kicking in. This is day 3, but remember she has had 6 previous colonics. Also she is taking 8 cleansers in the morning and 8 at nite, we top off at 10 2x a day! Still her transverse colon is becoming full and swelling up, so the release is evidently really getting close. I would have to say this reminds me of the "balled up worm" activity from past observations. They die and ball up and it's like delivering a small baby!!!!!!If I was placing a bet on this delivery, it's not poop as much as it is parasites!!!!!The truth will reveal it's self, that is a sure bet!!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

2nd colonic for Y

Colonic 2. Y's system is moving slow, not unusual, much needed for thyroid support, which will support the entire metabolic rate for the systems and organs. Y has not had consistent periods all her life, and has not had a period at all since January 2013, so 3 months. The body is building it's momentum slowly, but is coming. Today was a receive colonic, the body was demanding hydration so that is what it got. During a 15 series it is very common for the body to have 3 or so receive colonics. Remember, the body is working hard internally, breaking up hard feces, dealing with colonies of worms and various other type of parasites, solvents and emotional tramas. It is lining up for all these departures in intervals and it will snowball very soon. She is taking 8 cleansers in morning and 8 cleansers at nite,and still not really pooping on toilet or in colonic like most series go. But this is not uncommon either, having worked on thousands of clients over the years. This story is about to unfold!!!!!!! stay tuned in to this body!!!!! Emotions are good!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

1st colonic for Y

Colonic 1.Wonderful 1st colonic in this series of 15. Of course, because Y has been doing previous work internally, we are reaping those benefits already. No worms today, but a 15 inch all in one "vegetarian poop" came thru along with very many fragmented pieces. Very comfortable and a hodge podge of things. When I have witnessed this kind of matter, it's beyond a regular piece of poop or even an older darker and hard poop. It's already into a form like I refer to as things you would see on the bottom of the sea, very different, and this is seen with clients that have been diagnosed by their doctors with cancers, crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome. Of course this women has not had regular bowel movements all her life. We have a saying about very yeastie and mucousy bowels, that is,"everybody with cancer has large amounts of this matter always", but "not everybody with this has cancer yet"! Time of storing this and the body having to deal with it without releasing it thru colonics is soooooooo dangerous, there is no way to change the drastic situation. Obviously the situation can be shifted with incorporating some better living habits, but do not confuse that shift with a totally healing, it's just a managing shift. When you see the amounts of crap come thru that tube every 24 hrs., you realize that great energy received is an absolute effect from removing the cause!!!!! how blessed we are, and this girl has certainly been looking and working toward getting the results for real!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New 15 series a must to follow, female 30s, Y.

Pre colonic series of 15. Y has already had 6 previous colonics, 3 with another colon hydrotherapist, and 3 with myself, a colon hygienist. Machines are used by medically trained CH, they are a copy of the original, gravity flow method that has been around since the beginning of time. No need to reinvent "the wheel". I am finding out through client information that they do not release, the pressure is too harsh and this throws the body into a protective mode. The Gravity Flow Method is NOT fast and furious and the bowel will release. The colonic expertise is another important part of the full equation. Has the CH cleaned their own bowel, and if so how often and what protocal? Healthcare professionals may limit their clients results, according to their own journey of experience. The protocal, baseline of nutrition and the domino affect of downloading thru colonics is a very important piece of the puzzle also. Well the 2nd and 3rd colonic of the 3 that Y did in my office were very interesting, as soon as the water was introduced and the 2nd part of the colonic where the bowel will begin to really release was ready, the 1st thing out was a small ball of stringy worms, this was 2nd colonic. The 3rd colonic same place same time during colonic, two huge stringy thick balls of worms came thru, in length of approximately 15 to 20 inches long. Worms will always die and set right inside the anus and be the 1st thing out, I have seen this very often but usually well into 50 or so colonics in a row! So I was not expecting this surprise. Y has been taking Hulda Clark's information concerning parasites and following, wow it has been working, this is why she was sooooo sure she was going to do a 15 series. Her higher self knew she had dieoff from dead parasites that needed to be released fully out of the body!!! Otherwise the body would have the responsibility of working so hard on digesting them and their poop! This is why she was soooooo exhausted and hopeless! I've witnessed people in the past 30 years in this same situation, be exhausted and stay in bed for days before those worms finally got down to the lower bowel and thru the colonic hose, also their emotion was always HOPELESSNESS!!!!!Then they would pop up with a lot of fun energy and loving life again. Remember this, there will be more, and Y will feel far better each time they leave her body. Never to return, and the quality of life for Y will dramatically change over time. This process is a grand example of healing inside the realm of the "Natural Internal Hygiene Sector!"

