Thursday, October 10, 2013

Growth Associated Protein 43 needed with 12 yr. old autistic boy!

The oldest autistic boy M is 12 yrs. old now. The visit to the Bio-energy machine was enlightening. M tested on this machine for the Growth Associated Protein 43. This has to do with the part of the brain dealing with the growth memory cones. The younger boy, K did not need this, because his bowel was very constipated the heavy metals were clinging to the feces and did not travel to the brain at the same level as M. M's colonics were very moderate and consistent, he never was in a strong labor mode during any colonic, which means his bowel was not so constipated, therefore was not acting as a good buffer for the heavy metals to cling to like K's bowel was. So the metals traveled straight to the brain instead! This is the individual and unique difference between human beings. The symptoms that were in the information about this brain malfunction, were exactly what M is exhibiting. Very repetitive movements, non-verbal, stress and trauma expressed in a very happy and simple fashion! Which this is consistent with the truth when working with adults. Raw fats and lean meats are very necessary to be eaten while cleansing systematically, so the solvents, heavy metals, etc. can cling to the old feces that are getting expelled daily. The body will stop holding on to the tucked away solvents which is self protecting function, but will allow the release of them because there is a buffer for safety, being the old feces. This is why you cannot fast and eat raw when doing deep cleansing. Good clean food is a must in the big picture of deep cleansing. This information was not given to us by the operator of the bio energy machine until the following day of visit that is why it was not included with the last post concerning these two sweeties. By the way, mother says she is having fun with her boys like never before, playing games with them and they get what to do as she teaches them, that is great progress and we rejoice with this family!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 autistic boys go to 2nd visit with Bio-energy machine!

Ok, this visit was 10/7/13. The older boy, M is the one that was tested. Wanting to make sure all bases are covered. Since the beginning we've seen many positive changes in many dimensions. At this time we are coming to the last 35 colonics for these boys. The equation is 15 colonics x age = # of colonics necessary. They started in March 2013, turned from 10 yrs. and 11 yrs. old to 11 yrs. and 12 yrs. old. Approximately 150 colonics necessary. By 9/20 they had approximately 112 colonics, so we asked the Bio-energy machine how many each boy needed to finalized the full cleansing of the bowel? For the oldest son, M, it tested for 25 more colonics, every other day, completion being 11/26, continuing from 10/8. For the younger son, K, it tested for 35 more colonics daily, completion being 11/26, continuing from 10/7. It is nice to have our protocol checked with this back-up. M also needed 7 to 10 flower essence for the mental body support for the restorative process. He had a cold virus, common for this time of year and returning to school, some allergy issues, but all were easily resolved with balancing the mental and emotional bodies, and colonics!!! It is amazing the simplicity of restoring full balance when the full load of the garbage is removed first!!!Very thankful for this information and opportunity to apply it with many great results and blessings!