Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Political Persuasion vs. Godliness

Belief systems are a vital part of culture because each individual has one! Of course, the only way we can live peacefully is by respectfully allowing one another that God given space. Then of course this space is supported by our legal system. Right now in this day and time on this linear line, our FREEDOM is in huge question! We are not giving up our right to worship, as we are forced to respect others right to worship their beliefs! This is the country that was founded for that reason. All the communist countries are going capitalism now, expressing their defeat and longing for our lifestyles of abundance. What the H.......ll are we doing wanting to go into bondage of the communism dictatorship for? What the h....ll has happened? My rebuttal is this keep your nose out of my right to privacy, and you might want to clean the shit out of your filfy body so you can see clearly! God Bless our FREEDOM in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liberalism vs. Godliness; there is no competition!

Whenever and whoever attempted to use the lie or illusion to deceive human beings with the law of "separation of church and state" certainly has and will always fail, simply because it is a lie. Look at history, the religious leaders were always used by the politicians to manipulate the masses, have we NOT seen it over and over again? Then why would we ever believe it again? Obviously we have witnessed and observed what devastating affects this practice has had on life throughout history! This is the time on the planet that all secrets are made public!
Simply and honestly any movement that attempts to make a human being think that they need to have another human being think for them and care for them, as opposed to living with the Spirit of God working in you to be accountable and responsible, is in direct opposition to a violation of our free will right to make our own choices.
This is really a spiritual infraction and has infultrated into our political system that is so far from it's original intention and plan! If we think for ourselves, the intellectual system will NOT be able to survive! But they continue to push every avenue and aspect in this culture to be watered down, driving us constantly into trying to tell us that we cannot make decisions and choices for ourselves that we have already been given the freedom to do by God Almighty! Is this really happening in America! That long term plan has really come a long way, but DO NOT think for a moment that it will work, not in my Homeland! The intention and plan from the beginning with our Forefathers was based in SPIRITUAL TRUTH, which is liberty and that is where it will stay for REAL!
When I was a little girl in the 1960 it was obvious to me even at that age that there did indeed exist a system that was not very efficient and made no sense to me even then. The educational system even though necessary, had a hidden agenda and push for something at that time I had limited understanding of although I saw and felt the negative energy of it! The same with the banking system, looked good, but "why should I trust this, I don't know these people personally"? And then the medical system, and the food tampering in the 60's. I remember seeing a "margarine" commercial at age 8 and saying to my mother, "I'm going to continue to eat butter, not the chemical, because it is real, OK"? See somewhere in the Spiritual realm, I knew the truth, I didn't need or let the programming all around change what I knew inside. As the legal drugs started coming in big time, by the 1980s, I remembered that in the 60s and 70s, we never used them when we got the flu, just rest and fluids! So I did not choose to participate, we were lean and energetic. Looking at old film footage of previous years up to 1980, there were almost no obesity! Proof right before our eyes, how is that for real scientific research. Food tampering was just beginning, therefore the higher obesity statistics did not come in for another 10 to 20 years. So is this why the push exists to get rid of the middle aged people? So we don't tell on the intellectual materialistic pushing agendas, simply because we have lived early lives without debt and credit and poisons and dis--eases not based on genetic passage, but agendas set-up for mass murdering and manupulation of wealth and control? The generations from 1980 on have foundations based in instability of the core living issues. Debt is ok, take chemicals, do cosmetic surgeries instead of living a healthy life style, and by all means "do not trust in your intuition, please trust me to tell you what to think and do, I have a degree, and you do not"! As Dr. Oz brings in information we have been using for lifetimes, but he has just now discovered it and is here to teach us because nobody lives any healthier! He's created a job for himself, and what would we do without him!!!!! The programming has changed right in front of our faces, as our rights are being stolen from us, right under our noses, all under the disguise of "this is for your protection and well being" (just like Hitler films)! As a child my solar plexus would get sick, and even as an adult it does the very same thing when I hear this programming of lies. It is finally now that the big picture explains this to me very clearly at this point in time in America. My question to all people, but specifically to anyone who has studied History or Biblical information is this, if Adam did hand over to satan, little "g" god in the bible, dominionship of all worldly systems, then why are we stupid enough to think that it would be in our "best interests and safety" to follow them? The angel of light is a worthy opponent, don't you think? The trick is becoming "black and white" now, but it was originally presented as "good" instead of "best". the subtle distraction!
So this brings me to the topic of health and hygiene. I really always understood, why I was here and for what purpose, living with the challenge always of the resistance to deal with, as does anyone that is here for the preserving of the Divine truth of respect and not violating the free will of others, which of course is our constitution in it's purist form! Having practiced the art of historical hygienic practices of old, no drugs, clean eating, and cleansing all matter of disease out through the bowel, I am forever thankful for this simple information from our creator, as stated in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Of course, it has always been difficult and challenging for me, as to why the medical community changed the laws during 1930s to take out the already existing natural modalities of colon hydrotherapy and other valuable tools that always worked very nicely as historical research establishes. But of course, because of my Spiritual connection and understanding spiritual matters I always understood that this resistance had to do with withholding the truth from human beings for controlling weath and power. What the gift is for me, not only have I had the priviledge to become extremely healthy in my lifetime, having this consiousness I have been able to serve this "Bread Of Life" to others for 25 years, my children benefitting from a very early age in many truths. Because it was God's hand upon my life that allowed this, I am forever thankful and surely thrilled to have served him. Waivering at times, but always rejoicing as the signs, miracles, and wonders, manifested from the obedience of this precious information. Always knowing that I did not have to wait for anyones permission to live healthily. It was always clear to me that when we come out of the womb, there was not a medical doctor that came with the child. Instead a mother that came with the practices of generations of ancestorial women that God gave the intuitive right and authority to care for and raise His children along with the simplicity and synchronicity of this beautiful Mother Earth and all its bountiful fruits. Knowing that the Heavenly Father has created it for us all very completely! Let's not let it go to waste, having lost sight of all this beauty! As God remains in his rightful place, may the Godly inspired contributions from man hopefully contribute in a peaceful, positive, and energetic manner to his already perfect work! Political persuasions have NO bearing on the Godly design based in His truth. Now is the time that we either believe in his unconditional love from Him toward us, with total surrender and acceptance for we have tried way to hard in our human broken form!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Art of Natural Internal Hygiene