8th colonic for M

Colonic 8. M is releasing in a fashion known as sludging. This is where the herbal cleansers and hydration on a consistent basis has gotten into the entire bowel system and the feces are broken down very nicely just like what digestive enzymes would do. But we have broken down large volumes of feces faster. Now the body will be able to illiminate larger volumes of feces easier and more comfortably. Body is working easier and M is happier. Less labor. When the body adjusts to this simplicity of function, you have learned important information that you will never forget. This new consiousness and programing is a better way and will be the preference and practiced innately. Leaving one practice for a more excellent way. Leaving the volkswagon for a Ferrari! M will never go back because she knows now how to take care of herself.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

7th colonic for M

Colonic 7. Very good release. Shifting from death cycle to life cycle. Old feces and volume has increased as expected. Fatty tissue is not as "cheezy" skin on legs is smooooooothing out. The solvents are leaving fatty tissue! Remember this girl as a child hung out in a foundry ( heavy metals) that her grandparents owned and also a horse farm, which she loved hanging out in. Lots of parasites!!! She is feeling great, with a need to rest and repair, regeneration is taking place inside her body!!!!! LOVE THYSELF!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

6th colonic for M

Colonic 6. Great release for M. She is doing 6 a.m. colonics instead of 430 p.m..The release factor changed because it is the morning verses the late afternoon and the fatigue that goes with that affects the release tremendously. So with that tweeking, the shift internally will change for sure.

Friday, April 12, 2013

5th colonic for M

Colonic 5. This colonic was moderate with large pieces of mucous, which are the yeastie nesting type, protective stuff that the body produces to help seperate the harmful solvents and parasites from harming the body. Plenty of that, it is light brown in color. Taking a 2 day break and coming back in with a Gallbladder and Liver Flush early in week. She will be increasing the herbal cleansers to 10 plus per day early in week. This next week there will be a big shift and she will see and feel it!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

4th colonic for M

Colonic 4. M is doing well, this colonic is very moderate still, she has had mentrual complications that I am not sure about. Having dealt with thousands of females, the understnding is not here yet. New information is that she was raised around horses barns and foundry manufacturing for the first decade plus of her life. The fatty tissue resembles that of heavy metal storage in the fatty tissue, have witnessed this before even with myself, and have downloaded it with wonderful results. Truth always reveals itself, and time as we continue will bring this revelation into play!! Patience! Sunasis does come into play instantly when ready. This female is in her forties. I suppose I will give more background information and not forfiet privacy issues. Taking herbal cleansers up now and also adding Natural Vegetable Glycerine to the dynamic, as it may help to chelate the heavy metals thru a one cell wall, downloading it into the bowel and out the body, it will be flourescent and smell like skunk! Amen!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3rd colonic for M

Colonic 3. M was busy on toilet today. The colonic was what we call a "receive colonic" we see several in a 15 series. This means that the internal work and repair needs some hydration at that level and the body is the boss. As we increase the herbal cleansers that will help shift through these places. Because the anus is being utilized alot, and out of it's comfort zone, there is a little soreness, so we will slow the increase down of the herbal cleasers until we work thru this space. This is common, and the anus will become callous to this type of activity and will belly up to the usage. Great colonic!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2nd colonic for M

Colonic 2. M had a fantastic colonic today, the bowel is now sludging the fecal matter. We have hydrated and broken up some of the feces so they can evacuate more easily and comfortably!!!!! Very steady release full of stringy things. Taking herbal cleansers up each day. What a help in the process. The skin and eyes in face energy was very apparent already!!! Yeah for M!

