Monday, September 22, 2014

15th colonic for L

9/22/14 Great 15th colonic, cecum emptied this time and 3 other times throughout the series! Excellent bowel functions and remember the scar tissue issue from a previous surgery is what this body will have to deal with while present on this Earth. It is important to keep the bowel moving at an exceptional pace in order for the elasticity and movement of the bowel to stay this way, keeping the scar tissue soft and supple also. Actually after 27 years of working this closely with over thousands of people, everyone of us is MUCH happier living at this exceptionally NORMAL pace! Trust me I would NEVER GO BACK TO MY PREVIOUS PRE CLEANSING YEARS OF DRAGGING THRU LIFE! Don't know what your missing until you get it and it is Gooood! Thank you God for loving us soo much and teaching us since the beginning of time about Stewardship of the Temple, our lovely bodies, and how we truly may "LOVE THY SELF". I'll take 100 more clients just like this please!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

14th colonic with L

9/18/14 Softer pooping, cut back to 2/2, very high pita. Americans are full of solvents, to the point of wanting to explode, the only way out is to get them out! Adding more is NEVER going to work, that is masking. The cecum emptied once again, that is a good running bowel! The liver is suspect in this case history. Every series is unique to the individual, never compare them, they tell their own life story!

13th colonic with L

9/17/14 Very good colonic, releasing high volume of "PITA" heat thru the colonics and also on toilet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

12th colonic for L

9/16/14 The Gallbladder and Liver Flush was done last night with good results. This day will be a resting day. The liver really loves to be flushed and cleaned, it is the organ that takes the brunt of the pollution poisoning all day long!

11th colonic for L

9/15/14 Well after taking cleansers up a notch, the anus got sore right back again. It always moves forward in this situation. So we are staying with 2/morning, 2/nite. The bowel moves great with that dose, most people need 10/morning, 10/nite to move like L is moving. So every once in a great while some is an exception to the rule, and she is. Most likely down the road her body will make an adjustment to the high pita from the cleansers. Right now her body is needing some nutritional balancing that will provide this support. All working toward a better balance, remember that can only come when the old feces are out!! That is the big healing!

Friday, September 12, 2014

10th colonic for L

9/12/14 Very good colonic today. This bowel runs very well, very good genetics here!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9th colonic for L

9/11/14 Excellent colonic today, increased cleansers.

8th colonic for L

9/10/14 Moderate colonic, ready to move faster, pick up downloading pace now!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

7th colonic for L

9/9/14 Ok, getting to see her bowel function, it is showing us that her cecum is emptying easily, that is very high function! So far with 2 cleansers in morning, 2 cleansers in night, at this point is supportive of 4 toilets per day and a very good colonic, so we will leave her at this cleanser dose and allow her anus to catch up to it's healing and expectation of using it full throttle, for this purpose! This is a common situation and the body callouses up down there quite nicely, problem really is we don't use it enough and it gets too sensitive without that use like a babies schedule, plus the large volume of acid release from solvent and such a high volume of parasite activity as well as chemicals constant, the constant downloading of this is creating soreness and a high pita reaction. So we can only imagine why people are burning up inside, a little high blood pressure and stressful organ and cell function caused by it all! Lets see what label shall we put on it!!! Once the bowel slows down at 2 and 2 cleansers, and it will, then we will change the cleanser dosage, so it will go in deeper and start breaking up the older hardened feces. Then the volume of release will pick up. Now remember if these old feces where not in the body, then they would NOT come out when we make these adjustments in the protocol, this is key! We have to understand how to use our tools efficiently in order to get the task completed properly, so FULL RESTORATION CAN COME thru! This body is really an exception, it is very high functioning, very rare do I get to work with this!

Monday, September 8, 2014

6th colonic for L

9/8/14 Slowed down with cleansers a bit over weekend. Mondays colonic was very good and ready to move forward fast this week. This week L will see a big shift.

Friday, September 5, 2014

5th colonic with L

9/5/14 Today another moderate colonic. Giving the anus a little rest in order to catch up with the rate of pooping. We've not used our bowel for pooping during most of our lives just for storage, so at times when we pick up the pooping pace the bowel will get sore until it callouses up for what really is normal pooping, it always heals as we keep moving, it does have cellular memory of what it's job is to really is: pooping much!!!

