Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colonic 3 for D

5/28/14 Ok Today was even better than yesterday! Love watching a 20 year old body move so fast thru the linear line of healing. What takes months for people in their 40s and 50s only takes days for the 20 year olds. Remember pooping is what our bodies are suppose to do. Each morning and after each meal, and then some! It is NEVER normal for anybody to not poop, or to only poop, once a week or 2 times a month!!!! NEVER!!! The experts that say anything other are NOT experts! Please pray and ask God to teach us good sound common sense always connected to our living, he is the expert!

Colonic 2 for D

5/27/14 Today it is like a whole new bowel. Very easy and little mess!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

15 series for D, colonic 1

5/26/14 Ok this subject of pooping for 20 year olds and up is a very uncomfortable secretive, yet very shameful subject. After witnessing hundreds of young people sooooo constipated, I am extremely frustrated with this wonderful country that is breeding more sickness and death of course in such a successful and very powerful way!! Some programing going on. As I hear healthcare professionals of all kind parroting the phrase, "ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE BOWEL" but NOT really dealing with this issue first and foremost, then what are these healthcare people really doing? Your clients or patients are not telling you the truth about what is wrong, because they do not poop, or you are not really listening! Probably both! Nothing really fixes itself in the body if the pooping is not happening! Major shutdown in every department because of it! So this 21 year old will begin to change this situation each day at a time, and it will switch over from stuck to flowing very quickly because of his age, the linear line. The first colonic was so stuck and hard that it was not fun at all, but it was for sure very enlightening for them. When you're young, we are very lucky to be hitchhiking on temporary energy that if it is not cultivated in authentic healthy ways will be gone faster than you can imagine! When a culture begins to bring very ill babies into the world, we are in very big trouble! Remember "ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE BOWEL".