Thursday, August 29, 2013

Autistic boys up to 50 colonics now!

It's been a busy month for this family! If you have been following this story, then you already know the details! Now over the month of August, these boys have had 29 more colonics, takes them to approximately 57 colonics since March 2013, of course on a special baseline of nutrition also, their improvement has become very noticeable by their school teachers and their physicians! Mother is receiving calls from people seeking information on such transformation! The boys will be turning 11 and 12 years old this month, brings it to a very long journey since 18 months old! Mother says the youngest boy could NEVER be left outside, would run away so fast, now he can be outside to play for long time! He also could not play video games just because he was in the foggy brain place, now that the brain has been downloading, solvents, parasites, etc. he is having fun with his cognitive brain function and enjoying himself. These are the working miracles that NO MACHINE or drug or therapy could match, ever!!! This is the washing the inside of the body or hygiene side of health that holds it's own contribution to living a very high level or quality of life, without the controlling egotistical man's version that thinks that it MUST dominate ALL healthcare. Within that system alone, the very best quality of life will never be available!!We have wonderful scientific evidence right in front of our eyes every single day of our lives!!!! Rejoice and be thankful for these children's new lives, regardless of how they got there, actually it is very simple, is just hard because of the unbelief of truth in this country, or wrong programing!! "DO NO HARM"! The Supernatural Way! God is All Good! More later, thank you for the beautiful prays!