Friday, February 28, 2014

2nd series, 13th Colonic for D

2/28/14 Very good colonic, still pooping more on toilet than in colonic. That is ok, that will come in time, when there will be abundant release in colonic and not a lot of pottie time. This will only last for the months that the deepest feces are downloading until the entire bowel is clean, then there will be no need to do colonics everyday, then pooping on toilet will work beautifully many times a day. Every morning, after each meal, before bed, just like a baby, the body's programming has been restored. This is a great blessing and gift of restoration! Colonics Rock!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2nd Series, 12th colonic for D

2/27/14 G & L Flush once again, lets make it clear that this women has had to work up to doing this flush, she has seen such improvement in so many things within herself that she is trusting in the process and this being a part of it, rather than excepting the emotional body's rebellion! It went well, she really released most of it at home on the toilet, she said there were clumps of green, just debris and the congestion that shuts down the full functioning efforts of these two very important organs! She was elated and is seeing all the other wonderful, deep work through out the years come so nicely together. We are so hard on ourselves that we forget that our physical body is the body that plays out all the other bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, the self loathing) abuse through it all, lets be so much more kind to it please. Wash it all the way through just like the Dead Sea Scrolls exhorts us to!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2nd series, 11th colonic for D

2/26/14 This colonic certainly picked up, darker and more stringy matter, some poop! D says that the cleansing and the balance that it is bringing into her physical body is overflowing into every other area and facet of her entire life living! I remember being right at that place of revelation also, you do not get to experience it without doing the work! Remembering now as I was reminded by my client of one of my quotes in my book, "Knowledge without application will not bring wisdom, only knowledge applied will". This is from one of the books written to the Corinthians during the 1st Century Church days. It is a truth that always needs to remind us that the intellect is NOT in the driver seat, only the real truth applied is real!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2nd series, 10th colonic for D

2/25/14 Good colonic today, release a lot of skinny stringy things. Really released at the end of colonic like many other ones. D said she is pooping 4 + times per day, this is all good. Slowly and surely opening up the space with deliberate love to do the right thing for her body, NO FEAR! God is good! Thanks for this information from the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Monday, February 24, 2014

February 2014 update on Two Autistic Boys!

Well this is one of the very few exceptions as far as the time line and equation of 15 x age = # of colonics. Mom is giving them daily and we have tried to back down daily to several different schedules, but these are not the real need. It is my opinion that they are extremely well and very healthy. They are thinking and doing! The disruption in their overall growth development is the only question now. Since they have learned new and mutated communication systems will they ever need to develop into the average person. Maybe down the line, depending on whether they think it is necessary or want learn what they have missed, that may be a choice. We will be seeing a whole generation or 2 with these mutations. I do hope the people responsible for this is aware that they are. This is not anything except legal chemical poisoning, somewhat like the experimenting that Hitler did!!!! The younger boy is eliminating long rope pieces about 8" to 10" long for the last week, so mother has taken them to the lab. We should have those results soon!

2nd series, 9th colonic for D

2/24/14 Excellent release, it is picking up and moving like a metabolic freight train! Release the whole colonic, FEARLESSLY!

Friday, February 21, 2014

2nd series, 8th colonic for D

2/21/14 Colonic is faster, the cycle to release EASILY is returning obviously and it is becoming effortless for D, God Bless her and thank you for her body's ability to shift and heal!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2nd series, 7th colonic for D

2/20/14 Great colonic, going deeper. She is learning by deliberate decision (mental body), to not fear the release, the spasm or spastic motion is connected to the fear of the release. In time she will allow the bowel function to just be what it is there for! That is the healing. Being she was such a premature birth, maybe that function connection did not become completely developed! These are the things we learn from the Master Teacher, the Body!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2nd series, 6th colonic for D

2/19/14 Very good release, going much deeper, stringy brownish mucous pieces, very old! Large release at end of colonic and on toilet. Releasing more during day in toilet and now colonic release is picking up. Just what we want to see now!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2nd series, 5th colonic for D

2/18/14 Older feces, NO SPASMS!!!! Rejoice in restoration!

Monday, February 17, 2014

2nd series, 4th Colonic for D

2/17/14 Did NOT spasm 1 time during this colonic! Moderate release, released more at the end of colonic, ran more water. Stringy white stringy balls of worms, dead, no red. Going deeper into the body cavity!

Friday, February 14, 2014

2nd series, # 3 with D

2/14/14 Gall Bladder and Liver Flush, released very well at home, many stones all sizes! During colonic the release was just long mucous strings, very old and dark, no stones, grey water! Her energy was light and peaceful, grounded!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

2nd series,#2 with D

12/13/14 Very black, no chemical odor, just gloomy and stringy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2nd 15 series with D, #1

2/12/14 1st colonic was moderate, her body pooped all night long, because the colonic was not being done for 7 days. (I was on vacation) So what we learn along the way with the life made breaks in daily systematic colonicing are many interesting bits of information about the body's shifts in behavior. So her body utilized nighttime to release instead of the colonic, so the allotment of volume of feces being use to evacuating during a 24 hr. period, chose this way with the colonics not being available. Also she cut back on the amount of herbal cleansers with the breaks, which is wise without availability of colonics. So she will pick back up on routine with cleansers and colonics now for a 5 day a week colonic and as you read the 15th colonic blog, her body was just starting to get into very dark and old very dead smelling feces. Approximately the last 5. This series of 15 which will be removing another year of old feces will be into the much older feces, spiraling down into the deep caverns of the bowel and the body cavity such as organs and cellular levels. The needs have changed at this point, because the work the body needed to do for the first 15 series is now done, never needing it done again, the body moves forward to do the next need, this will be very interesting. This women has already made the decision to do the whole protocol 15 x age = amt. of colonics. With that commitment her higher self will direct the downloading functions of her body in all levels and the timing it takes for certain downloads to occur. This is true science, and we observe, witness and document. Over the years when people make these commitments the same shifts will occur, but the timeline is dependent upon the individuals needs (order of priority) that only the higher self can dictate, no human being can do this job for another human being ever in any healthcare situation. This is how God set it up, NO VIOLATION OF FREE WILL!!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

15th Colonic for D

2/3/14 Super 15 colonics. D used the word gloomy several times like "her colonics were gloomy", when people use very descriptive adjectives instantly when speaking, they are "in the moment" speaking their truth for their body. People will tell you everything you could want to know in the tiniest little conversations that are so necessary! If the time for chat is missed in my office, then I've missed out on the information that is so vital in the charting cycle that is daily done here in the office visit. The fast past texting and e-mailing is missing the "art of listening to the higher self" conversation. I NEED to hear the voice of MY Client! Intimacy is lost without the voice and word exchange! A Wonderful client and a Real Life Living individual! I pray to God to keep this avenue of communicating alive and well during every moment of everyone's day!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

14th Colonic for D

2/1/14 What a great colonic for D today. Very greyish green, meaning old, nicotinish, stringy and gloomy! She's happy today and FREE, FREE, FREE of so many old things!!!