Monday, April 8, 2013

1st colonic in 15 series for M

Colonic 1. M had a very moderate colonic. Has decided to take the herbal cleansers so the download of feces picks up. BMs on toilet at least 3 times. We'll see in colonic 2 how much the release will pick up. The eating habits this clients practices is a very good one and the supplements taken are all the baseline I would normally ask my clients to consider. Very educated on good hygienic and food practices already. Extremely trusting and intuitive with a very spiritual grounding. Looking forward to working with this person on a small piece of the journey!

15th colonic for A

Colonic 15. Very good release is going to another level after 15 colonics and 2 G&L flushes. Older non-poop looking feces are releasing which are involved with the yeast community. It is very important to understand that yeast soley exists in order to protect the body from solvents that are so hot they actually burn when releasing from the rectum during the colonics, especially after so many colonics, and the odor and pain come thru at the same timne, which teaches the person what is really going on with the cause and affect connection of the solvents. A said that the day after flush, even though the release for hours was very good, the body hit a wall with the blockage of stuff, for over 12 hours until a very hard plug released and then the flood came thru! A says that it feels just like straight acid is coming out and burning the anus. This would have to be the release of the odorless oil based paints that she has used for 20+ years. The nodules on the joints on either side sacrial center are becoming very small and disappearing. This is evidence as we observe and witness these changes on and in the body. A has decided to continue taking the large doses of herbal cleanser as the bowel continues to download large volumes of old feces and progress with the process of coming into new life, leaving the old behind!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

15th colonic for A

Colonic 15. This was a great series. A did a fabulous job of letting go and going into the direction of awareness and evolution in all body! 1st the release was greenish white with alot of mucous or yeastie matter. this means that the colonics are getting into the deeper matter, that is produced by the body as protective mechanism, the buffer for the body, between the parasites, solvents, and body. The buffer is for protection and the body does produce yeast for this purpose. That is why thinking that you can get rid of yeast is not even a valid thought. The body will not stop producing it until the parasites and solvents are cleaned up environmentally, through bowel cleansing. We should be thankful for the higher intelligence of the body in its ability to self protect. Clean up the garbage and the yeast will go! A also began to understand that when the odor of chemical existed during a bowel release, that her anus felt heat and a burning sensation. The chemical would have to be tied into the odorless oil paints that was used for at least 20 years on a regular basis. Now releasing systematically! The information is always given to the individual, connections are made and cause and affect memories are made. I have personally experienced this and this connection is witnessed by all that does this work and protocal. The points on her body that would manifest the toxins are releasing in size and these points are becoming normal again. It is interesting to watch each individual find and read the signs on the topical body parts that vasillate with the internal shifts that occur with the systematic cleansing of the organs, systems, and bowel. This is real science, evidence through experience in the moment of awareness and cousiousness!!! Thank you for the truth and the opportunity for authentic realization!!!!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

14th colonic for A

Colonic 14. A decided to do another Gallbladder and Liver flush, as she is coming to the end of this 15 series. The release the following morning was very good. Not alot of stones, but light brown and yellowish green. The flush seemed to be stuck in the hepatic flexure area of bowel. Once the colonic got moving it released very nicely. A said that this flush was more comfortable. Her eyebrow area which seems to be where she says the tensions stores, when the detox builds and then releases, released very quickly. When you work this closely with your digestive tract and the whole body, you will learn very quickly the places in your body that may be read as a barometer for the ebb and flow of detoxing. Everybody seems to locate them and will share this information with me. This is great science! Very thankful to be blessed with this learning and wealth of information from our Creator!!!!! Best teacher!! The Creation is!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

13th colonic for A

Colonic 13. This was a very mucousy colonic. No old black feces. Stringy mucous as well. I always veiw this over 25 years as the very old and very interesting house guests in the bowel. Rolling into best energy now since G&L flush has come thru completely. A is considering doing another flush, on weekend to end her series!! Baby had the best poop ever and is happy,happy, happy, as he experienced a shift like mom, only with less build up. Baby detox. Very nice!!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

12th colonic for A

Colonic 12. Very Good colonic, pace of release picked up because she decised to up the herbal cleansers to 6/morning 6/nite. 4 to 5 BMs on toilet, with a full release on table. A is feeling the lightness and peacefulness better since the liver flush is cleared through.