The art of Natural Internal Hygiene is just a part of life historically. Loving thyself comes in many forms. Cleansing the internal organs is the most calming and peaceful gesture of love that one could give to themselves. WE must remember that the digestive tract is legally an external organ. How many times have you brushed your teeth in your lifetime? These body parts need to be cleaned just as the Egyptians did as well as the cultures throughout history. The Biogenic Society has communicated throughout history the truths from Enoch To The Dead Sea Scrolls, authored by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Take time to research this beautiful information please! Peace Out!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Never Forget the exordinary benefits of Colon Hygiene

Remember, NEVER FORGET the exordinary benefits of colon hygiene. Remember colon hygiene has been an ancient hygenic practice of old. Check out my books, they have the Dead Sea Scroll information taken from the ancient text describing famous historians like Jesus Christ teaching and practicing placing a reed in your hinder parts and cleansing all manner of disease out through the bowel with the river water. This beautiful information is as truthful today and even more neccessary than the biblical days when human beings were really ORGANIC! If they needed it then, holy crap, do we need it now. Remember organic bodies need organic cleansing, how nice to clean our own bodies as it is our responsibility just like anything that is associated with the Stewardship in our lives. We clean our cars, our homes, our external bodies, as well as internal bodies, our hair, our nails, our ears, our eyes and our mouth. I am getting together ever documented colonic on myself over the years, and will post them, it may take me a week to get it up. In the meantime Love thyself! Debora Lee Meehan