4th colonic with L

9/4/14 The colonic is moderate today, more pooping on toilet less in colonic, just at this shift point. Next week we will up the cleansers, shifting the body to a larger volume of releasing, colonic will be fuller and toilet time will be 3 to 4 bowel movements per day. this new shift will come in early next week.

3rd colonic with L

9/1/14 L is going thru a "death cycle" deeper release of feces. Upped the aloes to 2 and 2. L did not care for the valley of the cycle, who does?

2nd colonic with L

9/2/14 Excellent colonic, cecum emptied! Great movement in bowel!

15 series with L, 1st colonic

8/30/14 1st colonic was excellent, she has had adhesions removed surgically 4 years ago, so her bowel function is fabulous compared to what it was when the adhesions were strangulating it. This is from the health history.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

11th and last colonic for D

6/14 6/14 For D colonics are final for now. What a great healing in a short amount of time for a 21 year old. I always consider it a miracle when anyone at any age does many colonics! They get the reprogramming from birth and will return later on down the road when life's distractions slow down and it is once again a priority to care for one's body again! Blessed are those that believe! Always an honor to serve!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

11th colonic for D

6/11/14 Oh boy gummie bears really clog up the bowel fast!!! All hard balls during the full colonic! Thank God I was told the real story so the colonic information did not miss lead me. The wonderful bits of learning from what I call the "short string cause and affect" information. The colonic will tell on you if you don't fess up! Cute, and funny things we get to see, wonderful short stories that tell the colonic tale to us!

10th Colonic for D

6/27/14 Very normal. Because of life's pace, colonics are 1 x per week now. The youthful body has already shifted back into a better alignment with the cycles of our baby days!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Colonic 9 for D

6/20/14 After 4 day break ready to go again. Fantastic colonic, taking cleansers, cannot eat the same amount of food, release is easy, feces are soft shaped like bowel. All these changes in 9 colonics with two breaks in routine, is fantastic and only a young person's body can change so fast, it is beautiful science!! They stated that they did not realize how poor their bowel was functioning until they see, now how well it is now functioning, very productive and peaceful!! The body will go down over time, just like the slow cook!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Colonic 8 for D

6/16/14 Colonic 8 was great. After the last colonic the lower bowel is staying empty, so now will increase cleanser amount in order for the deeper feces to move down and out the body! We got it set up to go! This colonic was a very balanced colonic with the receiving and releasing ratio.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Colonic 7 for D

6/14/14 Great receive colonic for D. A very important step in the process. Pushed the body to release with a much higher dose of cleanser, and the body shifted into a very nice empty space. The body need the extra hydration to prepare for the deeper release of feces that will now be coming down!!! It is very interesting to watch the clients do something subtly to push themselves looking very unintentional, but is exactly what they are being led to do by their HIGHER SELF! I love it!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Colonic 6 for D

6/13/14 Excellent release, the bowel is moving ahead and gaining momentum obviously. It is easy to see the shifts daily with young people.

Out of order, colonic 4 for D

5/30/14 This 4th colonic was excellent, not any leakage on towel, which means bowel is beginning to have some open space and peacefulness inside. very nice shift!

Colonic 5 for D

6/12/14 With a vacation in between 4th and 5th colonic, D is doing very good. Traveling across the world and back with only 4 colonics which were life changing in and of itself, the continuing affects and bowel moving nicely was an blessing over the travel! This is really the blessing from having a body working really well. This colonic there really was just a little catch up to be made, just a little dehydrated.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colonic 3 for D

5/28/14 Ok Today was even better than yesterday! Love watching a 20 year old body move so fast thru the linear line of healing. What takes months for people in their 40s and 50s only takes days for the 20 year olds. Remember pooping is what our bodies are suppose to do. Each morning and after each meal, and then some! It is NEVER normal for anybody to not poop, or to only poop, once a week or 2 times a month!!!! NEVER!!! The experts that say anything other are NOT experts! Please pray and ask God to teach us good sound common sense always connected to our living, he is the expert!

