Friday, June 21, 2013

10 series for M, 1st colonic

colonic 1. M did a 15 series of colonics in April. M had a very consistent very good series, ending with a spectacular colonic. Remember, that she has removed approximately 1 year of old feces out of her body at this point. So she is at a very different space in her bodies than when she began in April, she has learned many things thru her experience of this. This first colonic was very slow, it has been close to 100 degrees here and EVERYBODY is dehydrated, even if they don't know it!!!! She has decided to take the herbal cleansers on a regular basis and will increase them as she moves thru this series. M is not going to do them systematically everyday, several a week possibly, we'll definitely comment on the frequency of the colonic as that will play a large part in the big picture. We always learn as we go, and the truth always reveals itself to us supplying us with our research data! This is as big as it gets!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

10th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 10. Both boys released very well, there bodies are downloading large volumes of feces, some yeast, have not seen worms really, Mamma really did a fantastic job of cleaning that element up in the last 3 months, pretty much with all the supplement support, which was very solid and based in the basic mineral support as well as basic digestive enzyme support of simple barley green. They are displaying detox symptoms at this level, old feces are obvious which lets us know that the cleansing is going deeper!!

15th colonic for J

Colonic 15.. J was disappointed because she had her first "receive" colonic during the 15 series! This is very common, usually there are several throughout the series, the body needs to be hydrated very well as it shows us. J really had a very good 15 colonics, removed old everything, very deep cleaning, because she did a lot of prep work over years and now added the colonics. Very nice shift!

Monday, June 10, 2013

9th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 9. M again is releasing fabulously, getting into some darker feces. It is obvious that what is coming thru the tube is at least 5 x more than what he ate yesterday, this is why the advantage of doing daily colonics works. We get ahead of what is fresh and get to the deeper feces. Listen this works because if the feces were not stored in there, they would not be coming out especially daily. The task would be done. The only reason even the colon hygiene community doesn't get it is because they do not understand how to go in daily, with HERBAL cleansers in order to soften and prepare the old feces to be released!!! So the colonics they give the client does not release daily! That is all, the only piece that is missing! Go outside the box in your thinking and it works very successfully. Be a rule rut breaker just like Einstein, he could not function within the system, they knew it, but he still received all the famous discoveries when he went outside the box, and as we witness the system absolutely utilized the benefits of his discoveries, without their blessing! Anyway K did very good also, there again 5 x the amount of food eaten the previous day, then at the end he released all around the scope and it had the odor of chemical. So we know the chemicals are beginning to release in deep caverns of his body. Consistency, faithfulness until the results are evident! The b--line of cause to effect!!!! It is obvious that we do not want to know the truth, therefore we will not have to do the real work in order to gain the total restoration, not just a shift, but many shifts that total the restoration! America has become extremely lazy, that is because they are sick inside and apathetic, just like the programming has set us up for!!!!!! No Worries GODS WILL, WILL BE DONE!

11th colonic for J

Colonic 11. J had a very good colonic today. Everything was releasing from old wormie nest, yellowish green matter from Gallbladder and liver area, fresh feces and old feces. Her organs and systems are "rocking"! Now don't think this just happens, she has been faithful all the way thru, systematic colonics, following protocol and adjusting protocol as necessary, 1 great G&L flush, 1/2 a GLflush, which worked also! A Kidney flush also! She has labored and died into the death cycle, once the download or release comes thru, you have a higher quality of life instantly! Remember 1 years worth of old stored garbage leaving the body cavity is a biiiiiiggggg shift! All that is gone for life, next download please! They line up and download over and over again over time until, they no longer are present in the body! Then and only then are you at a high vibration cleanliness, and then the simple and authentic maintenance begins, and that is the simple way to live, a life in moderation! Got to get rid of the "DEBT", the physical body "DEBT" first, then rebuild! Remember you cannot paint over rust, even with the best paint! Remove the rust first, then paint the clean canvas!!!!!! ART! We really only have one vehicle in this lifetime on Earth, that vehicle is your Temple, what are you doing in your life with your vehicle? If you don't have a vehicle you do not get to be here!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

8th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 8. K had a fabulous release! He fights it but is learning to go with the flow! He is much more peaceful and happier! M has always understood this process, the older one. His colonics are definitely into the older feces at this time. Abundant release, they both are sludging out the feces, which means the herbal cleansers have come into the maximum effort zone! 10 each day for each boy! The inside work is very obvious by the sludging release!!! Witnessed Bright green somewhat florescent, large amount of bright greenish water, did not smell chemicals, but we will continue to watch for this aspect that is coming in. If it is the heavy metals then we will eventually smell the skunk smell associated with those solvents HM!!!!

13th colonic for J

Colonic 13. J had a very good release today. Her potty times have increased and the volume of feces releasing each day is shifting greatly. The environmental cleanup was priority (worms and stringy), now the feces are in place for removal. J says she has a wave of detox that frequently happens.

Friday, June 7, 2013

12th colonic for J

colonic 12. J was on the beach for several days, returning very relaxed. J said her poops on vacation were delightful, her body is back in that baby habit of eating then pooping within 20 minutes. That by the way is the upper GI stimulating the lower GI which is a natural cycle that our bodies were created to do by our Creator. It is very interesting that Natural Internal Hygiene done in a supernatural(systematically) protocol will restore the body to its natural cycles. We have seen the nests of worms environment downloading since J has started with these colonics, and still this environment is downloading out. Eating all the best foods WILL NOT do this work! Cleanup is paramount!! That is what we are learning from the bodies efforts of working in its priority mode!! Thank you Mother Earth!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

6th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 6. With 4 days off M & K came in with great energy, ready, willing, and able to shift and heal. There colonics cycling just as they do for adults. M is a little stuck, needs more herbal cleansers. Mom is increasing these daily, or there would not be much activity!!! It does not work the way you think it will, this is a fabulous teaching from our bodies!

7th colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 7. Ok these boys are moving along very fast now, their bodies know that they can download old feces easily now because we have done the prep work. K is younger and more stubborn, but he is really doing a lot of releasing. M is ahead and we are able to go deeper in the bowel, he is releasing older feces and is a little more stuck, he needs more herbal cleanser to do the deeper work. Mom is making the adjustments with the supplements. Mom can tell since she gave them more of the heavy metal detox supplement that they got more agitated, which is a toxic manifestation. So the deeper you go the more toxic it gets, that is where the heavy metals are stored. I noticed a chemical odor at the beginning of Ks colonic, but not after that. We know that at some time in the near future we will see what we have been excavating for, (the root cause)the Heavy metals!!! I've done this before in the 1990s and 2000s. You must stay the course, until it leaves the body, then it is complete!