Monday, June 20, 2011

The art of Mourning and Grieving

This topic of mourning is something that is not leaving my mind even now after the intense year of personal growth. One aspect that I would like to address is this; it is obvious that people somehow confuse the two words mourning and victim! Having gone through the trama of the disaster of the flood, I realized that I was NOT a victim, but was simply experiencing life. I would not allow anyone to use the word victim with me, and I could not understand why everyone just jumped right in with this adjective or noun. This may have to do with the surprise element being involved. Historically, when people were violated by other people, for instance the Jews and the Nazis, I would consider this a victimizing situation. But for a naturally occurring disaster, and having the ability to independently and freely move through the situation with options and help, I do not veiw this the same as the previous. Although both situations are very harsh, it is understandable that they are very different also.
Perception is key also, being that people are at different levels of consiousness or insights. Therefore the perception will vary according to each individual. I also noticed that people not affected by the flood were also using the word victim in a judgemental way. Almost like saying that you did something to deserve it. This was a very interesting observation. By the way, one of the gifts when an individual experiences a disaster is clarity, and very very clear clarity. You are able to see right through human beings. This is a very interesting dimension. It was very clear that people were afraid that what happened to you, may also happen to them. Connecting them to their own mortality. So it may not be a good idea to be near you! Fortunately people were being given the opportunity to give and grow in service and kindness. Which is something, only in my opinion, that America being the over achievers that we are, desperately need. All is balance.
This is where the topic of mourning and grieving comes in. When an individual is involved in a disaster or trama of any kind, there will need to be grieving and mourning. This is a natural process. You may say "well we know this", well I have observed by the behavior of many, that many do not have a clue how to accept or handle when others are grieving and in mourning! I have had to literally explain and teach people to stop judging me as weak, and to please allow me to grieve and mourn and in MY time frame! Of course, life happens in order for us all to learn. Learning how to help others grieve and mourn without thinking it is someone just trying to be a victim is a great goal for us all. Compassion and empathy are a very necessary part of this life. YES, I am aware that people may become victims for their lifetimes, but that becomes quite obvious. But lets wait and see if that choice is made before we do any scriptwriting! If one has the opportunity to take the time with someone in this type of situation, you will be able to understand better what is truly involved, it helps one mature in handling delicate matters. But if you do not take the necessary time and effort to really care, then be very careful for yourself and your own life. We all come in the same way, do experience the same life, and leave the same way! This a fact, only the faces, the names, and events vary! God does Bless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Peace Out! Debora Lee

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back In My Colonic Office

I'm back to work now after 1 year of necessary rest, mourning and grieving as the result of the propelling evolution on this planet Earth over this decade of 2000-2011. Literally walking into a whole new life as many of us have. I will be very happy to be a support at this point, with growth and grounding as there are still adjustments coming. I will begin another book written in conjunction with my latest book, "My Great Danes And Me". What a lovely story which is only one of the aspects coming through this journey of this decade, the flood actually was the door, which brought in the final completion and clearing of many patterns related to the core of my entire life. Thankfully so, and now the inspiration and creativity is working it's way through my life's mission once again. The emphasis in this new book will be, addressing the aspects of my physical health relating to the clearing of these core patterns. I will share how my body broke down through this process of (ego)dying and was reborn into new life with each specific modality's contribution as it support me all the way through the physical process.
It does always come down to the Autonomic nervous system, when it is stress and trama, which will directly affect the digestive system.
Right now in my colonic office, I am once again reminded how drugs and chemicals will shut a human body right down. In an extreme emergency life or death, thank God for the drugs. But somehow the exceptions will always become the rule, even for the non-emergency situations and that is when many people will certainly suffer. The individual always has the right to choose. Unfortunately people have been given way to many options and do not know what to choose. Please understand that your ONLY real option is to self educate, not only with information, but what really works toward restoration of health short and long term.
After 25 years in my field, raising 2 children, now 38 and 30 years old without drugs, cough syrups, or any products from the drug store, we have much experience to share. Colon hydrotherapy is a necessary practice of internal hygiene. It will show what is releasing from the body and the direct connection to what changes will occur simultaneously in the body. A good example would be, dropping garbage on the floor and cleaning it up immediately, now the floor is clean and clear. Simply no mess! We still fail to realize that a 100% organic body cannot exist in a highly polluted lifestyle! What is releasing from a 38 year old body right now having 12 colonics systematically over 16 days is this; XanaX, which is a drug given for stress, so it will relax you. It is a flourescent peachy color when it comes out of the bowel and into the acryllic tube, so it can be seen. All drugs or chemicals will be a flourescent color and have the odor of chemical which will also smell "skunkie". Even if it does not look flourescent, but the smell is chemical, it is certainly chemical!
During the 1990s when doing 8 to 10 colonics per day in my office, people were NOT on legal drugs then, compared to now. We observe the overwhelming drug advertising slapping us in the face everywhere we turn in this culture.
What is being witnessed now is very different from 20 years ago. The pain associated with the release of this particular drug is tremendous, because of the heat involved and the amount of this drug that is being taken. The system and organs shut down when you are using drugs to relieve stress. First of all it will not relieve mental stress simply because the body will be struggling to stay alert in order for the organs and systems to continue functioning, which throws the body into a self preservation mode which is even producing more stress! The digestive tract is shutting down from the chemical, also dehydrating from it's presence. The re-hydrating process occurring during the colonic will allow the drug to exit in large amounts and more comfortably than just having a bowel movement will. It also will help the liver to release the drug faster and in larger volumes, giving the liver more assistance as well as rest. Remember when the bowel is being cleansed anytime, it signals the other organs to cleanse also. If you read my books "The Holy Movement: Matters of the Colon". There is historical documentation of colonics practiced all through out history, they always are referred to as "Hygienic practices of old". Also just stop and think of how organic life was back then and they still needed to do this specific practice in addition to having bowel movements through out the day. This gives us more understanding about the real truth concerning human health, maybe we need to get a better perspective. Remember good hygienic practices may keep us from not requiring nearly as much medical attention. There is a difference and distinction between the two. See your doctor as often as you wish. But it is really you that is responsible for keeping your basic hygiene in order so you do not need medical attention routinely and maybe just for emergencies, like it was in the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s! Remember those days when our water was clean, our foods were locally grown, foods were not processed with poisons, and people were very lean? Many of us do, so lets just remember the simplicity of living once again. Love thyself, Debora Lee Meehan Peace Out!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mercy; the connection to the "New Beginning"