Colonic 2 for D

5/27/14 Today it is like a whole new bowel. Very easy and little mess!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

15 series for D, colonic 1

5/26/14 Ok this subject of pooping for 20 year olds and up is a very uncomfortable secretive, yet very shameful subject. After witnessing hundreds of young people sooooo constipated, I am extremely frustrated with this wonderful country that is breeding more sickness and death of course in such a successful and very powerful way!! Some programing going on. As I hear healthcare professionals of all kind parroting the phrase, "ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE BOWEL" but NOT really dealing with this issue first and foremost, then what are these healthcare people really doing? Your clients or patients are not telling you the truth about what is wrong, because they do not poop, or you are not really listening! Probably both! Nothing really fixes itself in the body if the pooping is not happening! Major shutdown in every department because of it! So this 21 year old will begin to change this situation each day at a time, and it will switch over from stuck to flowing very quickly because of his age, the linear line. The first colonic was so stuck and hard that it was not fun at all, but it was for sure very enlightening for them. When you're young, we are very lucky to be hitchhiking on temporary energy that if it is not cultivated in authentic healthy ways will be gone faster than you can imagine! When a culture begins to bring very ill babies into the world, we are in very big trouble! Remember "ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE BOWEL".

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Unit In, It's a Go!

3/30/14 The timing is really Super Natural, this is such an opportunity to learn to let go of control, take care of your stuff, allow me to take care of my stuff, and God's timing is absolute! The human body and the Stewardship of it is completely in Divine Order, we do the best efficient work, and then we trust in the process that has been already designed by our maker! The thing we do most in our lives is wait upon the Lord and his timing, of course, this is not always easy, but honestly caring for my body for 30 years according to the true Stewardship principles has taught me more than anything else, how to wait on the promise of "restoration" to my body after doing the cleaning of my Temple systematically! Well this woman's body is wide open right now and downloading those deadly old black feces releasing in large volumes at this wonderful juncture, because she will be taking full responsibility for her Temple now. Timing is Godly. She will be documenting and adding to the Scientific Research in this field of Colon Hygiene! REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE!!!! AMEN!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Training session for D, Death Cycle!

3/20/14 The body has really gone into a deep death cycle, this is a common occurrence throughout the whole process of cleaning the entire bowel systematically. When you go to another deeper layer, then once it passes out the colonic tube to the sewer where it belongs, then the health level that you plateau into is a stable peaceful place. This cannot ever be reached in the consciousness without the low vibration of the death feces released from the body. Yes, there are more to come until the job is completed over some time but each death cycle released brings us once step closer to pure peacefulness and absence of the presence of the death that is living in our bodies. Since we eat each day, the only way we get thru and ahead of the old feces is by daily colonics, and then the door opens wide and it just pours out, screaming with thankfulness!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Training D for home unit

3/20/14 Remember there is a lot of multitasking going on during this learning process. What is coming up in discussion is this. She is learning the importance of the water intake during the beginning of the procedure. If the protocol is not done correctly, then the person will never receive the cleansing that is really complete and profitable throughout the entire several years that it does take to accomplish this entire task. The water that is allowed into the bowel at the beginning sets the entire release for the colonic. Also the student is still dealing with sabotage issues that are from our wonderful humanness! It is very important that the intention of deservingness and self-love is present always. That is what a teacher is present for. The advocate for the human being. My job is to fight for the human being's wellness, because at times they will not be able to because of the poisons and parasites and low vibrational activity right inside their entire body, head to toe. Until the balance is in and they understand how to maintain it with the logic and tools available, they cannot be trusted yet! Now remember they are asking for this education, so the free will is NEVER VIOLATED, that is why it takes time for the individuals to come into clarity thru healing stages in order to make further decisions along the way! I remember those steps clearly in my own journey. Also. When people are not trained correctly, or are very good at hiding their mental shit, then they will be tempted to change certain things in the protocol that will absolutely hinder the entire healing process. Unfortunately, I've witnessed this inside of every industry. There is always somebody that wants to take an exceptional opportunity and make it non-effective! Well, I think we've all seen that especially living here in our wonderful home "AMERICA"! It's really the symptom of having a filthy, poisoned body! Ah.......but we look sssooooooooo good, don't we?????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ready to install home unit for D

