Saturday, March 30, 2013

2 autistic boys, colonic 10

Colonic 10.  The mathematical equation for doing this protocal to it's maximum potential is 15 colonic x age = # of necessary colonics.  The reason we do not receive our full healing with any modality is lack of following protocal.  We may have the correct tool but do not use it correctly.  Also I could cut my grass with sissors and yes I am cutting my grass, that may be true, but really could do a better faster job with the better tool, called the lawn mower.  Also we did not even get to the heavy metals yet, I've worked for many years and have written about the outcomes of solvent and metal poisoning on adults.  I have done this work personally.  I do understand the process and we have had 100% success in restoring good health after living with adult autism, I wrote my books in 2000, 2001 on an autism high, until I removed all of it out my body.  We also did download ammonia from the brain during this time with the boys, that is why their behavior did change.  Dr. Hulda Clarks's book "Cure For All Disease" explains that connection between the waste of parasites to ammonia, and the way it will rechannel the ammonia  through the kidneys and out of the brain.  We used Ornathine in the 1990s very often in these cases with adults and parasites, again I personally experienced this truth.    So that is the next stage we will be going into.  The parents have asked me to pray and think about the strategy as they will be doing that also.  We will speak in 2 weeks.  Right now they have a level of authentic peace in their lives and home, they need to rest and restore.     STAY TUNED IN!!!!!

2 autistic boys, colonic 9

Colonic 9,  K had another excellent release in his colonic, very calm!!!  M had the same experience also, and is very happy also!  Mother has decided to increase the herbal cleanser so they go BM at home more comfortably.  It is easy to see that they are releasing well but the feces are heavy and too hard, needing to be broken up more.

2 autistic boys, colonic 8

Colonic 8.  K is having a full child's colonic, and releasing large volumes of feces.  M is doing the very same as usual!  They do let you know when they are in a "labor cycle"  as we all know that right before the release of feces there has to be a labor that lets us know to get to the toilet!  This is the parasalstic action, which is a muscel, and the motion of the bowel to defecate.  If you don't feel this, you are not alive, or never poop!  This is the Godly design!!!!!  The boys will be  very vocal during these times of labor, and that is simply an indication to us that they are ready to release, and that is what happens every time!!!!

2 autistic boys, colonic 7

Colonic 7.  The mother decided to give the boys herbal cleansers in conjunction with the very good baseline of supportive nutrition.  When these herbal cleansers are taken daily they will help break up the harder older feces and the boys have been able to release more in a more comfortable manner.  Also the parasites continue to download. K is now having a regular colonic and passing alot of gas, so we know the feces will be next.  M is having his regular child's colonic and releasing just beautifully, and very happy about it.  Both boys are very calm and reading magazines while waiting on their turn.  Both parents and older brother have said many times, that they have NEVER seen their brothers this calm and relaxed and happy!!!!!     Evidence. 

2 autistic boys, colonic 6

Colonic 6.  K received the water very well today with no retaliation.  He is also starting to pass gas bubbles, so we know he will be releasing soon.  M Had a regular child's colonic from start to finish today, he had a very good release, as well as BMs at home.  So the pace  of the downloading is picking up.  He is still releasing worms at home and during colonic.  At Helen Wood Institute we are trained to do children's colonic, I have done many.  I am purposely NOT sharing the procedure details publicly.

2 autistic boys, colonic 5

Colonic 5.  K is still becoming more relaxed and trusting.  Still on side and receiving the hydration of colonic with no release on table, but does BM at home as usual!  M is loving his colonic now, after the receiving of the water, which is the first part of the procedure, now we can put him on his back where he is releasing a large amount of feces, he loves it.  His voice is sweet and loving, he is giggling alot, just like a young boy should be! H feels relief now! I have learned that energy is very contagious, when it comes to clients working in the same space throughout the day, I have written about this in my books.  So what will happen is the younger brother will pick up on the older brothers trusting and freeing energy and begin to release also, it will eventually happen!

2 autistic boys, colonic 4

Colonic 4.  K he is becoming more relaxed each day.  He is still just receiving the water and hydration benefits from colonic, 1 tank on side.  M is loving his colonics now, he is still and he is now releasing gas.  His body will start releasing during colonic soon.  His mother says, that he has understood and relizes that the enemas and now the colonics are helping him, his higher self is communicating to his body to receive this practice.

2 autistic boys, colonic 3

Colonic 3. K is better today, more relaxed, still just water releasing and still keeping him on his side, until he adjusts more, and we will swing him into a child's colonic at some time, we will know when he is ready.  Mother and father are extremely loving and intuitive.  The parent's believing and lack of fear is so grounding and beneficial.  Now remember they have seen their children well, then autistic, and they will be the greatest experts to understand and know as their children begin to return to normalcy!