Hello, well I took a break for 2 months from my blogging in order to complete my book "My Great Danes and Me; The Nashville Flood 2010". My website has the link to publisher, if there is interest. Many positive comments about the book, spiritually uplifting. Hope you enjoy it!

Which now in retrospect, Mercy, is truly at the center of our opportunities throughout our lives. Remember, no one is an exception to trials and tribulations, so as we travel through this life, I hope to be willing and open to receiving these wonder gifts of Mercy continuously. I feel that now I will be writing an additional book communicating the health challenges connected with disaters and the simple but absolutely necessary information supporting the physical transitioning. Writing this precious piece, offerring it up for our America during these times, hopefully will be a substancial and grounded solution for humanity through these trials. Integration of information and modalities are the key. Flexibility, the willingness to adjust and ASKING for help will be crucial. Spiritual guidance is crucial! America will be learning the art of mourning supported in spiritual truth without shame, as it is a necessary stage for us as always. Remember as we allow our ego to die, this does not mean our body or existence has to die. We may learn how to "die unto new life", lay our ego to rest, and come into a new life of freedom that has been waiting just for us! Peace Out! Love thyself for real! Debora Lee

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Signing

Book Signing at Alley Pub

Sunday, May 1st, 3-7pm

My Great Danes and Me:

The Nashville Flood 2010

Author Debora Lee Meehan

Other titles by this author are Holy Movement: Matters of the Colon and Holy Movement: Number 2

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fear Is The Absence Of Love

Since fear is the absence of love, it would make perfect sense to stay in a very loving state. Love being the verb would be the key that would keep an individual out of fear. Remember you can only hold one thought at a time or in a moment. So if you stay thankful you cannot be unthankful, therefore reaping the blessings of thankfulness as opposed to reaping unthankful consequences. It is a thought at a time that creates your life. It is important to do the right thing only because it is the logical right thing to do, rather than the action tied to the emotion, or attached to the reaction. Stop the triggers by staying in the unconditional love, this is a constant rewarding truth. Good boundaries given and expected by all help to maintain the respect that is necessary for all growth between individuals. By the way cleaning the garbage and poison out of your body cavity, is a very loving act toward your lovely body that will yield many more years of blessings into your life! It is all about the quality of life based in LOVE not fear! Peace Out! Love, Debora