3/19/14 During her 2 training session, the timing is perfect with her body. She is emotionally and mentally ready to do this responsibility of "Natural Internal Hygiene" for herself which is in alignment with the truth!!! We rejoice for this for her life! What indicates this is her body has stepped up a big step or notch into a deeper release from the body cavity, many layers to move thru. The bowel is finally releasing consistently older darker volumes of feces instead of just stringy wormie balls. Now during each colonic and 4 to 5 times on the toilet at home. She said she can tell by her body movements as she releases that it is coming from deeper places now. Remember this women is a modality body worker as well as highly intuitive and does do her very deep layers of work with her emotional and mental bodies which with all this together the colonics are just throwing this connected waste right out of her body!!! Integrative work is key! Without "DEEP" COLONIC AND ORGAN CLEANSING THE OTHER MODALITIES DO NOT GET THE SAME RESULTS RENDERED AS WHEN THE BODY IS IN SINK AND BEING ALLOWED TO OPEN THE ANUS DOOR AND LET IT ALL OUT!!! Just like cleaning your house all the way or half/assed! No pun intended! the orchestra is playing now!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Update on 2 Autistic Boys

3/12/14 Spoke with mother, she feels that it is still very necessary for the boys to have daily colonics still. The older autistic boy that was overweight is finally becoming skinny, which means he had a lot of solvents stored in his fatty tissue, as opposed to the younger boy that was very thin to begin with. So I would believe that the colonics are now really going beyond the most important survival needs of past into releasing the chemicals out of the fatty tissue, which now will bring him into another whole level of health. These are the things we learn as the new road in this subject is being paved. Also he has always had dark circles around his eyes, which in this culture of Middle Eastern people is common, but his eyes are becoming very light. Also his walk is straight and balanced like normal instead of that autistic walk. All these little adjustments are being made with even more colonics. So did this occur for the younger boy also. At this point the boys have received approximately 253 colonic March 21, 2013. The boys are very obviously healthy, fed perfectly. I can see light beams coming from their bodies, I would love to hear what a person that reads auras would say! We are setting bar high for this opportunity for the Autistic community to come into some solid grounding healing. Always thankful to God for his ever loving guidance in the teaching of how to really love thyself! Remembering always that LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SIN!

3rd series, colonic 3 & 4 for D

3/11/14 D says she is really going on the toilet a lot more (black and old), colonic is still slowly picking up as far as volume of feces goes. What is passing that has been consistent daily since 1st colonic is the small stringy white and brown balls of what I would consider at this time, to be balls of parasites that are decaying, I've seen them before all thru my career, but not this consistent. Because she does take very good care of herself as far as honestly dealing with her entire body issues for years, and has had colonics occasionally throughout 10 years, I would say that this is what dead old worms look like when finally passing out thru colonic!

Monday, March 10, 2014

3rd series, colonics 1 & 2 for D

310/14 Older feces consistently now, also the feces are releasing in the sludging fashion that everybody will get to sooner or later. It just took some time with D. Linear line is key here. Excellent release today and we will be installing a home unit this week. She is fully committed to brushing her internal body daily, how profound historically speaking! God riches greatly abounding toward usward as we believe!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2nd Series, 15th Colonic for D

3/6/14 D had a very Good colonic today. She advised me that she is having huge releases on the toilet approximately, 3 to 5x per day, so the pace is stepping up. Remember her bowel was very spastic, so pushing into the protocol was slow and challenging needing to be done slowly and in stages. She still can only take 75% of the herbal cleansers after 2 series, that is good for her, she is walking thru very nicely. The colonics do not release large volumes of feces instead pieces of very old, furry, and gloomy things that are just as deadly. The skin around her eyes are becoming very light and white instead of very dark upper lids and below eyes. This change is fascinating to watch over time. I see this change often in people, it really does reflect the kidney function and in these days with so much solvents and poisons, the liver and kidneys are working way to hard, and so connected to the old poisoned feces. So we do know for a certainty that colonicing daily really does reduce the stress on those organs quickly, which to me is an absolute Miracle in Progress and one we can easily do for ourselves thru practicing Natural Internal Hygiene in our personal lives!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2nd series, 14th Colonic for D

2/5/14 Very good release. Easy release with very black feces and mucous, she still is releasing very much on Toilet.