2 autistic boys, colonic 2

Colonic 2.  K is still extremely fussy and fighting the colonic, only water and still keeping him on his side.  M is starting to relax more and beginning to release.  Still have him only on side.  Their mother says that they go to the bathroom 1 to 2 times a day, she has shown me pictures on her phone of many parasites that they are releasing during enemas.  So for now we are really just hydrating the bowel, and that will help hydrate the feces in order for them to beginning downloading faster and in bigger volume. They are getting accustom to the procedure, the colonic and myself as well as the surroundings and this is a vital part of the process.

2 autistic boys, colonic 1

Colonic 1, K released only water no feces.  He is not relaxing and is fighting the colonic.  M is releasing some balls of worms.  He is relaxing some, but will get more comfortable with time.
   The mother of these boys have been giving them enemas for quite some time.  The boys were born in New York City, having been given all childhood innoculations. They were diagnosed by the medical community with Autism, at 18 months by MRI. The parents are from a foriegn country originally, so they have never practiced healthcare with any chemical drugs.  Very natural always.  The only chemicals they have had were the innoculation the children received at birth on.  They are extremely symptomatic with the autism behavior patterns. Noises, nervous behavior, high pitched voices, several different voices, cannot sit still, very short attention span.  Father and mother secure them very lovingly for colonics.

2 autistic boys do a 10 series in 10 days!

We're going to interject here to share the observations and what has been witnessed by the parents, myself and a older brother.  Remember when doing the Natural Internal Hygienic Practices of old that are written about throughout history, these practices were what was and still are considered the health and hygiene side of healthcare, they are necessary for the organic human body, without these we are left to just the medical healthcare side. This is basically the male energy method of "it's broken let's fix it"  as opposed to the feminine energy method of "true preventive" that the tribal women and mamas always did which is the Natural Internal Hygiene! When the feminine preventive is done first, alot less brokeness and fixing needs to be done, simply because the body will not breakdown with this real authentic preventive nurturing work. History proves this.  By the way health is always a very integrated effort. Very thankful for elective and emergency care efforts, many people benefit from those wonderful skills.  But do not forget this important observation,  the bodies that already do work correctly,  never forsake our responsibility of " Stewardship of  the Temple" that is each human being's right and responsibilty! Each individual is responsible for their own body and making sure it gets what it truly needs!

9th colonic for A........Gallbladder and Liver flush

At this point in the colonic series we like to add the gallbladder and liver flush in.  The bowel is pretty much clear at the rectum area and we have emptied most superficial feces and now moving into the older hardened feces.  The organs are now picking up on the "law of attraction" energy and are really in a release and cleansing mode just like the bowel now.  The gravity effect is in motion, so every organ is really releasing downward into bowel.  Cleansing is working at a very deep cellular level also now, all the body is working together.  Mind, Body, Soul, Spiritual, Emotional, also the Light body is loving this help to clear and change.  The energy of this individual is very different at this point.  The release was excellent there were green stones, and chaffie matter.  The first G&L flush is basically a little push, I've personally over 25 years have done hundreds and just like cleaning the bowel, as you continue to systematically clean these organs, the cleaning goes deeper each time and the surprises of what is released will be witnessed and observed once again.  Anxious to see A's energy tomorrow after her 2nd colonic after the flush, it usually takes 2 colonics to clear the energy completely, it's a draggie like a hangover drag for a day and then the next colonic clears it and you feel fabulous.  The liver and gallbladder do so much work for the body, filtering constantly, they really appreciate a good cleansing and break once in a while!

8th colonic for A

A finally got her period several days late.  Her body was doing alot of different kind of internal work for the last 8 days.  Remember the body works off of priority.  During the colonic her cecum was back to emptying once again during colonic.  There was a steady consistent flow of feces that were very dark and stringy, also alot of big pieces of mucous, which always seems to come thru when the older feces are downloading and also this kind of yeast, mucous, matter is what the parasites live in, it is the body's way of protecting itself from solvents and critters, the body will produce a yeastie substances as a buffer or protective mechanism.  Also she said after that colonic her menstrual cramps were gone and she was very relaxed, that surprised her because, at the onset of her period she always has to take midol to curb the pain.  Very interezting observation!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7th colonic for A

Very good colonic , balance is coming in, water was received more for hydration internally.  Feces were actually "blue black", very broken up and sludgie, A said it was a very deep cleansing and relaxing.  A says it is no longer so laborious, be relaxing!  AMEN!