Monday, April 1, 2013

11th colonic for A

Colonic 11, This is the last week of cleansing 3 weeks, 5 days straight. Excellent series. Her 2 Colonic 11. 2yr. old nursed child is displaying detox syptoms, is rolling thru them. Cool. This colonic was very black and stringy. A is displaying eye and brow ache, some adrenial symptoms. The body has been laboring much, so all this is very normal. Rest is very important right now and some very grounding, clean food. Thyroid support is key for grounding entire metabolic rate for all system and organs. 1/

10th colonic for A

Colonic 10. This colonic was EXCELLENT, during the 15 series of colonics we love to add into the mix, the gallbladder and liver flush. While we have worked with the body to pick up the pace of downloading large volumes of feces out systematically, all the organs and systems jump into the "law of attraction" energy, this is some of the best energy work that the whole being could experience! The G&L flush allows a very nice release from organ to bowel and to then exit out of the entire body with the colonic, what a relief of stored toxins, of parasites, solvents, heavy metals, yeast, etc.,and just plain corruption associated with emotional tramas connected to the entire life. Have you ever experience such a natural high! I have it is the best clearing a being could receive, pure consiousness! The blue black feces mixed with light brown and yellow feces, released in abundance!! The second colonic after the flush is usually the dynamic that brings the shift all the way through. The die-off from the G&L flush does not get to stay in bowel, because we colonic it out within two days so we achieve the absolute best results. Moving slow when cleansing is much more challenging and uncomfortable than moving quickly thru the process, ask anyone that has done it this way. I call it "riding the crest of the wave". Very advanced!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

2 autistic boys, colonic 10

Colonic 10.  The mathematical equation for doing this protocal to it's maximum potential is 15 colonic x age = # of necessary colonics.  The reason we do not receive our full healing with any modality is lack of following protocal.  We may have the correct tool but do not use it correctly.  Also I could cut my grass with sissors and yes I am cutting my grass, that may be true, but really could do a better faster job with the better tool, called the lawn mower.  Also we did not even get to the heavy metals yet, I've worked for many years and have written about the outcomes of solvent and metal poisoning on adults.  I have done this work personally.  I do understand the process and we have had 100% success in restoring good health after living with adult autism, I wrote my books in 2000, 2001 on an autism high, until I removed all of it out my body.  We also did download ammonia from the brain during this time with the boys, that is why their behavior did change.  Dr. Hulda Clarks's book "Cure For All Disease" explains that connection between the waste of parasites to ammonia, and the way it will rechannel the ammonia  through the kidneys and out of the brain.  We used Ornathine in the 1990s very often in these cases with adults and parasites, again I personally experienced this truth.    So that is the next stage we will be going into.  The parents have asked me to pray and think about the strategy as they will be doing that also.  We will speak in 2 weeks.  Right now they have a level of authentic peace in their lives and home, they need to rest and restore.     STAY TUNED IN!!!!!

2 autistic boys, colonic 9

Colonic 9,  K had another excellent release in his colonic, very calm!!!  M had the same experience also, and is very happy also!  Mother has decided to increase the herbal cleanser so they go BM at home more comfortably.  It is easy to see that they are releasing well but the feces are heavy and too hard, needing to be broken up more.

2 autistic boys, colonic 8

Colonic 8.  K is having a full child's colonic, and releasing large volumes of feces.  M is doing the very same as usual!  They do let you know when they are in a "labor cycle"  as we all know that right before the release of feces there has to be a labor that lets us know to get to the toilet!  This is the parasalstic action, which is a muscel, and the motion of the bowel to defecate.  If you don't feel this, you are not alive, or never poop!  This is the Godly design!!!!!  The boys will be  very vocal during these times of labor, and that is simply an indication to us that they are ready to release, and that is what happens every time!!!!