Friday, February 28, 2014

2nd series, 13th Colonic for D

2/28/14 Very good colonic, still pooping more on toilet than in colonic. That is ok, that will come in time, when there will be abundant release in colonic and not a lot of pottie time. This will only last for the months that the deepest feces are downloading until the entire bowel is clean, then there will be no need to do colonics everyday, then pooping on toilet will work beautifully many times a day. Every morning, after each meal, before bed, just like a baby, the body's programming has been restored. This is a great blessing and gift of restoration! Colonics Rock!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2nd Series, 12th colonic for D

2/27/14 G & L Flush once again, lets make it clear that this women has had to work up to doing this flush, she has seen such improvement in so many things within herself that she is trusting in the process and this being a part of it, rather than excepting the emotional body's rebellion! It went well, she really released most of it at home on the toilet, she said there were clumps of green, just debris and the congestion that shuts down the full functioning efforts of these two very important organs! She was elated and is seeing all the other wonderful, deep work through out the years come so nicely together. We are so hard on ourselves that we forget that our physical body is the body that plays out all the other bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, the self loathing) abuse through it all, lets be so much more kind to it please. Wash it all the way through just like the Dead Sea Scrolls exhorts us to!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2nd series, 11th colonic for D

2/26/14 This colonic certainly picked up, darker and more stringy matter, some poop! D says that the cleansing and the balance that it is bringing into her physical body is overflowing into every other area and facet of her entire life living! I remember being right at that place of revelation also, you do not get to experience it without doing the work! Remembering now as I was reminded by my client of one of my quotes in my book, "Knowledge without application will not bring wisdom, only knowledge applied will". This is from one of the books written to the Corinthians during the 1st Century Church days. It is a truth that always needs to remind us that the intellect is NOT in the driver seat, only the real truth applied is real!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2nd series, 10th colonic for D

2/25/14 Good colonic today, release a lot of skinny stringy things. Really released at the end of colonic like many other ones. D said she is pooping 4 + times per day, this is all good. Slowly and surely opening up the space with deliberate love to do the right thing for her body, NO FEAR! God is good! Thanks for this information from the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Monday, February 24, 2014

February 2014 update on Two Autistic Boys!

Well this is one of the very few exceptions as far as the time line and equation of 15 x age = # of colonics. Mom is giving them daily and we have tried to back down daily to several different schedules, but these are not the real need. It is my opinion that they are extremely well and very healthy. They are thinking and doing! The disruption in their overall growth development is the only question now. Since they have learned new and mutated communication systems will they ever need to develop into the average person. Maybe down the line, depending on whether they think it is necessary or want learn what they have missed, that may be a choice. We will be seeing a whole generation or 2 with these mutations. I do hope the people responsible for this is aware that they are. This is not anything except legal chemical poisoning, somewhat like the experimenting that Hitler did!!!! The younger boy is eliminating long rope pieces about 8" to 10" long for the last week, so mother has taken them to the lab. We should have those results soon!

2nd series, 9th colonic for D

2/24/14 Excellent release, it is picking up and moving like a metabolic freight train! Release the whole colonic, FEARLESSLY!

Friday, February 21, 2014

2nd series, 8th colonic for D

2/21/14 Colonic is faster, the cycle to release EASILY is returning obviously and it is becoming effortless for D, God Bless her and thank you for her body's ability to shift and heal!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2nd series, 7th colonic for D

2/20/14 Great colonic, going deeper. She is learning by deliberate decision (mental body), to not fear the release, the spasm or spastic motion is connected to the fear of the release. In time she will allow the bowel function to just be what it is there for! That is the healing. Being she was such a premature birth, maybe that function connection did not become completely developed! These are the things we learn from the Master Teacher, the Body!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2nd series, 6th colonic for D

2/19/14 Very good release, going much deeper, stringy brownish mucous pieces, very old! Large release at end of colonic and on toilet. Releasing more during day in toilet and now colonic release is picking up. Just what we want to see now!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2nd series, 5th colonic for D

2/18/14 Older feces, NO SPASMS!!!! Rejoice in restoration!

Monday, February 17, 2014

2nd series, 4th Colonic for D

2/17/14 Did NOT spasm 1 time during this colonic! Moderate release, released more at the end of colonic, ran more water. Stringy white stringy balls of worms, dead, no red. Going deeper into the body cavity!