Monday, February 21, 2011

Religion has always confused what God has made simple

Religion has always confused what God has made simple! This is surely a timeless truth. This is evident in every avenue of life. Man's ego changes the truth into lies in every sector. For example; the debt situation in America has possibly happened because the simple truth of living within our means has been replaced with the religious hoop of the illusion of debt, and "why not have it now. you deserve it". Eating simple locally grown foods without pesticides. like we did althrough out history, has been replaced with the religious hoop of fake foods. Jacked up with the chemical version of the organic sugars. colorings and nutritional values. And we accept this "religion" from the intellectual communities that are the so called "experts"! We wonder why everybody is sick. Passing it off as new germs and intellectual jargon that we uneducated ones cannot understand? Some great "Religion" that is being accepted as the truth and Why? We actually are willing to sacrifice ourselves for these erroneous beliefs, as we are being led to slaughter. Maybe it could be fear of what to replace them with. Well for starters, we could reconnect with the truths that have been buried by the religous egos of man. How about a walk-a-bout in the wilderness for about 40 years in a small radius of 11 miles, simply because of confusion, and the unbelief that the creator has made the real version of life simple. I know I've lived seperated from the truth. The only way I've ever been able to get back to a vibrant life is when I chose to reconnect with the simple truths in every facet of my life.
On the Dr. Oz show last week, the subject of autism was being debated. Every thing discussed was thankfully based in the obvious truth that it is connected to the enviornmental elements. Not the "germ theory", so at least we are moving in the right direction now. The immunizations, highly polluted with solvents and poisons in every facet of our lives. and the age of the parents, were the 3 categories. Would the age of the parents be related to the fact the the longer we live, the more polluted the body gets? Therefore the pollution destruction is passed along to the baby. So all these reasons being discussed really are related to the fact that in our human wisdom, we are really just killing ourselves and paying good money for it. And who is making the profit? How have we arrived here? Growing up in the 60s and 70s, there was very little dis-ease, possibly because we still remained in control of our intuition at a very grounded level. We were not yet confused by "religion" in the health sector. Drugs were an exception to the rule, not the rule! So why would the arrival of autism be so disturbing to us, why the confusion? We created it and have allowed ourselves to be confused. The segment in the show was not very long. It was a debate over information that has been debated now for some 15 years or so, at least by the forerunners that were already warning us that the enviornmental poisons were surely affecting us. But we couldn't listen to them, because they are not the certified legal experts. Could this be compared to other situations occurring at this time, like trusting the banking industry to be honest and in their integrity to make choices in their field of expertise that would support everbody's highest interest. The parents of the autistic children on the show were not respected. They absolutely understand why their child is autistic, because they watched the process of it all. They are not satisfied in just debating this. This is confusing and brings no results. At the end of that debate, there was just more confusion and hostility because of the religious efforts of the medical community appearing to be focused and concerned, but still no real solution. Hopefully we'll just settle for managing this new dis-ease, again that will monetarily support the multi-facets of industry! OR............................................................Parents, if you really are disgusted enough and are ready to walk in love and not FEAR from RELIGIOUS health care, you do have options. Some you have already researched. Diet does have a wonderful affect on the body in connection to autism. But there certainly is more. First and foremost, what needs to be understood is this; The body is already polluted to a degree that has affected the brain function, it is already PRESENT! Your options are to leave it there and use manage control, or to remove the cause, which would be the chemicals. If a tree falls and blocks the road, the tree is simply removed and normalcy is restored. I have personally restored my own health as a adult that has experienced heavy metal pollution that resulted in autistic symptoms, I have written books about this experience in 2000 and 2001 after resolving this situation in the late 1990s. Did it ever occur to us that the simple modalities that were practiced in ancient times were created as timeless solutions, just like timeless truth. Not religious health care, but the real hygienic practices that keep the body clear of the constant collection of these harmful things. This way we do not become incapacitated by dis-ase, but instead will receive and live a long life with the quality that our Creator has promised us in Ephesians. If we allow ourselves to be trained up in the truth, and are obedient in those truths, then we will live long on the Earth and it will be well with thee. By the way, Ephesians is the book written to us teaching us the importance of stewardship of the temple, which is caring for the human body. So it is very important to understand what is available for us in truth, in order to receive that truth into our reality. Confusion doesn't exist when your health is restored to full function, it is crystal clear. There does not have to be permission by the experts for you to become really well. I have helped many people return to a vivacious life through organ and tissue cleansing with colonic irrigation. It is simple, easy and very effective. Don't we desire results? We must become brave and courageous and step out of our perceptions of how the answers to our prayer may come to us. Please take time to read my website and my books. Explore other options. Children are strong and recover very quickly. Do not waste precious time and energy. Just remove the cause, don't just live with the symptoms and think that you have to. There is always a way out of the wilderness! Peace Out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Opportunity needs to be seized in the Lifetime of that Opportunity