2 autistic boys, colonic 7

Colonic 7.  The mother decided to give the boys herbal cleansers in conjunction with the very good baseline of supportive nutrition.  When these herbal cleansers are taken daily they will help break up the harder older feces and the boys have been able to release more in a more comfortable manner.  Also the parasites continue to download. K is now having a regular colonic and passing alot of gas, so we know the feces will be next.  M is having his regular child's colonic and releasing just beautifully, and very happy about it.  Both boys are very calm and reading magazines while waiting on their turn.  Both parents and older brother have said many times, that they have NEVER seen their brothers this calm and relaxed and happy!!!!!     Evidence. 

2 autistic boys, colonic 6

Colonic 6.  K received the water very well today with no retaliation.  He is also starting to pass gas bubbles, so we know he will be releasing soon.  M Had a regular child's colonic from start to finish today, he had a very good release, as well as BMs at home.  So the pace  of the downloading is picking up.  He is still releasing worms at home and during colonic.  At Helen Wood Institute we are trained to do children's colonic, I have done many.  I am purposely NOT sharing the procedure details publicly.

2 autistic boys, colonic 5

Colonic 5.  K is still becoming more relaxed and trusting.  Still on side and receiving the hydration of colonic with no release on table, but does BM at home as usual!  M is loving his colonic now, after the receiving of the water, which is the first part of the procedure, now we can put him on his back where he is releasing a large amount of feces, he loves it.  His voice is sweet and loving, he is giggling alot, just like a young boy should be! H feels relief now! I have learned that energy is very contagious, when it comes to clients working in the same space throughout the day, I have written about this in my books.  So what will happen is the younger brother will pick up on the older brothers trusting and freeing energy and begin to release also, it will eventually happen!

2 autistic boys, colonic 4

Colonic 4.  K he is becoming more relaxed each day.  He is still just receiving the water and hydration benefits from colonic, 1 tank on side.  M is loving his colonics now, he is still and he is now releasing gas.  His body will start releasing during colonic soon.  His mother says, that he has understood and relizes that the enemas and now the colonics are helping him, his higher self is communicating to his body to receive this practice.

2 autistic boys, colonic 3

Colonic 3. K is better today, more relaxed, still just water releasing and still keeping him on his side, until he adjusts more, and we will swing him into a child's colonic at some time, we will know when he is ready.  Mother and father are extremely loving and intuitive.  The parent's believing and lack of fear is so grounding and beneficial.  Now remember they have seen their children well, then autistic, and they will be the greatest experts to understand and know as their children begin to return to normalcy!

2 autistic boys, colonic 2

Colonic 2.  K is still extremely fussy and fighting the colonic, only water and still keeping him on his side.  M is starting to relax more and beginning to release.  Still have him only on side.  Their mother says that they go to the bathroom 1 to 2 times a day, she has shown me pictures on her phone of many parasites that they are releasing during enemas.  So for now we are really just hydrating the bowel, and that will help hydrate the feces in order for them to beginning downloading faster and in bigger volume. They are getting accustom to the procedure, the colonic and myself as well as the surroundings and this is a vital part of the process.

2 autistic boys, colonic 1

Colonic 1, K released only water no feces.  He is not relaxing and is fighting the colonic.  M is releasing some balls of worms.  He is relaxing some, but will get more comfortable with time.
   The mother of these boys have been giving them enemas for quite some time.  The boys were born in New York City, having been given all childhood innoculations. They were diagnosed by the medical community with Autism, at 18 months by MRI. The parents are from a foriegn country originally, so they have never practiced healthcare with any chemical drugs.  Very natural always.  The only chemicals they have had were the innoculation the children received at birth on.  They are extremely symptomatic with the autism behavior patterns. Noises, nervous behavior, high pitched voices, several different voices, cannot sit still, very short attention span.  Father and mother secure them very lovingly for colonics.

2 autistic boys do a 10 series in 10 days!