Friday, February 14, 2014

2nd series, # 3 with D

2/14/14 Gall Bladder and Liver Flush, released very well at home, many stones all sizes! During colonic the release was just long mucous strings, very old and dark, no stones, grey water! Her energy was light and peaceful, grounded!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

2nd series,#2 with D

12/13/14 Very black, no chemical odor, just gloomy and stringy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2nd 15 series with D, #1

2/12/14 1st colonic was moderate, her body pooped all night long, because the colonic was not being done for 7 days. (I was on vacation) So what we learn along the way with the life made breaks in daily systematic colonicing are many interesting bits of information about the body's shifts in behavior. So her body utilized nighttime to release instead of the colonic, so the allotment of volume of feces being use to evacuating during a 24 hr. period, chose this way with the colonics not being available. Also she cut back on the amount of herbal cleansers with the breaks, which is wise without availability of colonics. So she will pick back up on routine with cleansers and colonics now for a 5 day a week colonic and as you read the 15th colonic blog, her body was just starting to get into very dark and old very dead smelling feces. Approximately the last 5. This series of 15 which will be removing another year of old feces will be into the much older feces, spiraling down into the deep caverns of the bowel and the body cavity such as organs and cellular levels. The needs have changed at this point, because the work the body needed to do for the first 15 series is now done, never needing it done again, the body moves forward to do the next need, this will be very interesting. This women has already made the decision to do the whole protocol 15 x age = amt. of colonics. With that commitment her higher self will direct the downloading functions of her body in all levels and the timing it takes for certain downloads to occur. This is true science, and we observe, witness and document. Over the years when people make these commitments the same shifts will occur, but the timeline is dependent upon the individuals needs (order of priority) that only the higher self can dictate, no human being can do this job for another human being ever in any healthcare situation. This is how God set it up, NO VIOLATION OF FREE WILL!!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

15th Colonic for D

2/3/14 Super 15 colonics. D used the word gloomy several times like "her colonics were gloomy", when people use very descriptive adjectives instantly when speaking, they are "in the moment" speaking their truth for their body. People will tell you everything you could want to know in the tiniest little conversations that are so necessary! If the time for chat is missed in my office, then I've missed out on the information that is so vital in the charting cycle that is daily done here in the office visit. The fast past texting and e-mailing is missing the "art of listening to the higher self" conversation. I NEED to hear the voice of MY Client! Intimacy is lost without the voice and word exchange! A Wonderful client and a Real Life Living individual! I pray to God to keep this avenue of communicating alive and well during every moment of everyone's day!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

14th Colonic for D

2/1/14 What a great colonic for D today. Very greyish green, meaning old, nicotinish, stringy and gloomy! She's happy today and FREE, FREE, FREE of so many old things!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

The uniqueness of an individual!!

1/31/14 This is a short story, one that I could not pass up to share. The uniqueness of human beings is always a surprise to me. I LOVE seeing patterns run in peoples lives and the stories that go with those people and patterns. This is a man, early 50s, musician, most likely well known in his industry. In 20 years has not done any alcohol, never any drugs! We have not gotten to see what a 15 series would reveal, because he has decided to just do 5 colonics, 1 colonic per week. His bowel releases in a manner I've not seen only with exception of maybe 2 other people out of thousands and thousands and thousands of people!!! The tube will have in it 10 feet of feces that are just nicely releasing thru the tube the whole colonic! His cecum empties each colonic and his colonic is about 30 minutes, we are going to go longer to 45 minutes only, because we took him off the table to soon. The effortlessness, gentleness of the release and like NO TRAUMA (energetically) has my attention! He is Jewish, and I will be learning more about his birth and childhood in the near future. Now I will have to express my heart's inquiry which is "wouldn't someone like this want to totally clean his bowel?" It is almost like he stumbled on it, right in front of his face. He was a referral several years ago, but only ever did one colonic maybe once per year, for some odd reason he decided to do 5 in a row, where he was able to see how beautifully high functioning his bowel always was! I did make the comment to him, that he will most likely not be able to walk away from tis truth being presented to him. He now will feel what is inside of his body if he doesn't keep removing it in a timely fashion, that is how I felt and others, it is the compelling force of consciousness that sets the process in motion to completely clean one's bowel, 15 x age = ?! PROFOUND, we will see what his future plans become!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

13th Colonic for D

12/30/14 Very good colonic today, a lot of older feces with less effort! She is moving thru time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

14th and 15th Colonic for T

1/29/14 !4th colonic was excellent, his body missed the colonic time. 15th was good, still after all this weather, people's bodies are in hibernation mode, moving slow. This man has done a wonder series plus and thankful for the information and availability. He'll be stopping in soon!