The opportunity has to be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity! This is indeed a faithful saying! The fact that we live in the realm of stewardship which supports the linear line of a lifetime, is a sufficient fact. We must learn to see the truth in each form that it is delivered in. This is how peace is received by us and acceptance of one another without judgement. As we learn to make our choices based in love, fear has no space. In a world of confusion and way too many options, we are always looking for the options that are right for us, but how do we know for certain? The form will be based in principle, love, and peace. Learn to trust yourself, and ask your higher self, she will answer.
Colon hygiene was the answer to my prayer when I was 30 years old and literally felt like I could not continue in this life. I could not even put all the doubts and fears into words. One thing I did understand in the depth of my soul was this, that my God did love me and that I was worthy and willing to accept whatever the answer was that he gave me, as I absolutely cried out for his help and direction! This certainly was an opportunity for my lifetime that was here and now, and nobody, even the people closest to me did not know how I felt! I had to listen and be sure of my relationship with my loving master. The answer did come and as I started selecting peaceful and non-stressful situations in my life, communicating more honestly with myself as well as others, my energy shifted. I began taking care of ME, eating better, LESS exercise and cleansing my organs and tissue through bowel management. Moving slowly as I researched and felt safe and received very good results. Then in time, as results began to snowball and my energy went to even greater effortlessness, I realized that I had been in such bondage with so many limitations due to the programing of fear in our culture. The truth was truly setting me free. The garbage inside will keep you down for sure, as it leaves, you return to your pure consiousness! You'll never go back.
So now all the choices you were making through out the day that kept you down, will be replaced with all the choices that will take you into freedom. Just making the necessary adjustments with time, matter and energy! This is the greatest energy work you may ever do. Without this piece, the results of any other form of energy work will be reduced simply because the physical corruption would still remain in the body which would reduced the complete results grossly, therefore the full benefits would not be received! All of our bodies, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual need to move in balance and not lopsidedness for the highest blessing to be received. What if I did not seize that opportunity at age 30, which changed the entire direction of my health through bowel cleansing, I personally would most likely not be alive now. This modality helped me get through heavy metal cleansing in the late 1990s, and now through the evolution of the disaster, ten years later. And what about the hundreds and thousands of people who have been blessed with the help of this information related to this modality? What a beautiful simple modality with a lifetime of opportunity! Live in the miraculous Grace and Mercy set up for our highest blessing! Don't miss Your Opportunity of a Lifetime, Love Thyself! I walk in much GRADITUDE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This is the introduction of the testimonies for Colon Hygiene done by individuals that were willing to take the responsibility for their own health!

At this time, my clients that have practiced faithfully the art of organ and tissue cleansing through colonic irrigation, are becoming very interested in sharing their stories. As they contact me over this coming year, we will share the information that will be an inspiring, yet a very honest journey of faithfulness to thyself as the responsibility and accountability of one's health is clearly in ones own hands! They will share how the simple principle of internal cleansing of ones own body is the most important and profound pieces of information given to us since the beginning of time here on this Earth. How our creator created us knowing that we would need to utilize this practice for our highest blessing as we would thoroughly enjoy a very high quality of life for a long period of time. Longevity is key in any facet of life, and quite frankly, if you are not alive anymore, then nothing else in you life really matters, simply because you no longer exist! So hey, isn't your health, the most important thing right now! It is not an expensive endeavor to care for yourself, if you have the simple knowledge and tools to do it. Many people over the years, have installed home colonic units and have been instructed safely and confidently. They didn't think that they could do this for themselves, but as I trained them personally with complete confidence, they decided to take their power back concerning their own daily health. This could also be known as "teaching a man to fish" as opposed to "giving them a fish". The more an individual can do for themselves the better off that person will always be. More power to you! Remember principle supports truth, and any endeavor that is supported in that truth, works. Remember technology cannot replace truth, even if some good things do come from technology sometimes. The next blog will begin our series of testimonials over the last 25 years in this magnificently sacred field of Colon Hygiene!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Without Presence, Absence Has No Meaning

Without presence, absence has no meaning. This principle carries no greater reality as its presence in relationship to colon hygiene. This principle was written about in my first book simply as an observation of explanation about colon hygiene. When parasites stay and set up house in the body, they migrate to the areas where the immune system is not very strong or no longer present, therefore because of the absence of the immune system, and the presence of solvents, the parasites are allowed to flourish. Little by little the dis-ease is introduced into the body, adjustments are made, also compensations become the norm without much thought. You may put whatever label you wish to put on the dis-ease or adjusting compensation that is now present, and slowly the peace and tranquility associated with great health is little by little becoming absent, as a fading memory!
The simple downloading of the presence of the solvents and parasites, is always quite visible through the acrylic tube. The solvents will smell as chemicals do and will be flourescent colors, sometimes a skunkie smell is connected with the heavy metals, and the parasites will look just like worms with red threads running all through them, many various shapes and sizes. With all of these elements involved, their presence in the human body is obviously felt. All kinds of symptoms are present. So as systematic colonics are introduced to this already present condition, and the high volume of all these things are downloaded in a very timely fashion. It is extremely obvious to the individual that the ABSENCE of this collection of garbage is NO LONGER PRESENT!!! Basic Math and Basic Science 101!! It is the BOTTOM LINE!!! Manifestation of dis-ease transforms back into tranquility and peacefulness, as the ABSENCE of this dis-ease has led to the restoration of the human body through basic natural internal hygiene! We possess the key to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, AND WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to stay "HEALTHY SAFE" while traveling abroad!