We're going to interject here to share the observations and what has been witnessed by the parents, myself and a older brother.  Remember when doing the Natural Internal Hygienic Practices of old that are written about throughout history, these practices were what was and still are considered the health and hygiene side of healthcare, they are necessary for the organic human body, without these we are left to just the medical healthcare side. This is basically the male energy method of "it's broken let's fix it"  as opposed to the feminine energy method of "true preventive" that the tribal women and mamas always did which is the Natural Internal Hygiene! When the feminine preventive is done first, alot less brokeness and fixing needs to be done, simply because the body will not breakdown with this real authentic preventive nurturing work. History proves this.  By the way health is always a very integrated effort. Very thankful for elective and emergency care efforts, many people benefit from those wonderful skills.  But do not forget this important observation,  the bodies that already do work correctly,  never forsake our responsibility of " Stewardship of  the Temple" that is each human being's right and responsibilty! Each individual is responsible for their own body and making sure it gets what it truly needs!

9th colonic for A........Gallbladder and Liver flush

At this point in the colonic series we like to add the gallbladder and liver flush in.  The bowel is pretty much clear at the rectum area and we have emptied most superficial feces and now moving into the older hardened feces.  The organs are now picking up on the "law of attraction" energy and are really in a release and cleansing mode just like the bowel now.  The gravity effect is in motion, so every organ is really releasing downward into bowel.  Cleansing is working at a very deep cellular level also now, all the body is working together.  Mind, Body, Soul, Spiritual, Emotional, also the Light body is loving this help to clear and change.  The energy of this individual is very different at this point.  The release was excellent there were green stones, and chaffie matter.  The first G&L flush is basically a little push, I've personally over 25 years have done hundreds and just like cleaning the bowel, as you continue to systematically clean these organs, the cleaning goes deeper each time and the surprises of what is released will be witnessed and observed once again.  Anxious to see A's energy tomorrow after her 2nd colonic after the flush, it usually takes 2 colonics to clear the energy completely, it's a draggie like a hangover drag for a day and then the next colonic clears it and you feel fabulous.  The liver and gallbladder do so much work for the body, filtering constantly, they really appreciate a good cleansing and break once in a while!

8th colonic for A

A finally got her period several days late.  Her body was doing alot of different kind of internal work for the last 8 days.  Remember the body works off of priority.  During the colonic her cecum was back to emptying once again during colonic.  There was a steady consistent flow of feces that were very dark and stringy, also alot of big pieces of mucous, which always seems to come thru when the older feces are downloading and also this kind of yeast, mucous, matter is what the parasites live in, it is the body's way of protecting itself from solvents and critters, the body will produce a yeastie substances as a buffer or protective mechanism.  Also she said after that colonic her menstrual cramps were gone and she was very relaxed, that surprised her because, at the onset of her period she always has to take midol to curb the pain.  Very interezting observation!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7th colonic for A

Very good colonic , balance is coming in, water was received more for hydration internally.  Feces were actually "blue black", very broken up and sludgie, A said it was a very deep cleansing and relaxing.  A says it is no longer so laborious, be relaxing!  AMEN!

6th colonic for A

This colonic should be a shift for the body, much deeper into the bowel and cellular systems and organs. The feces during last colonic were starting to be stringy and darker along with the freshly digested food, the differences in old and new feces is becoming more apparent.  The bowel is beginning to do the sludging that we describe as the old feces that used to be hard and solid are now being broken up internal and hydrated by colonics and at this stage of the priming will now download from deep parts of organs and bowel very easily and comfortably and larger volumes.  All this is very good and a more advanced way of cleansing and downloading, very effective.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6th colonic for A

Taking 4 herbal cleansers in morning and 4 at night, has allowed the bowel to be cleaned at a deeper level and the colonic was very good, consistent and the fecal matter is darker, which is older and the odor will be stronger as we go forward.  Easier, gentler peaceful, these are the adjectives that really describe a better experience, we have now removed the drama trama!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

5th colonic for A

A 5th colonic was a fuller release with more herbal cleansers, she also went on the toilet more often in the morning before colonic.  So the pace of the download of the feces has picked up, the priming is very effective and we took her herbal cleansers up to 4/morning and 4/night.  Even though her cecum has not emptied on the table for 2 colonics, it most likely will start releasing again in this same manner as colonic 1, 2, and 3.  The body just shifts every several colonics because there is alot of internal work and adjustments going on.  We'll wait and see about the cecum. Scientific research cannot be obtained if the efforts are not made, therefore you will not find it in the medical community, BUT you will find the scientific research or evidence in the Colon Hygiene community all throughout history!  Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Helen Wood Institute, The Biogenic Society, plenty of personal testimonies, and in my books as well as website, historical biblical research from the Dead Sea Scrolls, also in THE HOLY MOVEMENT: MATTERS OF THE COLON, contains information from the early 1900s.PRAY!