12th Colonic for D

12/29/14 This was a "receive" colonic today. Actually "big picture" is this the superficial stuff is pretty much moving out easily, now the deep older feces are being broken down deep inside and will move toward release passages which are most likely spastic, so they will pile up for a short time, then release, as this process occurs systematically that old system and pattern will become history, that is where she is going, core change now!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

11th Colonic for D

1/28/14 Very much a "receive" colonic. Yes it is cold here and people very much need to stay hydrated, remember colonics hydrate a body very well. So she was on the toilet throughout the night, and just received the water thru the colonic. We increased the cleansers to 7/morning and 7/night, these are the new Cape Aloes and stronger, so we are going out of the normal protocol for the 15 series, but there is always an exception when working with human bodies and this is it, per her request, "lets get moving"!! Funny when people want to do the work! Ready, willing, and able!

Monday, January 27, 2014

10th Colonic for D

1/27/14 A very moderate colonic today. Because she ate a little ice cream sunday, little yeast strings released, which she says always happens when ice cream is involved. Also the anus itches during the nite that ice cream is eaten. Release on toilet, after her body gets in a verticle states after colonic, going toward toilet, her body is always ready to release, it has to do with the spastic state of the colonic. It's a pattern instead of a once in awhile thing. As we proceed through the series, you will get a good read of the patterns and habits, and then we watch them shift and change into more of the even balanced healed body! Over time transformation comes thru! She said that she really enjoyed her weekend and did some house cleaning during the 50 degrees on this beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

9th Colonic for D

1/25/14 This colonic received hydration first half, then black feces released. The skin all around her eyes was very dark, grey black, now the skin is getting very close to pale white, what a working miracle! Colonics are so wonderful at many levels, taking a body and restoring the function of the systems and organs and cellular memory. Very thankful to God for Natural Internal Hygiene!

Friday, January 24, 2014

8th Colonic for D

1/24/14 This has been a very moderate colonic. With car trouble and below 0 temperatures, she has missed 2 days, which is a great time for the process and the body to teach us the obvious, which is where we have now arrived to, come thru to, and see that we have changed in our core! 15 days is a journey thru dimensions for sure, pulling out things associated with all kinds of past memories, DNA clearing that has now opened up new inroads to be reprogramed for the future healthy life as the past is now gone, and just a memory without the attachments!!! Very "new life", with a high quality, and higher vibration is hers, and she knows it!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7th Colonic for D

1/21/14 Colonic is releasing very dark and stringy matter. This I have witnessed before at the stage the body is ready to download it!! Very black release on toilet after colonic! Gallbladder and Liver flush is coming in for her this week at her discretion! The pattern of the spastic movement the body has had since the birth trauma is becoming broken and a very nice balancing in the entire body at every level is coming in, this is a DNA change, she is doing it! Has to be accomplished in all bodies in a balanced fashion. The digestive tract from mouth to anus has to be reprogrammed back to the original program of freedom not stuck!!! Free from trauma!

Monday, January 20, 2014

6th colonic for D

1/20/14 D 's colonic today was very good, the toilet time has stepped up, now the colonic will go to next level of downloading also, so the volume of daily release will increase, she is on target. Remember we are dealing with a very spastic colon from a premature birth here! Because she has done tremendous work on her core issues leading her here for the physical plane support and to detach from the associated physical corruption in the internal body, she is moving right thru time and dimensions! God Blesses us with his unlimited Grace and Mercy that will bring us into full restoration according to his Will! He is good and we do have to do our part!

Friday, January 17, 2014

5th Colonic for D

1/17/14 D is definitely shifting thru the dimensions, memories and conversations about old patterns and cellular memories!!!!! That is emotional work releasing thru poop leaving the body!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

4th Colonic for D

1/16/14 Today was faster, but the age or linear line does always factor in, so even the most health conscious people still have the age factor especially over 50, that gets in the way. But not for long with these strong and aggressive in their self-love! They will plow thru until they have achieved their goals for themselves!!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3rd Colonic for D

1/15/14 Today the colonic is picking up speed and release, taking the herbal cleansers up pretty fast. The toilet time is catching up to the colonic time, then we know the amount of feces downloading is becoming quite larger in volume, this is good. She has very dark circles around her eyes, although she is working thru some DNA issues, these circles are clearing very fast and we will note the day when they are totally gone. She's moving fast, because she understands that she can!!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

17th Colonic for N

1/13/14 She has done a very serious and consistent work thru this series. She's ready to do faithful colon hygiene, doing a 3 series with a Gallbladder & Liver flush. I love the way people begin to incorporate bowel and organ cleansing into their lifestyles, as they learn these wonderful truths during that first 15 series, many options! Stewardship of the Temple is the Lifestyle! Thank You God for the Doctrinal book of Ephesians, and the practical book of that principle in the Dead Sea Scrolls!!!!!

