Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Unit In, It's a Go!

3/30/14 The timing is really Super Natural, this is such an opportunity to learn to let go of control, take care of your stuff, allow me to take care of my stuff, and God's timing is absolute! The human body and the Stewardship of it is completely in Divine Order, we do the best efficient work, and then we trust in the process that has been already designed by our maker! The thing we do most in our lives is wait upon the Lord and his timing, of course, this is not always easy, but honestly caring for my body for 30 years according to the true Stewardship principles has taught me more than anything else, how to wait on the promise of "restoration" to my body after doing the cleaning of my Temple systematically! Well this woman's body is wide open right now and downloading those deadly old black feces releasing in large volumes at this wonderful juncture, because she will be taking full responsibility for her Temple now. Timing is Godly. She will be documenting and adding to the Scientific Research in this field of Colon Hygiene! REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE!!!! AMEN!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Training session for D, Death Cycle!

3/20/14 The body has really gone into a deep death cycle, this is a common occurrence throughout the whole process of cleaning the entire bowel systematically. When you go to another deeper layer, then once it passes out the colonic tube to the sewer where it belongs, then the health level that you plateau into is a stable peaceful place. This cannot ever be reached in the consciousness without the low vibration of the death feces released from the body. Yes, there are more to come until the job is completed over some time but each death cycle released brings us once step closer to pure peacefulness and absence of the presence of the death that is living in our bodies. Since we eat each day, the only way we get thru and ahead of the old feces is by daily colonics, and then the door opens wide and it just pours out, screaming with thankfulness!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Training D for home unit

3/20/14 Remember there is a lot of multitasking going on during this learning process. What is coming up in discussion is this. She is learning the importance of the water intake during the beginning of the procedure. If the protocol is not done correctly, then the person will never receive the cleansing that is really complete and profitable throughout the entire several years that it does take to accomplish this entire task. The water that is allowed into the bowel at the beginning sets the entire release for the colonic. Also the student is still dealing with sabotage issues that are from our wonderful humanness! It is very important that the intention of deservingness and self-love is present always. That is what a teacher is present for. The advocate for the human being. My job is to fight for the human being's wellness, because at times they will not be able to because of the poisons and parasites and low vibrational activity right inside their entire body, head to toe. Until the balance is in and they understand how to maintain it with the logic and tools available, they cannot be trusted yet! Now remember they are asking for this education, so the free will is NEVER VIOLATED, that is why it takes time for the individuals to come into clarity thru healing stages in order to make further decisions along the way! I remember those steps clearly in my own journey. Also. When people are not trained correctly, or are very good at hiding their mental shit, then they will be tempted to change certain things in the protocol that will absolutely hinder the entire healing process. Unfortunately, I've witnessed this inside of every industry. There is always somebody that wants to take an exceptional opportunity and make it non-effective! Well, I think we've all seen that especially living here in our wonderful home "AMERICA"! It's really the symptom of having a filthy, poisoned body! Ah.......but we look sssooooooooo good, don't we?????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ready to install home unit for D

3/19/14 During her 2 training session, the timing is perfect with her body. She is emotionally and mentally ready to do this responsibility of "Natural Internal Hygiene" for herself which is in alignment with the truth!!! We rejoice for this for her life! What indicates this is her body has stepped up a big step or notch into a deeper release from the body cavity, many layers to move thru. The bowel is finally releasing consistently older darker volumes of feces instead of just stringy wormie balls. Now during each colonic and 4 to 5 times on the toilet at home. She said she can tell by her body movements as she releases that it is coming from deeper places now. Remember this women is a modality body worker as well as highly intuitive and does do her very deep layers of work with her emotional and mental bodies which with all this together the colonics are just throwing this connected waste right out of her body!!! Integrative work is key! Without "DEEP" COLONIC AND ORGAN CLEANSING THE OTHER MODALITIES DO NOT GET THE SAME RESULTS RENDERED AS WHEN THE BODY IS IN SINK AND BEING ALLOWED TO OPEN THE ANUS DOOR AND LET IT ALL OUT!!! Just like cleaning your house all the way or half/assed! No pun intended! the orchestra is playing now!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Update on 2 Autistic Boys

3/12/14 Spoke with mother, she feels that it is still very necessary for the boys to have daily colonics still. The older autistic boy that was overweight is finally becoming skinny, which means he had a lot of solvents stored in his fatty tissue, as opposed to the younger boy that was very thin to begin with. So I would believe that the colonics are now really going beyond the most important survival needs of past into releasing the chemicals out of the fatty tissue, which now will bring him into another whole level of health. These are the things we learn as the new road in this subject is being paved. Also he has always had dark circles around his eyes, which in this culture of Middle Eastern people is common, but his eyes are becoming very light. Also his walk is straight and balanced like normal instead of that autistic walk. All these little adjustments are being made with even more colonics. So did this occur for the younger boy also. At this point the boys have received approximately 253 colonic March 21, 2013. The boys are very obviously healthy, fed perfectly. I can see light beams coming from their bodies, I would love to hear what a person that reads auras would say! We are setting bar high for this opportunity for the Autistic community to come into some solid grounding healing. Always thankful to God for his ever loving guidance in the teaching of how to really love thyself! Remembering always that LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SIN!

3rd series, colonic 3 & 4 for D

3/11/14 D says she is really going on the toilet a lot more (black and old), colonic is still slowly picking up as far as volume of feces goes. What is passing that has been consistent daily since 1st colonic is the small stringy white and brown balls of what I would consider at this time, to be balls of parasites that are decaying, I've seen them before all thru my career, but not this consistent. Because she does take very good care of herself as far as honestly dealing with her entire body issues for years, and has had colonics occasionally throughout 10 years, I would say that this is what dead old worms look like when finally passing out thru colonic!

Monday, March 10, 2014

3rd series, colonics 1 & 2 for D

310/14 Older feces consistently now, also the feces are releasing in the sludging fashion that everybody will get to sooner or later. It just took some time with D. Linear line is key here. Excellent release today and we will be installing a home unit this week. She is fully committed to brushing her internal body daily, how profound historically speaking! God riches greatly abounding toward usward as we believe!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2nd Series, 15th Colonic for D

3/6/14 D had a very Good colonic today. She advised me that she is having huge releases on the toilet approximately, 3 to 5x per day, so the pace is stepping up. Remember her bowel was very spastic, so pushing into the protocol was slow and challenging needing to be done slowly and in stages. She still can only take 75% of the herbal cleansers after 2 series, that is good for her, she is walking thru very nicely. The colonics do not release large volumes of feces instead pieces of very old, furry, and gloomy things that are just as deadly. The skin around her eyes are becoming very light and white instead of very dark upper lids and below eyes. This change is fascinating to watch over time. I see this change often in people, it really does reflect the kidney function and in these days with so much solvents and poisons, the liver and kidneys are working way to hard, and so connected to the old poisoned feces. So we do know for a certainty that colonicing daily really does reduce the stress on those organs quickly, which to me is an absolute Miracle in Progress and one we can easily do for ourselves thru practicing Natural Internal Hygiene in our personal lives!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2nd series, 14th Colonic for D

2/5/14 Very good release. Easy release with very black feces and mucous, she still is releasing very much on Toilet.