Friday, May 31, 2013

10th colonic for J

colonic 10. Today's colonic was excellent. It was gaseous, old feces, new feces, stringy mucus, everything and the kitchen sink!!! J is feeling good over all, energy is radiant. Her 11th colonic tomorrow, then she will be breaking for 4 days, then back to finish up her last 4. By then there will be another shift in the volume of feces releasing. J will probably want to do another G&L flush at that time also, she is moving fast and pretty comfortably now since the death cycle last week! She understands the cycles and the dynamics involved in systematic colonics. It goes in and builds up over many years systematically by ignorance and error, so we go in and systematically by deliberated decision go in over several years and remove the build-up, and NEVER allow it to build up again, that is the true STEWARDSHIP OF THE TEMPLE, the book of Ephesians! AND WE ALL SAID "HOLY SHIT"!

4th colonic for two autistic boys

Colonic 4. Very good colonics today. K was releasing so much the scope couldn't handle it. Yeah, means he is very relaxed and behavior is very shifted and different! These boys are being fed the best food possible in America! Very digested as coming thru. M 's colonic was "stuck" with hard pieces very different from the day before. It appears that the feces are darker and older. He is the older one and from the beginning was relaxed and understood intuitively this process, so he is always a few steps ahead on the linear line, and the next step coming in. His mother decided to take the herbal cleansers up for him only, to begin and support the breaking up and downloading of the older feces, which is what the body is demanding as the next priority with M. We will continue to see fresh feces as well as the old. Soon hope to see florescent metals, each level of releasing feces, food, old feces and heavy metals take it's turn downloading, therefore maintaining the balance within! Remember they need a total of 150 colonics each in order to do the full job or protocol, this situation happened over 10 years ago, it can be completely restored within the approximate time of 1 year, when every bit of information is done routinely within the designated timeline, also if they make a deliberate decision to do so and complete the equation! This is a linear line job as well, Physical Plane!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

3rd colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 3. Both boys are having extremely good colonics, releasing daily food. Have not seen parasites like the last 10 or the first set of 10 colonics, also mom is not seeing them anymore after witnessing hundreds of them daily. Also she is smelling chemical in the urine of K. Other than that we have not witness heavy metals exiting thru colonics yet! The behavior of both boys is changing daily, now they are getting up on table without any objections, just waiting for their colonic!

9th colonic for J

Colonic 9. Excellent release. Coming back around again after making the rounds with the most important jobs, the cecum emptied again during colonic. The volume of feces released and the ease of those releases is becoming the norm now. The human body is working very comfortably now! The pace on toilet has also picked up. J decided to take the herbal cleansers up to 10 in morning and 10 at nite and she is throwing in another 3 or 4 in the middle of the day, she is learning how to monitor her bowel and picking up the pace again!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8th colonic for J

Colonic 8. J had a very good colonic, a lot of old stringy mucus pieces or even decaying worms. I've witnessed this 25 years, and this is the environmental aspect of what resides in the bowel. Poop is not the priority still at this stage. Higher intelligence is the master, we are the servant!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd colonic for 2 autistic boys

Colonic 2. Both boys are having excellent releases in colonics. "DIVINE PERFECTION" They get real quite afterward, low toxicity levels obviously, they are sweet boys!


Colonic 1. First, both boys, these are brothers, are looking very good, grounded. They are much healthier obviously! They are relaxed much more overall. Very quiet verbally as opposed to 2 months ago. Parents were given information about 2 very good products by myself and the research in the 1990s from the testimonies of myself and my clients. In connection with the heavy metals that were involved with the inoculations received as babies, they have been severely autistic since 18 months old, now 10 and 11 yrs. old. This issue of the connection between autism and the inoculations is NOT up for debate with me, simply because I have had the priviledge of having my energy connected with so many situations from start to finish with clients, that there is no doubt, the metals smell like skunk, are florescent, very colorful, and will eat right thru a human body's flesh, they are hot. If the medical community does not wish to do the necessary research and be a part of this discovery that will lead to the real recovery, then that is their stand, but the medical will not have any say in an individuals right to choose the correct healing action! Stop blaming the little fish in the sea for it. Although the poor fish in the sea are also falling hideous pray to mankind's egotistical materialism, trying to blame God's flawless creation!!! So why would these parents after all these years trying anything and everything, most of them very helpful, bother to return for more colonics and the protocol that we follow? Because they've seen what works and what doesn't and every aspect within their 11 year experiences!!!!They are the experts and profoundly confused with the state of the healthcare system in this wonderful country of America! Warning in this country, to use your spiritual guidance thru it all! The colonics with each child was a perfect child's colonic learned with my certification from Helen Wood Institute in 1992. Their little bodies preformed exactly like an adult's body during the adult colonic. They were just reaching this level as they were done their last series of 10 colonics. So their bowel function actually improved continuously thru the 2 months in between last series and now. This means everything being done with these boys are in alignment with improvement and total restoration, that will come in time. Their bodies received the water in easily, released the feces in a very timely fashion, and the bowel was obviously done by the time the protocol was completed, this is exactly what happens with the adults in their 15 series. It needs to be understood that it is a process of steps and works every time, when the correct protocol is followed, also the intention behind the endeavor is key!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A's 4th colonic in 5 series