2nd Colonic for D

1/14/14 Stepping up, the energy in body and face is changing quickly, she will be soo easy to work with and she will come thru very effortlessly, because she already understands and has don this processing in other areas of her life!!!! She is on the full Digestive tract protocol, very wise and obedient to protocols!

1st Colonic for D

1/13/14 First colonic with D was moderate, she is going to need an good dose of herbal cleansers inside to process and breakdown the feces. Big meat eater, that isn't so bad but over 50 years it is! She is a very intuitive, this will be fun and a fabulous journey!

Friday, January 10, 2014

16th Colonic for N

1/10/14 N had purchased a groupon before the 15 series so, so she decided to tack them on the end of the series. The bodies down south here are coming alive with metabolic rates jumping up a couple notches once again, you could see the obvious differences through out this week, it was amazing science in this office. What hibernation really means for a live body, I myself shivered a solid 10 pounds off. Also loss of appetite was apparent! N's colonic was just as bouncy as it's been since the beginning once again!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

15th Colonic for N

1/7/14 Slow and moderate today, our bodies are in hibernation since it is 10 below wind chill, we have witnessed the change from fast metabolism to slooow!!! So the colonic was also useful for hydrating, which in this kind of cold people are very unaware of the huge dehydration factor! She is happy. By Thursday we are told we will be back to above freezing!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

14th Colonic for N

1/6/14 Coming off a weekend during a 15 series means the body is really ready and has missed the opportunity of that large colonic release for 2 days now, so the body will just flow to catch up with the new level of emptiness that is becoming the new norm, remember they are still having 3 to 5 bowel movements per day! Right now, we are having a huge cold front lasting many days, today 10 below, wind chill, so the bodies here in Nashville are detoxing just from a 25 degree drop in temperature, so any bacteria that was hanging out in your internal body is coming out pretty fast right now! Also at this point of a 15 series especially the manner that this women's bowel just open up so fast, the viruses are downloading abundantly also! Viruses always need a ride into the body(on bacteria), so as we are downloading large quantities of feces, parasites solvents, garbage,(bacteria) etc., you can just imagine what kind of viruses a human body holds inside on continual basis!! When the colonic protocol begins, this Bubonic plaque situation starts downloading out of Pandor's Box!!!I can get a little overwhelming, but the best thing to do is just have your next colonic in a 24 hour period so the viruses and bacteria can leave the body and go into the sewer system in the plumbing where it belongs! You are now free from the harm that it could bring to your body had it gotten an opportunity to stay for any length of time!

Friday, January 3, 2014

13th Colonic for T

1/3/14 Oh Yes, Happy New Year for him! He could give you a list of subtle gifts that are received thru cleansing thyself with such loving intentions according to Natural Internal Hygiene, just what the Creator had in mind for us! He is releasing excellently, effortlessly and thankfully! The Digestive Tract is OPEN for real!!!! Hello!

13th Colonic for N

1/3/14 Ok today it's staying the same, excellent release, in full stride! She is Happy! Don't be surprised if during these soooo cold days, if you are shivering uncontrollably that you may enjoy some warm milk, or even ice cream as you are curled up under blankets on your favorite warm coach. Broke a fever the other day doing that, the fun way! Stay warm!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

12th Colonic for N

1/2/14 Nice and predictable now with all the basic Digestive tract organic supports! We just gave her body the things that a human being would have done down by the river, and ate organic for real, thousands of years ago. Dimensional time travel through the illumination of the solvents and poisons that never existed back then, so the body and cellular memory, as well as the soul returns to simplicity!!! This women is one of the easiest clients I've ever worked with, I have had several over 30 years, but she totally received the gifts from our Mother Earth which God has put her in charge of!!!!!