Friday, June 20, 2014

Colonic 9 for D

6/20/14 After 4 day break ready to go again. Fantastic colonic, taking cleansers, cannot eat the same amount of food, release is easy, feces are soft shaped like bowel. All these changes in 9 colonics with two breaks in routine, is fantastic and only a young person's body can change so fast, it is beautiful science!! They stated that they did not realize how poor their bowel was functioning until they see, now how well it is now functioning, very productive and peaceful!! The body will go down over time, just like the slow cook!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Colonic 8 for D

6/16/14 Colonic 8 was great. After the last colonic the lower bowel is staying empty, so now will increase cleanser amount in order for the deeper feces to move down and out the body! We got it set up to go! This colonic was a very balanced colonic with the receiving and releasing ratio.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Colonic 7 for D

6/14/14 Great receive colonic for D. A very important step in the process. Pushed the body to release with a much higher dose of cleanser, and the body shifted into a very nice empty space. The body need the extra hydration to prepare for the deeper release of feces that will now be coming down!!! It is very interesting to watch the clients do something subtly to push themselves looking very unintentional, but is exactly what they are being led to do by their HIGHER SELF! I love it!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Colonic 6 for D

6/13/14 Excellent release, the bowel is moving ahead and gaining momentum obviously. It is easy to see the shifts daily with young people.

Out of order, colonic 4 for D

5/30/14 This 4th colonic was excellent, not any leakage on towel, which means bowel is beginning to have some open space and peacefulness inside. very nice shift!

Colonic 5 for D

6/12/14 With a vacation in between 4th and 5th colonic, D is doing very good. Traveling across the world and back with only 4 colonics which were life changing in and of itself, the continuing affects and bowel moving nicely was an blessing over the travel! This is really the blessing from having a body working really well. This colonic there really was just a little catch up to be made, just a little dehydrated.