These are some things that I have learned when I travel, not only here in the States but especially outside the United States which would mean any and everywhere. When I travel I always take enzymes and probiotics in very large doses. Everything I do daily, I just beef up when I travel. This is new territory and our bodies are easily susceptible. You do not have to use chemicals as reinforcements in these situations. Remember, probiotic is your natural antibiotic. The other important piece to staying out of harms way in these situations is this. Always make sure that you are going to the toile't morning, noon, and night, which really is normal, anyway. I am always the happiest traveler in the hotel. Why? Because I take plenty of organic herbs that work according to the natural principle of upper GI stimulates lower GI! I always bring plenty to share, I want my friends to be very happy, so we all have alot more fun!
It really would be a little silly if we could view ourselves saying some of the things that we say, that could not be further from the truth, yet we really do believe it to be the truth! If we saw this in a movie with someone else living it and saying it, we would be the first one in the audience to laugh and make fun of how these people could really be so stupid! So the example of this would be this. Many of my clients would have obvious parasites and they would start telling me that it is because they have traveled outside of America. Some may have already had this information diagnosed by their doctor and said that the doctor agreed that this occurred when I traveled to this country or that country! Not that this could not be true, but do we think that we cannot get parasites from our own backyard? So the egological system does not exist inside the 52 states? It is just like the celebrities that have come into my office. They have a tendency to believe that the tapeworms that are in the beef fillet or green salad that they are eating, really are capable of making a decision that goes like this: "WOW that is that famous celebrity from .... I can't get in her body, I'll just get out of the way!" Now come on, the parasites are out smarting the beings that supposedly have the brains! They don't care who you are, THEY JUST WANT TO HAVE A HOME TO STAY ALIVE!
We really do need to understand, that it is a level playing field for us all, in every demension in this life. In fact, I witnessed more people with more opportunity do less for their health on the inside which is what really counts for wholeness to be really present. Check out the detailed information in my books, or just call and we'll colonic talk! Love thyself, Debora Lee Meehan

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colonics helpful for trauma relief and clean-up from flood here in Nashville

As noted in my very first post on my blog, with the before flood, during flood and after flood pictures. At that point I had approximately 30 colonics, how thankful I was to begin gaining the peaceful mind and body back, by lovingly giving myself an internal bath systematically. The caffeine, mold, parasites, and who knows what else, downloaded out of my body, with serenity returning automatically.
So as I continued to this point, now at the end of January 2011. A weekly gallbladder and liver flush, nicely downloaded a combination of chemicals out of my liver, I've completed 75 colonics, which has taken my health back through the linear line to 2005. This was before the challenging personal evolution started and my health was stellar. The results are astounding and very noticable to the people that are the closest to me. My energy is returning step by step as the spiritual and emotional growth also is being received with much gratitude. There is no separation any longer. I like to receive help from on high. It makes life more fun and simple.
I am thankful for the tools that have been supplied to us from the author of life, here on this Earth. Appropriate tools used correctly are why they exist, to be used by us in human form for our highest blessing. We're worth it! Remember, every system or machine has a safety valve, just in case the pressure builds to high, so it doesn't have to break!
At the anniversary of the Nashville flood, we will be happy to have available my NEW book, entitled MY GREAT DANES AND ME/ THE NASHVILLE FLOOD 2010. It will be on my blog and available through my publisher. Details to come.
So if there is anybody out there that would like more information concerning: Re-establishing or restoring your good lost health, please do let me know what I can do for you, with this vital information about simple sound health! We'll talk, 615-662-4888, ask for Debora Lee

