Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Political Persuasion vs. Godliness

Belief systems are a vital part of culture because each individual has one! Of course, the only way we can live peacefully is by respectfully allowing one another that God given space. Then of course this space is supported by our legal system. Right now in this day and time on this linear line, our FREEDOM is in huge question! We are not giving up our right to worship, as we are forced to respect others right to worship their beliefs! This is the country that was founded for that reason. All the communist countries are going capitalism now, expressing their defeat and longing for our lifestyles of abundance. What the H.......ll are we doing wanting to go into bondage of the communism dictatorship for? What the h....ll has happened? My rebuttal is this keep your nose out of my right to privacy, and you might want to clean the shit out of your filfy body so you can see clearly! God Bless our FREEDOM in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liberalism vs. Godliness; there is no competition!

Whenever and whoever attempted to use the lie or illusion to deceive human beings with the law of "separation of church and state" certainly has and will always fail, simply because it is a lie. Look at history, the religious leaders were always used by the politicians to manipulate the masses, have we NOT seen it over and over again? Then why would we ever believe it again? Obviously we have witnessed and observed what devastating affects this practice has had on life throughout history! This is the time on the planet that all secrets are made public!
Simply and honestly any movement that attempts to make a human being think that they need to have another human being think for them and care for them, as opposed to living with the Spirit of God working in you to be accountable and responsible, is in direct opposition to a violation of our free will right to make our own choices.
This is really a spiritual infraction and has infultrated into our political system that is so far from it's original intention and plan! If we think for ourselves, the intellectual system will NOT be able to survive! But they continue to push every avenue and aspect in this culture to be watered down, driving us constantly into trying to tell us that we cannot make decisions and choices for ourselves that we have already been given the freedom to do by God Almighty! Is this really happening in America! That long term plan has really come a long way, but DO NOT think for a moment that it will work, not in my Homeland! The intention and plan from the beginning with our Forefathers was based in SPIRITUAL TRUTH, which is liberty and that is where it will stay for REAL!
When I was a little girl in the 1960 it was obvious to me even at that age that there did indeed exist a system that was not very efficient and made no sense to me even then. The educational system even though necessary, had a hidden agenda and push for something at that time I had limited understanding of although I saw and felt the negative energy of it! The same with the banking system, looked good, but "why should I trust this, I don't know these people personally"? And then the medical system, and the food tampering in the 60's. I remember seeing a "margarine" commercial at age 8 and saying to my mother, "I'm going to continue to eat butter, not the chemical, because it is real, OK"? See somewhere in the Spiritual realm, I knew the truth, I didn't need or let the programming all around change what I knew inside. As the legal drugs started coming in big time, by the 1980s, I remembered that in the 60s and 70s, we never used them when we got the flu, just rest and fluids! So I did not choose to participate, we were lean and energetic. Looking at old film footage of previous years up to 1980, there were almost no obesity! Proof right before our eyes, how is that for real scientific research. Food tampering was just beginning, therefore the higher obesity statistics did not come in for another 10 to 20 years. So is this why the push exists to get rid of the middle aged people? So we don't tell on the intellectual materialistic pushing agendas, simply because we have lived early lives without debt and credit and poisons and dis--eases not based on genetic passage, but agendas set-up for mass murdering and manupulation of wealth and control? The generations from 1980 on have foundations based in instability of the core living issues. Debt is ok, take chemicals, do cosmetic surgeries instead of living a healthy life style, and by all means "do not trust in your intuition, please trust me to tell you what to think and do, I have a degree, and you do not"! As Dr. Oz brings in information we have been using for lifetimes, but he has just now discovered it and is here to teach us because nobody lives any healthier! He's created a job for himself, and what would we do without him!!!!! The programming has changed right in front of our faces, as our rights are being stolen from us, right under our noses, all under the disguise of "this is for your protection and well being" (just like Hitler films)! As a child my solar plexus would get sick, and even as an adult it does the very same thing when I hear this programming of lies. It is finally now that the big picture explains this to me very clearly at this point in time in America. My question to all people, but specifically to anyone who has studied History or Biblical information is this, if Adam did hand over to satan, little "g" god in the bible, dominionship of all worldly systems, then why are we stupid enough to think that it would be in our "best interests and safety" to follow them? The angel of light is a worthy opponent, don't you think? The trick is becoming "black and white" now, but it was originally presented as "good" instead of "best". the subtle distraction!
So this brings me to the topic of health and hygiene. I really always understood, why I was here and for what purpose, living with the challenge always of the resistance to deal with, as does anyone that is here for the preserving of the Divine truth of respect and not violating the free will of others, which of course is our constitution in it's purist form! Having practiced the art of historical hygienic practices of old, no drugs, clean eating, and cleansing all matter of disease out through the bowel, I am forever thankful for this simple information from our creator, as stated in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Of course, it has always been difficult and challenging for me, as to why the medical community changed the laws during 1930s to take out the already existing natural modalities of colon hydrotherapy and other valuable tools that always worked very nicely as historical research establishes. But of course, because of my Spiritual connection and understanding spiritual matters I always understood that this resistance had to do with withholding the truth from human beings for controlling weath and power. What the gift is for me, not only have I had the priviledge to become extremely healthy in my lifetime, having this consiousness I have been able to serve this "Bread Of Life" to others for 25 years, my children benefitting from a very early age in many truths. Because it was God's hand upon my life that allowed this, I am forever thankful and surely thrilled to have served him. Waivering at times, but always rejoicing as the signs, miracles, and wonders, manifested from the obedience of this precious information. Always knowing that I did not have to wait for anyones permission to live healthily. It was always clear to me that when we come out of the womb, there was not a medical doctor that came with the child. Instead a mother that came with the practices of generations of ancestorial women that God gave the intuitive right and authority to care for and raise His children along with the simplicity and synchronicity of this beautiful Mother Earth and all its bountiful fruits. Knowing that the Heavenly Father has created it for us all very completely! Let's not let it go to waste, having lost sight of all this beauty! As God remains in his rightful place, may the Godly inspired contributions from man hopefully contribute in a peaceful, positive, and energetic manner to his already perfect work! Political persuasions have NO bearing on the Godly design based in His truth. Now is the time that we either believe in his unconditional love from Him toward us, with total surrender and acceptance for we have tried way to hard in our human broken form!