Tuesday, September 9, 2014

7th colonic for L

9/9/14 Ok, getting to see her bowel function, it is showing us that her cecum is emptying easily, that is very high function! So far with 2 cleansers in morning, 2 cleansers in night, at this point is supportive of 4 toilets per day and a very good colonic, so we will leave her at this cleanser dose and allow her anus to catch up to it's healing and expectation of using it full throttle, for this purpose! This is a common situation and the body callouses up down there quite nicely, problem really is we don't use it enough and it gets too sensitive without that use like a babies schedule, plus the large volume of acid release from solvent and such a high volume of parasite activity as well as chemicals constant, the constant downloading of this is creating soreness and a high pita reaction. So we can only imagine why people are burning up inside, a little high blood pressure and stressful organ and cell function caused by it all! Lets see what label shall we put on it!!! Once the bowel slows down at 2 and 2 cleansers, and it will, then we will change the cleanser dosage, so it will go in deeper and start breaking up the older hardened feces. Then the volume of release will pick up. Now remember if these old feces where not in the body, then they would NOT come out when we make these adjustments in the protocol, this is key! We have to understand how to use our tools efficiently in order to get the task completed properly, so FULL RESTORATION CAN COME thru! This body is really an exception, it is very high functioning, very rare do I get to work with this!