Friday, January 28, 2011


Remember this, dehydration is not only due to lack of water intake. Dehydration may occur from lack of oils in diet. If you eat all raw or vegetarian you may not be receiving the oils that are contained in the fat of meats. I have never met a healthy vegetarian unless they were also including fish and even lean red meats occassionally. Especially females. The hormones need real fat from eggs, butter and meats. The low fat diets encourage hormones to run very low, therefore it is not easy to get pregnant. Raw natural fats helps the body to stay fit. You have to eat fat to loose fat! Besides I like to eat just enough fats to keep my buttocks, breasts and curves! I have never taken hormones even thru menopause. I exhibited very few symptoms of menopause. My organs functions optimally mainly because they were clean and function was not obstructed by this time in my life, my thyroid was healed and supported for 15 years prior to menopause. There were no signs of dryness in my body internally or externally. I believe that God did make the linear line dynamics for us perfectly, which means when we are not going to continue to birth babies, the estrogen depleats from our body to safer levels. Only our human egos want to torment and yo yo our emotions around by putting the estrogen back into the body. Alot of symptoms that we may think are connected to the hormone emotions could possible shift with cleansing some of the old build-up off the organs through tissue and bowel cleansing. Then maybe the organs may function in the fashion they were originally designed to! Sometimes we mean well, but it doesn't mean it is best. Hey call me, we'll colonic talk! Debora 615-662-4888

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Always use good common sense.

Remember, this pertinent information about colon hygiene is based on 25 years of intense experience with the protocal from the gravity flow system. Along with the training and certification from Helen M. Wood Institute. The information in these ebooks communicating the basic principles concerning body performance during various cleansing procedures is fairly simple and very clear. Please do go to a certified Colon Hygienist in your area to have your colonics. Enemas are not the same as colonics. There are safety guidelines that are important to follow when cleansing. When checking out a colon hygienist, it is important to ask certain questions. 1) Who is your certification in Colon Hygiene with? 2) Do you clean your own bowel, how often and what happens? 3)Do they appear somewhat healthy? Ask alot of questions. If your colon hygienist is cleaning their own colon, they will have much enthusiasm as well as passion for this modality! This modality is not an easy one to JUST sell. Always remember, I would be blessed to teach a small seminar anywhere that it would be needed and appreciated. My 2 books, THE HOLY MOVEMENT; MATTERS OF THE COLON and THE HOLY MOVEMENT#2: REGENERATION have wonderful stories containing little bits of information concerning many different cleansing techniques. Utilize this information please!
Let's Colonic talk, call for a consultation right now, 615-662-4888.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HOT TIPS for detoxing!

Hey just remember this. It is very simple logic or common sense when it comes to the digestive tract. Put the food in, the food digests and feeds the body what it needs, and then the waste exits. This needs to happen without interruption. That is the catch. 1 major interruption is the large amounts of solvents that are ingested from many sources that we are involved with on a daily basis. Solvents disrupt the process of food distribution and assimilation. The solvents will destroy the small hair like parts of the small intestines which does this job, so no matter how well you are eating, the nutrition will be restricted and therefore your body does become depleated of the fine nutrition that you thought you were getting. Could this be why you are always wondering, "why is it that I do all the right things and I still feel like sh.......!" may be. I've seen colonics pull chemicals out of the body, therefore the nutrition does get utilized very well. I've experienced this wonderful shift personally many times, when I inadvertently poisoned myself, because I just didn't understand what kind of jungle was out there! Thank God I utilized a tool like colonics, to pull that volume of solvents out from the liver, so I did not have to manifest dis-ease just because of ignorance! Are we not so lucky to have this choice and opportunity! Hey, check out my website for simple information. Become more educated in simple internal hygiene which shows up in our external beauty and vibration! 615-662-4888 ask for Debora Lee.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look at what happened after 50 colonics!

Check this out, up to 70 colonics right now and check the very last new picture on the blog!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Special Pricing for the Holidays

Prices have come down just for you, after the holiday de-tox. 2011

Single colonic $85.00

15 series $1,000.00 NOW ONLY - $950.00

10 series $750.00 NOW ONLY - $750.00

7 series $520.00 NOW ONLY - $490.00
5 series $375.00 NOW ONLY - $350.00

3 series $240.00 NOW ONLY - $220.00

If booked and paid in full by January 20, 2011.
*Package paid in full upfront
*24 hour cancellation notice is appreciated
*Money is non-refundable
*Call now for appointment 615-662-4888