Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fear Is The Absence Of Love

Since fear is the absence of love, it would make perfect sense to stay in a very loving state. Love being the verb would be the key that would keep an individual out of fear. Remember you can only hold one thought at a time or in a moment. So if you stay thankful you cannot be unthankful, therefore reaping the blessings of thankfulness as opposed to reaping unthankful consequences. It is a thought at a time that creates your life. It is important to do the right thing only because it is the logical right thing to do, rather than the action tied to the emotion, or attached to the reaction. Stop the triggers by staying in the unconditional love, this is a constant rewarding truth. Good boundaries given and expected by all help to maintain the respect that is necessary for all growth between individuals. By the way cleaning the garbage and poison out of your body cavity, is a very loving act toward your lovely body that will yield many more years of blessings into your life! It is all about the quality of life based in LOVE not fear! Peace Out! Love, Debora