Colonic 4.After running out of herbal cleansers, A decided to take some herbs for liver, which caused her liver to detox a large amount of bacteria/viruses into the bowel, she knows this because she quickly got a common cold, body's defenses when up. If she could have gotten up on the colonic table quickly would have pulled the die-off, or detox right out of bowel, this is why we do systematic colonics. With several days in between,she handled the situation, her body showed her that there was plenty of empty space in the bowel to hold the detox until she got in on the table, instant relief after colonic! Her voice did not have a cold in it, the tone was totally normal, she said that she felt great! I've personally experienced this Divine blessing that Internal Hygiene does provide for us all!! This is an ancient modality that is used in conjunction with the regular BM, this is very necessary for bring the balance back into the body, all organic and natural, just like God intended!!!

6th colonic for J

Colonic 6. Todays colonic was very good, beginning to see, stringy mucus, which usually signals the parasites environment. Old dark sludge is beginning to come out in larger volumes. The herbal cleansers are increasing and very helpful now and in several days the bowel will be sludging throughout the entire colonic. This will be a very significant shift for J. For 56 years old she is moving very consistently and productively thru, remember she has been doing a lot of very healthy things for herself for several years and that shows in the results.

5th colonic for J

Colonic 5. Today was an excellent release, the water is still greenish yellow, with the G&L flush still downloading! Hydration with colonics are key thru this, the body needs lots of water to process thru supporting the elimination process!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

4th colonic for J

colonic 4. J did a G&L flush last nite. We usually wait until 6 or 7 colonics, but she has done colonics before so her body remembers exactly what is going on. The "letting go" programing is key here. It was a moderate release of small green stones, with greenish yellow water, perfectly downloading from the organs. 1st priority, feces take a back seat right now! Personality does come thru individually & uniquely with bowel and organ cleansing. She is a very grounded and consistent lady full of grace and poise, and that is how her body flies also!!! A little dehydrated from heat and internally needing the hydration, by tomorrow with additional hydration of colonic the bowel will be moving much faster, ready to download all the internal work it has been doing the last several days, busy bees!!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3rd colonic for J

Colonic 3. This colonic is really beginning to pick up volume of release and metabolic rate of flow of water in tube. This is good, she is increasing the herbal cleansers quickly because she is very ready for more movement in bowel and the whole process. J has decided to do a Gallbladder and Liver flush tonight and we will see the results tomorrow early morning. The energy is shifting very quickly for her. J is learning that moving swiftly is very good, especially when we can!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2nd colonic for "J"

Colonic 2. J had a very good colonic today. She has decided to take her herbal cleansers up steadily each day, "why waste time and effort, get the show on the road", these are her words! So the daily release will increase both on toilet and in colonic. Her cecum emptied today, which is not the norm for the average American. J has done colonics before and routinely does take a good baseline of supplemental support. She is on the protocol with all supplements! Solid and ready to move thru!