4th colonic for A

What starts to happen at this point, once the rectum is staying clear of feces and alot of the superfical feces have been evacuated, the older feces deeper in will need to receive more of the herbal cleansers in order to break up the older hardend feces in order for them to travel out.  The old feces are walled off and dry, so between the hydration from each colonic and the herbal cleansers that will break up feces instead of fiber up and bulk them up even more, now the older feces will begin traveling down to exit.  This communication is simply beautiful between the individuals commitment to do the protocal and the trust that is being established with the higher self, now the body can safely let the feces go because the colonic will totally remove it outside of the body, so the body doesn't have the obligation to protect itself any longer by storing it.  Remember the body works off of protective mechanisms constantly for survival purposes, so doing the clensing in a 2 step fashion is a promise to the body that it will not have to store feces any longer because of obvious work being done.  When the body is put under the stress of detoxing so much internally, cellular level, organ level, it is NOT enough to stop at that point, it really is harmful, it is VERY necessary to collectively pull that internal detox outside the body through the anus, with a colonic also systematically.  So now we will increase As herbal cleansers so she will do 3 or 4 bowel movements on the toilet each day and also have a very full release on the colonic table, so we can shift her through nicely comfortably and safely.  This works very nicely.  This 4th colonic was slower and her 5th colonic will be a very full release once again. Remember if all these feces were not inside her bowel they wouldn't come out when we adjust the protocal.  If a colon hygienist does not know how to get to the old feces or prime the bowel, then people will think that they have a very clean bowel, but that is not true or they would feel great without health issues, and that is not what I hear from people.  It's pretty obvious that we are very ill in this country, when our children are being born ill, because mom and dad are already not well!  Pray!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3rd colonic for A

Colonic 3, was a little different less feces because 1, her rectum is not so full anymore, which the rectum should not be holding feces until they move down for bm to take place, several times a daay, but the average american has stored and impacted feces in that rectum continually so they are just waiting to be released. 2nd A went to the batheroom 3 + times throughout the day because of the herbal cleansers, so everything is leveling out now, that is good, her cecum emptied once again, that is every colonic it has emptied!

Friday, March 22, 2013

1st colonic for A

During the 1st colonic there was a very strong chemical smell during colonic.  I've had the priviledge many years of experiencing many different varieties of odors from chemicals.  She did not smell it until she visited the bathroom after the colonic.  She leaves and returns for her 2nd colonic and told me that she knew what the smell was from.  When she relaxed that night she received the insight.  She has always used smell free oil paints since she was a teenager she is an artist, and she thought because it was odorless that she was safe!!!!! Smell is important information isn't it!

2nd colonic for A

Colonic #2 was like the first colonic.  This is a 32 year old female, asian, raised here in America with their homeland foods mostly.  So at this age she is feeling the drag of the build up of solvents, some process foods and the lack of internal exfoliation.  She released again so abundantly, cecum emptied also, which is rare.  The release was constant and full for 3 tanks.  This would not be common for an average american bowel.  The base line nutritional support will be discussed at this point.  The first support is Cape Aloes, which will be the organic food that will stimulate lower GI.  Upper GI stimulates lower GI.   So if food is cooked then the supplements will be the real food that will support the role for stimulating the lower GI to release in a timely balanced manner.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what happens each day of a 15 series of colonics?

Day 1, usually the individual has received 1 colonic previous during consultation.  It really depends on the individuals state of mind, being open to the process in all bodies, but especially the mental and emotional bodies. It will vary from no release to moderate release to absolute abundant release, all is good , no judgement, just observation.  During this session the individual will begin to take a very good herbal bowel cleanser, in order to break up fecal matter in various parts of the lower bowel.  This will prepare the bowel for a good release the following 24 hours later.  Break up, stir up, release, that is the cycle.