6th colonic for A

This colonic should be a shift for the body, much deeper into the bowel and cellular systems and organs. The feces during last colonic were starting to be stringy and darker along with the freshly digested food, the differences in old and new feces is becoming more apparent.  The bowel is beginning to do the sludging that we describe as the old feces that used to be hard and solid are now being broken up internal and hydrated by colonics and at this stage of the priming will now download from deep parts of organs and bowel very easily and comfortably and larger volumes.  All this is very good and a more advanced way of cleansing and downloading, very effective.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6th colonic for A

Taking 4 herbal cleansers in morning and 4 at night, has allowed the bowel to be cleaned at a deeper level and the colonic was very good, consistent and the fecal matter is darker, which is older and the odor will be stronger as we go forward.  Easier, gentler peaceful, these are the adjectives that really describe a better experience, we have now removed the drama trama!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

5th colonic for A

A 5th colonic was a fuller release with more herbal cleansers, she also went on the toilet more often in the morning before colonic.  So the pace of the download of the feces has picked up, the priming is very effective and we took her herbal cleansers up to 4/morning and 4/night.  Even though her cecum has not emptied on the table for 2 colonics, it most likely will start releasing again in this same manner as colonic 1, 2, and 3.  The body just shifts every several colonics because there is alot of internal work and adjustments going on.  We'll wait and see about the cecum. Scientific research cannot be obtained if the efforts are not made, therefore you will not find it in the medical community, BUT you will find the scientific research or evidence in the Colon Hygiene community all throughout history!  Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Helen Wood Institute, The Biogenic Society, plenty of personal testimonies, and in my books as well as website, historical biblical research from the Dead Sea Scrolls, also in THE HOLY MOVEMENT: MATTERS OF THE COLON, contains information from the early 1900s.PRAY!

4th colonic for A

What starts to happen at this point, once the rectum is staying clear of feces and alot of the superfical feces have been evacuated, the older feces deeper in will need to receive more of the herbal cleansers in order to break up the older hardend feces in order for them to travel out.  The old feces are walled off and dry, so between the hydration from each colonic and the herbal cleansers that will break up feces instead of fiber up and bulk them up even more, now the older feces will begin traveling down to exit.  This communication is simply beautiful between the individuals commitment to do the protocal and the trust that is being established with the higher self, now the body can safely let the feces go because the colonic will totally remove it outside of the body, so the body doesn't have the obligation to protect itself any longer by storing it.  Remember the body works off of protective mechanisms constantly for survival purposes, so doing the clensing in a 2 step fashion is a promise to the body that it will not have to store feces any longer because of obvious work being done.  When the body is put under the stress of detoxing so much internally, cellular level, organ level, it is NOT enough to stop at that point, it really is harmful, it is VERY necessary to collectively pull that internal detox outside the body through the anus, with a colonic also systematically.  So now we will increase As herbal cleansers so she will do 3 or 4 bowel movements on the toilet each day and also have a very full release on the colonic table, so we can shift her through nicely comfortably and safely.  This works very nicely.  This 4th colonic was slower and her 5th colonic will be a very full release once again. Remember if all these feces were not inside her bowel they wouldn't come out when we adjust the protocal.  If a colon hygienist does not know how to get to the old feces or prime the bowel, then people will think that they have a very clean bowel, but that is not true or they would feel great without health issues, and that is not what I hear from people.  It's pretty obvious that we are very ill in this country, when our children are being born ill, because mom and dad are already not well!  Pray!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3rd colonic for A

Colonic 3, was a little different less feces because 1, her rectum is not so full anymore, which the rectum should not be holding feces until they move down for bm to take place, several times a daay, but the average american has stored and impacted feces in that rectum continually so they are just waiting to be released. 2nd A went to the batheroom 3 + times throughout the day because of the herbal cleansers, so everything is leveling out now, that is good, her cecum emptied once again, that is every colonic it has emptied!

Friday, March 22, 2013

1st colonic for A

During the 1st colonic there was a very strong chemical smell during colonic.  I've had the priviledge many years of experiencing many different varieties of odors from chemicals.  She did not smell it until she visited the bathroom after the colonic.  She leaves and returns for her 2nd colonic and told me that she knew what the smell was from.  When she relaxed that night she received the insight.  She has always used smell free oil paints since she was a teenager she is an artist, and she thought because it was odorless that she was safe!!!!! Smell is important information isn't it!

2nd colonic for A

Colonic #2 was like the first colonic.  This is a 32 year old female, asian, raised here in America with their homeland foods mostly.  So at this age she is feeling the drag of the build up of solvents, some process foods and the lack of internal exfoliation.  She released again so abundantly, cecum emptied also, which is rare.  The release was constant and full for 3 tanks.  This would not be common for an average american bowel.  The base line nutritional support will be discussed at this point.  The first support is Cape Aloes, which will be the organic food that will stimulate lower GI.  Upper GI stimulates lower GI.   So if food is cooked then the supplements will be the real food that will support the role for stimulating the lower GI to release in a timely balanced manner.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what happens each day of a 15 series of colonics?

Day 1, usually the individual has received 1 colonic previous during consultation.  It really depends on the individuals state of mind, being open to the process in all bodies, but especially the mental and emotional bodies. It will vary from no release to moderate release to absolute abundant release, all is good , no judgement, just observation.  During this session the individual will begin to take a very good herbal bowel cleanser, in order to break up fecal matter in various parts of the lower bowel.  This will prepare the bowel for a good release the following 24 hours later.  Break up, stir up, release, that is the cycle.