Monday, May 20, 2013

First 15 series for "J", 1st colonic

Colonic 1. J's 1st colonic of series was very moderate, although she has had colonics before, 1 year previous! The age is 56, female. Her over all health has been very stable all her life, but coming into this stage of life she is handling much more life and death stress, just life issues. The body can handle stress much easier when it is cleansing and nutritionally healthier. So when people do go thru these stressful times, they usually reconsider their own health, and want to take better of care of themselves! And they should feel that way naturally!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

11th colonic for Y

Colonic 11. Y has had a break from the 15 series for 14 days. She started back on colonic 11 today. Now remember she has already had 6 previous to that. The colonic was more a receive colonic or hydrating colonic obviously resulting from the break in routine and traveling. On the 3rd tank her body started to release old feces again, so we got her back to square one in one colonic!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A's 3rd colonic in the 5 series

Colonic 3. These first 3 were done in a row. The 3rd colonic was a very excellent release, clearly older feces, large pieces of mucus. A did remind me that the same place on her bowel, above cecum toward hepatic flexure is a place that the plugs as they download seem to get hung up, this may be a deformity in the bowel, that in time will reshape itself as the bowel is healed thru cleansing. This is what happened last G&L flush. A says she is very peaceful also, she loves the colonics! A has decided to do the last 2 a week apart.

A's 2nd colonic of a 5 series

Colonic 2. A decided to do a G&L flush. The release was moderate, did not see stones, do believe that if the bowel would have had several more colonics before the G&L flush their would have been a more significant amount of release clearly seen from those other organs. The priority was the bowel's need to release so the organ flush was not the priority. Still do believe that the organ released and it was not clearly seen mixed in with the feces. A although was very blessed and peaceful. She did receive the external manifestations of the internal work. We don't always understand all that wonderful work going on!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A is back after a 1 month break after her 15 series, check it out!

Colonic 1 of a 5 series. After removing approximately a year of stored old feces with a 15 series of colonics, many of her symptoms had disappeared. All the trigger points on her body that alert her to dis...ease start to inflame. Some of those are just slightly beginning to signal her again, this is just her body communicating and letting her know to continue to cleanse and come into deeper levels of cleanliness that becomes the new programing, stay moving in this direction. It will take 15 x age = # of colonics necessary. This will take several years depending on the linear line age, that is why a home unit is necessary if an individual desires this level of healing. As you do your work toward that vision, the cleansing is so in alignment with self-love and truth that really the steps you take to cleanse is the action that brings the totality of the vision with the details into reality. Each step you take is the solution to many bodily problems and will support the shift into reality. "A" totally gets it and we can watch her life in the next several years as she plays out her dreams for herself! The colonic was not as laborious as her very first several colonics in her 1st series. It is so wonderful to witness the peaceful state and non-panicked state that she lives daily in. A very good and consistent release, her nervous system is becoming relaxed as she detoxes her entire body and completes it with colonic irrigations! And we all said "HOLY SHIT", because it is!!!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

15th colonic for M

Colonic 15. She had the very best colonic of all 18. M confessed to me her stable way of evolving. She noticed her small left eye has opened up to match her right eye. There is peacefulness now that is very even and she feels very detached when dealing with others problems. Very heightened consciousness has developed thru the colon irrigations! God Bless!

Friday, May 3, 2013

14th colonic for M

Colonic 14. M had a very good colonic again today. She's peaceful and is a very consistent individual!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wild short story for S!

This 55 year old female is on her 5th colonic in a row! Just have to share how each person will move differently and uniquely depending on the desire of the integrated bodies! She is READY, WILLING, & ABLE, shift in core life and adapting and moving fast. She has had an excellent release each colonic, cecum emptying, and full on sludging. She is an alternative Healthcare modality worker, so she is very committed to a high standard of quality of life for herself, and she will receive it for sure. Changing the old programming to the new with the authentic ways of living life closer to the center of "THE TRUTH"! Looking into the mirror at the ONLY person that can change it!!!!!!! LOVE HOPE PEACE!!!!!!

13th colonic for M

Colonic 13. M had a even better colonic today. The pace is picking up since she rolled 2 in a row. Rest has kicked in now! Hopefully she will get her 4 in a row in this week!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

12th colonic for M

Colonic 12. M's colonic today was very moderate. There was a space of 3 days in between, colonic 11 and 12. She has been taking her time thru this series, sometimes people are dealing with personal emotion or mental body issues, they don't even understand consciously. She is doing fine vibrationally. M has been thru very much turmoil for the last 5 years, just like most of America. It is time for us to REST,REST,REST this is how we regenerate.