Monday, September 22, 2014

15th colonic for L

9/22/14 Great 15th colonic, cecum emptied this time and 3 other times throughout the series! Excellent bowel functions and remember the scar tissue issue from a previous surgery is what this body will have to deal with while present on this Earth. It is important to keep the bowel moving at an exceptional pace in order for the elasticity and movement of the bowel to stay this way, keeping the scar tissue soft and supple also. Actually after 27 years of working this closely with over thousands of people, everyone of us is MUCH happier living at this exceptionally NORMAL pace! Trust me I would NEVER GO BACK TO MY PREVIOUS PRE CLEANSING YEARS OF DRAGGING THRU LIFE! Don't know what your missing until you get it and it is Gooood! Thank you God for loving us soo much and teaching us since the beginning of time about Stewardship of the Temple, our lovely bodies, and how we truly may "LOVE THY SELF". I'll take 100 more clients just like this please!!!