Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colonics helpful for trauma relief and clean-up from flood here in Nashville

As noted in my very first post on my blog, with the before flood, during flood and after flood pictures. At that point I had approximately 30 colonics, how thankful I was to begin gaining the peaceful mind and body back, by lovingly giving myself an internal bath systematically. The caffeine, mold, parasites, and who knows what else, downloaded out of my body, with serenity returning automatically.
So as I continued to this point, now at the end of January 2011. A weekly gallbladder and liver flush, nicely downloaded a combination of chemicals out of my liver, I've completed 75 colonics, which has taken my health back through the linear line to 2005. This was before the challenging personal evolution started and my health was stellar. The results are astounding and very noticable to the people that are the closest to me. My energy is returning step by step as the spiritual and emotional growth also is being received with much gratitude. There is no separation any longer. I like to receive help from on high. It makes life more fun and simple.
I am thankful for the tools that have been supplied to us from the author of life, here on this Earth. Appropriate tools used correctly are why they exist, to be used by us in human form for our highest blessing. We're worth it! Remember, every system or machine has a safety valve, just in case the pressure builds to high, so it doesn't have to break!
At the anniversary of the Nashville flood, we will be happy to have available my NEW book, entitled MY GREAT DANES AND ME/ THE NASHVILLE FLOOD 2010. It will be on my blog and available through my publisher. Details to come.
So if there is anybody out there that would like more information concerning: Re-establishing or restoring your good lost health, please do let me know what I can do for you, with this vital information about simple sound health! We'll talk, 615-662-4888, ask for Debora Lee

Friday, January 28, 2011


Remember this, dehydration is not only due to lack of water intake. Dehydration may occur from lack of oils in diet. If you eat all raw or vegetarian you may not be receiving the oils that are contained in the fat of meats. I have never met a healthy vegetarian unless they were also including fish and even lean red meats occassionally. Especially females. The hormones need real fat from eggs, butter and meats. The low fat diets encourage hormones to run very low, therefore it is not easy to get pregnant. Raw natural fats helps the body to stay fit. You have to eat fat to loose fat! Besides I like to eat just enough fats to keep my buttocks, breasts and curves! I have never taken hormones even thru menopause. I exhibited very few symptoms of menopause. My organs functions optimally mainly because they were clean and function was not obstructed by this time in my life, my thyroid was healed and supported for 15 years prior to menopause. There were no signs of dryness in my body internally or externally. I believe that God did make the linear line dynamics for us perfectly, which means when we are not going to continue to birth babies, the estrogen depleats from our body to safer levels. Only our human egos want to torment and yo yo our emotions around by putting the estrogen back into the body. Alot of symptoms that we may think are connected to the hormone emotions could possible shift with cleansing some of the old build-up off the organs through tissue and bowel cleansing. Then maybe the organs may function in the fashion they were originally designed to! Sometimes we mean well, but it doesn't mean it is best. Hey call me, we'll colonic talk! Debora 615-662-4888

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Always use good common sense.

Remember, this pertinent information about colon hygiene is based on 25 years of intense experience with the protocal from the gravity flow system. Along with the training and certification from Helen M. Wood Institute. The information in these ebooks communicating the basic principles concerning body performance during various cleansing procedures is fairly simple and very clear. Please do go to a certified Colon Hygienist in your area to have your colonics. Enemas are not the same as colonics. There are safety guidelines that are important to follow when cleansing. When checking out a colon hygienist, it is important to ask certain questions. 1) Who is your certification in Colon Hygiene with? 2) Do you clean your own bowel, how often and what happens? 3)Do they appear somewhat healthy? Ask alot of questions. If your colon hygienist is cleaning their own colon, they will have much enthusiasm as well as passion for this modality! This modality is not an easy one to JUST sell. Always remember, I would be blessed to teach a small seminar anywhere that it would be needed and appreciated. My 2 books, THE HOLY MOVEMENT; MATTERS OF THE COLON and THE HOLY MOVEMENT#2: REGENERATION have wonderful stories containing little bits of information concerning many different cleansing techniques. Utilize this information please!
Let's Colonic talk, call for a consultation right now, 615-662-4888.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HOT TIPS for detoxing!

Hey just remember this. It is very simple logic or common sense when it comes to the digestive tract. Put the food in, the food digests and feeds the body what it needs, and then the waste exits. This needs to happen without interruption. That is the catch. 1 major interruption is the large amounts of solvents that are ingested from many sources that we are involved with on a daily basis. Solvents disrupt the process of food distribution and assimilation. The solvents will destroy the small hair like parts of the small intestines which does this job, so no matter how well you are eating, the nutrition will be restricted and therefore your body does become depleated of the fine nutrition that you thought you were getting. Could this be why you are always wondering, "why is it that I do all the right things and I still feel like sh.......!" may be. I've seen colonics pull chemicals out of the body, therefore the nutrition does get utilized very well. I've experienced this wonderful shift personally many times, when I inadvertently poisoned myself, because I just didn't understand what kind of jungle was out there! Thank God I utilized a tool like colonics, to pull that volume of solvents out from the liver, so I did not have to manifest dis-ease just because of ignorance! Are we not so lucky to have this choice and opportunity! Hey, check out my website for simple information. Become more educated in simple internal hygiene which shows up in our external beauty and vibration! 615-662-4888 ask for Debora Lee.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look at what happened after 50 colonics!

Check this out, up to 70 colonics right now and check the very last new picture on the blog!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Special Pricing for the Holidays

Prices have come down just for you, after the holiday de-tox. 2011

Single colonic $85.00

15 series $1,000.00 NOW ONLY - $950.00

10 series $750.00 NOW ONLY - $750.00

7 series $520.00 NOW ONLY - $490.00
5 series $375.00 NOW ONLY - $350.00

3 series $240.00 NOW ONLY - $220.00

If booked and paid in full by January 20, 2011.
*Package paid in full upfront
*24 hour cancellation notice is appreciated
*Money is non-refundable
*Call now for appointment 615-662-4888